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Aaaand a few links that have nothing to do with each other but they do have to do with what's on my mind these days! I'm a little frustrated that I'm not finding the time to comment on some of these really important things that are happening, but I'm still trying to balance everything in my life. :/

How to Be a Friend to Trans Folks Without Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth: A Short Guide for Cis People. These things are always good to go over, if only as a reminder, and I like the suggestions in this one. Which pronouns do you prefer? should be a much more common question :/

Vancouver's Insite drug injection clinic will stay open. This is a ridiculously important ruling for Canada, which ensures that harm reduction programs such as Insite have a chance to do their work, even with a Harper government.

by Lemony Snicket (at Occupy Writers). So much to say about the Occupy Mouvement, but for now, I'll keep it short with a few links. I like the Lemony one, and this one, which unpacks what's going on with one of the images against Occupy Wall Street: Don’t EVEN get me started, mythical bootstraps college student. Finally, I think this collection of photos of the 1% who stand with the 99% is full of very powerful acknowledgements of privilege and requests for more taxation, which I find overwhelming because it's so unlike anything we're used to hearing. Good for a lot of these young people to recognize they may have worked hard, but that's not all that got them where they are. I wish we would hear these people more, instead of politicians being afraid of even whispering about taxes.

On a TOTALLY DIFFERENT note, some fandom stuff because light-hearted is, occasionally, really great. :)

Out in every way, Sean Maher is happier than ever. So so happy to hear any article where Sean talks about how great the response to his coming out has been. This never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Jewel Staite talks Firefly, food, fun and Fillion. Just a very fun interview that reminded me of old times. :)

As it turns out, there's also now BIG NEWS, which is this website. Sean mentioned it yesterday and it was exciting enough but OMG Alexis Denisof, Amy Acker, Fran Kranz, Nathan Fillion?! This is going to be the best thing ever. I can't wait to find out what part Sean plays, and to see some of the footage. This is so wonderful, and as far as I'm concerned, FAR more interesting than the Avengers movie. Whedon Shakespeare movie FTW. :D :D

Anyway, back to work, I have a midterm review to prep for, as I expect students will be flailing!

EDIT: Apparently Sean is going to be Don John, which at this point means little to me, so I need to go back to the play and check it out. :) :)
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Sean is coming out to the public.

He told me a few weeks ago that he'd finally decided to do it, and I felt really happy for him that he felt like he could take that step. It's a pretty big, scary step to take for anyone who's been in the habit of keeping quiet for so long, and it's obvious from the article how liberating this is for him. I actually think the article is really great - very touching and honest, the writer did a great job.

So. I'm delighted for him. :) :)
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Sun is finally out. Probably only for a couple of days, but considering we had hail yesterday, I'll take even temporary nice weather! It's basically been February here since, well, February, and we're all really, really tired of it.

I just wanted to post a few links quickly; it's going to be a little all over the place but bear with me.

First, a really excellent analysis of sexist discourse in the French media following the whole DSK scandal. Les informulés d’une rhétorique sexiste. It's in French and I wish there was a translation available, because it's fantastically insightful, and not just for French culture.

Some of you may have heard about the story of parents in Toronto raising a 'genderless' kid. You can read the original story (complete with douchy neighbors, friends and family members! I always love the whole 'your kid will get bullied' argument because, y'know, if a kid gets bullied, the problem is not the kids who bully and the parents who teach their kids things that could lead them to be jerks to other kids). But you can also read this reflection on the piece from the Raising My Boychick blog, which is excellent. I only want to point out that while I think it's cool to assume your baby's gender is aligned with their biological sex (assuming that's straightforward) until your kid is old enough to tell you otherwise, it's important that you tell the kid that, directly or at least indirectly. Otherwise you might be the most open-minded parent who'd be totally cool with a trans or gender nonconforming kid, your kid might never know.

While we're on the topic of gender/sexuality, the New York Times recently ran a beautiful series on gay teenagers. The stories are touching, but what really drew me in is the photography. Wonderful and quiet photos.

Now for the unrelated to gender and sexuality stuff:

Allie started a food blog with her friend Katie, The Dough Also Rises - and you should all check it out, because they make really, really delicious food. With simple recipes! Which is always nice (I don't like overly fancy things that I could never reproduce/require ingredients I couldn't find if my life depended on it). Keep an eye out for the yam burrito. SO GOOD.

I may have mentioned (or not) that we're rewatching every Harry Potter movie in expectation for Deathly Hallows Part 2, and it's been great. Harry in the first movie is just the most adorable kid on earth, but it's so great to see all of them grow up. :) And then today [ profile] mieystrapurore posted this video, which is amazing. It's just beautifully made, with wonderful music, and it takes you through the whole journey that is the HP series. If you have any attachment to this story, you should watch it. Maybe several times.

And to finish on another pop culture note, I never even mentioned here that The Playboy Club has been picked up by NBC! SO EXCITED to see Sean in there; he's psyched about the storylines that writers have in mind for his character, which makes me even more excited to see it. Let's hope it doesn't get axed by like, episode 3, I'm going to be so upset if that happens. Unless they make a spinoff about Sean's storyline, I'd be down with that.
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The vast majority of you probably already know this, but just in case, I figured it was a good time to pimp myself (and Sean)!

The awesome [ profile] ourdramaqueen and I maintain, which is basically the one fan site (or site at all) out there for Sean, at least that only one that is updated whenever needs be.

It's basically everything you ever wanted about Sean, including info on all his projects, paper and video interviews he's done, etc. We also have a ridiculously big gallery where you can find just about any publicly available image of Sean (and some that he couldn't believe we even found). Starting today, we're also going to have exclusive content to share about the upcoming movie Sean's been cast in, Timing. Check out this page for a quick Q&A with one of the producers for the movie, and also for a script snippet. It's pretty fun to read, and the guys at Dalliance Films are awesome enough that they will be sharing a little bit more every month. (I really, really can't wait to see this movie.)

So! Tell your friends! And if you want to keep in touch, you can: follow us on twitter, add our RSS LJ comm to your friends-list or subscribe to the traditional RSS feed. :) You can also follow the community [ profile] seanmaher - we don't post there every time we update, but we do once in a while when there's something a little bigger.

Honestly, it's a pretty exciting time. After a long period of Sean not doing much of anything (he admitted himself, "you guys must hae been snoring!" but no, we were not, we were just being patient :p), it looks like 2010 is going to bring much Sean goodness! I still have that Sean interview to share, and we'll soon be changing layouts. I'm pretty psyched for all the changes. :)

Also, a request: is anyone a member over at whedonesque and could help us out by posting about the Timing content that's on the website? I can't do it myself because you're not supposed to link to your own stuff, but I'd really like to let people know about the Timing stuff we have up.
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I think this metaquote is hilarious. I have a lot of things planned next week, so I'm not sure I'll be going to the Super Tuesday party after all. I really can't get any sort of excited about this primary

Most importantly, I wanted to show you something awesome I bought today:

In case you're wondering if you're seeing this right, yes, these are chocolate vaginas. Isn't that totally awesome? It's part of a campaign on campus to raise awareness about V-day (an event that wants to get people talking about issues of violence against women), and the upcoming show of the Vagina Monologues. The "Pussy Posse" on campus is also selling t-shirts that read "I <3 my vagina". It's kinda of a really cool thing. I will, of course, let you all know if I've enjoyed the vaginas once I've eaten them. *g*

Also, hmm the lines of Sean's body on that picture. And his cuteness on this one. Heee. I love the hair. (Also *points at icon* more Sean cuteness there.) Okay, so what, this was my shallow bit. I would talk very deeply about his projects if he would have any.
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has officially opened today!

(Yes, I believe that's the perfect excuse to feed you three of my favorite screencaps from Living 'til the End. His EYES, people. And his hair. And and and.)

Kudos to [ profile] ourdramaqueen for all the excellent work that's been put into the website! I hope it'll keep growing and will soon be everyone's first resource for all things Sean. *g* If you have any suggestion or anything you'd like to contribute to the website (trivia, photos, article scans...), please let me know! (Or you can find the contacts on the website.)

Also, if you're feeling down and need something to make you smile, there's nothing like a fanvid of a few awesome BDH moments (thanks to [ profile] petit_rhino for linking me to it!). I love, love those guys.
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Je vous présente... wikiHow!

En fait j'avais surtout envie d'attirer votre attention sur l'avertissement de l'article sur "Comment faire des crêpes" qui rappelle à tous les têtes en l'air que "la poêle est chaude" et puis aussi sur l'article "Comment épargner" où j'aime beaucoup l'avertissement aussi.

And I love that the English version features Sean for their article "How to apply make-up as a man". See? It's manly to use moisturizer!
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- Living 'til the End FINALLY arrived. And right now the only thing I can say is that I was already disappointed that they'd filmed in Paris and I wasn't even aware, but Sean filmed a freakin' topless scene in the streets here. How did I miss that? Karma, what did I do to you? /mindless fangirl ramble
A bit more about the movie itself )

- Note to UK Civilization lecturer : please take two seconds of your life to realize how deeply ironic it is for you to tell us about socialization at school, to tell us that it shapes our views of gender, and then move on to talking of family and then only mention mothers? Really. I wonder why we keep associating women with the role of caretakers and men with the figure of authority. *headdesk* The worse part is that I notice that kind of thing (and vent my frustration at poor [ profile] littlegothsin) but most people don't. Whether because it's too small to be noticed or because it's so familiar that we've stopped noticing, most people just keep unconsciously integrating it and it kills me. That at university level, we'd talk of parenting and its effect on the kid's socialization and rather than talk of parents, we talk of mothers. Fuck that.

- I have two new series of pictures up at my photo journal (one was posted a while ago but I forgot to mention it here) : skater boys and another walk in the city. Click on the pictures below to access each series :

([ profile] littlegothsin : les trois tiers de mon LJ en un post! C'est magnifique! :-p)
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Okay, I swear I'm going to bed at some point, but I had to share this. There's a new Jewel Staite interview and she mentions Sean :

"SGPnet: What was your favorite scene in "Serenity" and which one was the hardest and can you also tell us why?
JS: Kissing Sean [Maher] was probably one of the hardest, ironically, since he's so gorgeous! Sean and I had gotten to know each other really well and had developed a brother/sister relationship ... so it was kind of like kissing my brother. We were giggling nervously and being silly, and Joss kept saying "I want romance! Make it romantic!" which just made us laugh harder.
My favorite scene, though, is probably when Mal gives the speech to the crew after we've seen the devastation on Miranda, and he says "I aim to misbehave". Nathan is such a brilliant actor!

SGPnet: What kind of message do you want the fans to pick up from "Serenity"?
JS: Stick to what you believe in, and don't let anybody tell you different.

SGPnet: Some female visitors of my site wanted me to ask you, how kissing Sean Maher was like?
JS: He's a great kisser. And he smells yummy."

BDH-induced happiness is so good. (I also just rewatched the Firefly DVD Bonus "The Making of Firefly" and... yeah. So much love for those guys.)
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Gay extravaganza!
Part 1, otherwise this is going to end up a monster of a post.

I was on IMDB hoping to maybe find some info about a new project Sean could be working on, and I ended up reading a thread of discussion on his IMBD page revolving around the quintessential question : Is he gay?!1!! I read through all of it, and I've made remarks here and there on this journal on Sean's sexuality, but I've never really addressed the question. So.

Is Sean Maher gay and do we really care? )

Wow, that was much longer than I expected it to be, and I'm pretty sure I lost Sean Maher in there somewhere. So let's switch the focus back to him for a second : this is like the 3rd time I hear about Sean bringing a boyfriend to a convention (Serenity Squared, for what I could gather, but it could be another event). WTF is up with that and can anyone confirm it? Did Sean ever show up anywhere with another guy? Or did just bring his brother or someone, and our brains are too perverted with Wincest?

It's not so much in the hopes to put a final end to the aforementioned question (bisexuality is very much a possibility) but because of the weight carried with a man showing up with a boyfriend at a public event even though he's not publicly out. Sean showing up with a boyfriend just like he would have with a girlfriend would be such an encouraging event, especially since very little would have been said about it online. I mean encouraging is the sense that it would have been a non-event - it'd have been just as common as him showing up with a girl. The activist in me can't help being all "wheee". Oh, and of course I have no doubt they'd be absolutely adorable (and I'd like pictures), but that's another thing altogether.

Up next!

Why do we get more excited about the same-sex couples on TV?
Gender roles and (male) gay couples : is it really easier to be reduced to doing the dishes because you live with another man?

EDIT : Changed heterosexist into heterocentric because it seems to fit better, as heterosexism implies more of a bias and a predisposition towards heterosexuality, rather than simply an assumption of heterosexuality. The politics of sexual orientation are not exactly clear, though, I think the two words mean the same thing in French. But it's probably better to make the distinction.
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Would you like to be an awesome F-list today? I mean awesome-er than usual?

There's a poll on Sony to see what series they might release on DVD. Could you please all go and vote for The $treet? This is a TV series that was axed after only 6 episodes aired, and Sean Maher is one of its stars. There's also Jennifer Connelly in there and guys, I'm dying to see that show, so please please please, go to vote for it here :

The current status is:

The $treet 15.4%
Bette! 13.73%
Michael Hayes 6.9%
What's Happening Now! 11.48%
The Rookies 12.16%
Police Story 15.07%
Cupid 25.23%

It'll take you five seconds and dude, I'd be so happy if it actually got released. Thank you awesome F-list! You can return to your usual, Sean-free activities!
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So you'd think when you fangirl someone like Sean Maher who runs on an average of one project a year, it'd be easy enough to keep track of everything about him on the net, right?

Well apparently no, since I keep finding new pictures. Mind you, that's not a bad thing at all. Makes the fangirl in me terribly happy. So when on top of the Sean fangirl, the B&W whore in me get satisfied, you can imagine that it's a bit overwhelming.

(I found this picture through, apparently it's the shot he sends back signed when you send him a request for an autograph... The version above was reworked by me because I couldn't help but work on the contrast. *facepalm*)

So. Erm. I might also have made icons to try and deal with the prettiness.

More of the same. )

Also, Jewel has also gotten herself a myspace page and Nathan and her keep amusing me to no end. Check out Jewel's gallery and the captions to her pictures. Heee. I love those guys.

And since I'm clearly surfing a Serenity/Firefly wave, yesterday I uploaded an extra called "On the set of Serenity" for [ profile] noneofyours and I figured I might as well share the link! Basically if you don't remember that moment, you really want to click the link. *g*

Keep flyin'!

EDIT : So the *facepalm* of the day goes to me, I've just found an interview of Sean on my computer that I'd never watched before. For whatever reason. And of course it's all kinds of adorable and god I love his hair. It's about Serenity and if anyone's interested, it can be snatched here.
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So like I said, I capped Wedding Wars like crazy yesterday so I could make icon, and [ profile] ely_jan pointed out I should post the screencaps and she was totally right, so here they are! It's really a Ted screencap orgy because I was looking to icon Sean... so don't try and use this to understand what happens in the movie. But there's a lot of Ted/Sean Maher cuteness underneath the cut!

Click for massive cap fest! )
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Random thoughts on Wedding Wars, and I'm not pretending most of them won't be terribly shallow.

Also, I'm re-watching while specifically capping Sean Maher in this movie, so forgive me if this is unfairly Ted-centered. *g*

Click to see the rant. )

Can someone tell me what Shel and Ben's dad asks Ted when they're talking the fact he's a lawyer? He goes, "You wouldn't happen to be a..." and I cannot understand what's next for the life of me.

Overall impression... )
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This is a miscellaneous entry of miscellaneousity!

- The Ikea Game. For all you crazy Sweden lovers out there. Can you beat my 4/10??

- Wedding Wars promos and premiere! (Sean's mentioned by John in the clip from the premiere at the very end.) 2 days, people. 2 DAYS. *needs her Sean fix like woah*

- Canada won't reopen the same-sex marriage debate. Because Canadians are TEH AWESOME. So cool that even some Conservatives voted against reopening the debate. *loves*

- Chris Buck takes photos of celebrities and I love what he does. Not all of it is excellent, but some shots are truly brilliant.
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Okay. So. American folks, I NEED YOUR HELP.

Wedding Wars is airing December 11 at 9PM EST on A&E. That's Monday.

Is there anyone on my F-list who has A&E and could record / encode this movie for me?

I've been waiting for this movie since this summer, I'm dying to see it and I'd be so, so, so grateful if someone could do me this favor. Anyone?
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For those of you who might not know yet, clips from Wedding Wars (really, promotional material) have been put online at the A&E Club. There are four clips in total, and all of them have a bit of Sean in it and awwwww. There's even a kiss.

The direct link is this one. You have to register, but I could give you my login/password if you want to. Of course, the easier alternative is snagging the wmv version uploaded here by the wonderful [ profile] liquidize!

And by the way - the crossed leg thing is such a cliché.

But dude I can't wait for that movie. It looks like it could be good entertainment, which is really all I'm asking for. (And it's really awesome when two of your interests collide. Seriously.)
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Download the zip file.

Zip file contains 132 mood images, all in jpeg form and 140x75px. If you're not sure how to put this mood theme on your LJ (for all account types), you can find instructions here.

Credits :
Pictures used are from all over the place, but a number of them are photographs taken by [ profile] abby_i, [ profile] naughtyelf and myself.

- Please comment if you take.
- Please credit.
- Yay Sean!

See the whole mood theme over there. I'm not totally happy with all the pictures (especially anything angry/annoyed) but that's really the best I could find, so if you have pictures that would fit much much better, I would love it if you could let me know!
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Any chance it's possible for me to move out of this city tomorrow? No? Fuck, I didn't think so. There's something really wrong when you realize it'd be easier to take over the world than to have a fucking window changed in an apartment you own. ARGH.


Perfect reason to rec this little video from Wizard World Con of Joss Whedon and a bunch of the Firefly guys & girls, because it'll bring a smile to your face no matter how bad your day's going :

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So, I said I had to mention Sean's hair. He likes it so much better short. Apparently he saw The Dive From Clausen's Pier, in which his hair was even longer than in Serenity, and realized he had to cut it and never have longish hair again. I'm sure the actual movie is part of the trauma, but anyway. So yeah, he wishes he could change his haircut in Serenity to something shorter. And like any guy who puts up their hair in spikes with gel - there's no way he's putting on a hat, even a Jayne hat, because that would screw it up. It's really cute.

Enough about Sean's hair! Next time... Sean's obsession with his hands! Kidding. Maybe.

Today's pictures : Jewel and Morena!! I've also included pictures where Sean's with one of them. You can see a few pictures as a preview underneath the cut, and you can view all of them by going to my Scrapbook and using the menu on top to go through all the pictures. There are 39 of them for that batch.

Three big damn heroes. )

Other pictures available from Serenity 3:
Convention & body shots
Hilarity takes over the guests
Gigi, Christina, Mark, Michael and Nectar


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