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I'm still trying to get over my doubts from yesterday and the nervousness I feel because I think the project is turning into something very different from what I'd originally imagined in my head. I just need to convince myself that it's ok and I'll figure out the lit review and everything later. Basically originally I was interested broadly in how teachers teach, and I'm realizing that especially since I need to make the interview shorter, I'm really more interested in how the teachers teach and handle diversity and difference in the classroom.

Basically I'm still not sure what I'm doing. :/

So instead of freaking out, let me share a couple of funny links.
Cats can really sleep anywhere.
Cats fail and grad students.
(Funny but Dollhouse spoiler!) )


Now a few links stolen from [ profile] le_canard.
The documentary Girl Like Me touches on how racism intersect with beauty standards. It's mostly bits of interviews with black girls who talk about how they've been made feel about their appearance. We often think that tastes are personal - so what if I like blonde better than brunette? It's a good reminder that tastes are also embedded in cultural bias and in Western nations, that means a certain racial bias, too.
The experiment featured at about 4 minutes is pretty heart-breaking and disheartening. It was reproduced recently and I don't know if I'd put quite the same positive spin on the story. I would love to try the experiment in France, but also to have white children do it, because I'm pretty certain patterns would differ.

And finally, in French, Mr. Haïdari who works at the City Hall in Marseille (he's assistant to the Mayor), talking about why he thinks it's important that we have racial statistics in France. The usual argument against such statistics - that they create racial categories that don't exist - is true in the sense that race is a social construct, but it blatantly ignores that this social construct has very real (psychological and material) consequences today in France (and beyond). Racial categories will never be perfect, but it's a better alternative (in my opinion) to pretending that there isn't a racial problem in France. These categories, we made them up, but today they influence the lives of people of color, and we have to stop ignoring that because it makes us uncomfortable.

That reminds me that this morning I was in a school and asked the head of the school (because he was showing me what kind of information students fill out every year) if he had any same-sex household that had a kid in his school. His first reaction was, "you know, it's none of my business" ("ça ne me regarde pas"). Which struck me as odd. Why would we want these families to be invisible? Is it that strange to imagine that teachers would know if their kids have a mom and a dad, one parent, two of the same sex? Under the excuse of giving people privacy, aren't we really playing into a system that assumes and favors heterosexuality? That's a rhetorical question, obviously. It's very telling that we ask kids to fill out information about their mother and father, but to ask if they have two moms or two dads is a breach of privacy.
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Why do all things awesome always happen at the same time?

Vancouver's Can't Stop the Serenity screening is June 27, the Saturday after I get back. I REALLY want to go because it's Serenity + Dr. Horrible in the company of awesome Whedon fans and it's all for really great charities.

BUT. My friend Cole's 21 birthday is that weekend, and she's celebrating it in her home city of SAN FRANCISCO, and it is the weekend of SF PRIDE PARADE and people are ROAD-TRIPPING down to San Francisco to go to the event and I want to be there partying with everyone and doing Pride in San Fucking Francisco SO BAD.

Dilemma. >.>

Mind you, Dilemma might be solved if I'm selected to be a Youth Leader at the Fyrefly Camp since the training sessions start on Sunday, June 28 and since SF Pride is on the same day, I doubt I could do both. Which sucks! I want to be able to do all three. ;_;

Now let's cut on the unwarranted melodrama and share some links! It's metaquotes-approved funny.

On patient zero for the swine flu.

Je wank, tu wank(s?), il wank, nous wankons... The double-entendre is pretty amusing, too. ^^
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California Court says private school can expel lesbians. Apart from the obvious, two things really bother me about this:
- I want to know if that means a religious school could exclude a black student if they decided that "mixing races" was against Biblical teaching? (It's not like that argument hasn't been made in the past.) It's a genuine question, actually, because from the ruling it sounds like yes, schools would be welcome to discriminate on the basis of race (or anything else). This is really not making me think any higher of religious schools. I'm not against people having faith and wanting to teach it to their kids because for fuck's sake, that should not mean shielding your kids from the reality of the outside world.
- The fact that religious schools are welcome to expel kids based on the perception of homosexuality is really bothersome because it puts a lot of power in the hands of bullies. If a kid doesn't follow traditional gender behavior (and I don't mean cross-dressing, just liking dance if you're a boy will do) and gets harassed as a result, and rumors start circulating, they're at risk of being expelled? Woah. Way to go, fucktards. At least it really rubs in your face just how pervasive homophobia can be.


On a happier front:

- Cute drawing of Simon, Kaylee and River at the end of Serenity. It's better than the earlier version, though that earlier version was really cute too.

- Felicia Day blods about "Highland Hunk-Fantasy" novels and it's hysterical. I would dislike those novels for many more reasons than she's mentioned but I just love her style of writing.

- Ediie Izzard never gets old, and the Death Star Canteen skit in lego is just priceless. XD

- Dan Savage rocks. That is all.
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I take liberal feminist education to share some core features of mainstream liberal education, with a central emphasis on a broad education that fosters freedom by developing autonomy. In doing so, the feminist variant would pay particular attention to encouraging the growth of autonomy among girls, and their capacity to choose roles and lifestyles rather than being forced to accept traditionally defined ones. (p.73)

Extract from Enslin, Penny (2003)."Liberal feminism, diversity and education", in Theory and Research in Education 1 (1): pp.73-87.

On Tuesday Karen Bradley, from Western Washington University came to do a talk entitled “Cultural and Structural Factors Affecting the Incorporation of Women into Systems of Higher Education”.

One of the things she was looking at is vertical and horizontal segregation: vertical segregation refers to the fact that women are confined to low-paying jobs, and horizontal segregation refers to the fact that they're limited to certain fields of work. One of the things that's fascinating about these two aspects of gender segregation is that the rationale of gender equality seems to have helped reduce vertical segregation, but not horizontal segregation, so that the male/female ratio at university for example is very unequal in fields of study that are traditionally gendered: engineeing, computer science (in favor of males), education, nursing (in favor of females).

One of the explanations she mentioned for this phenomenon is that our belief in gender egalitarianism has not been accompanied with a real challenge to gender essentialism: that is, the belief that men are 'naturally' one way and women 'naturally' another way. One reason for the fact that increase in gender egalitarianism in the general population doesn't mean an increase in gender essentialism is that legislating equality affects vertical rather than horizontal segregation.

Her main thesis was interesting - and provocative. She argued that norms of self-expression and the rationale of choice that are so popular (especially in North American cultures) legitimize our indulgence in gender-stereotyping.

So for example, our focus on the individual means that if a girl decides she wants to be a nurse and doesn't like math, rather than challenging that, we focus on the idea that she's making that choice for herself and that as an individual, she has the right to do that. Consequently we tend to disregard economic outcomes and the influence of gendered cultural ideas... Bradley argued this is all the more true since we allow teens to make choices for themselves at school at a moment in their life where they are the most sensitive to pressures of gendered expectations and most likely to make choices based on deeply-held cultural beliefs of gender essentialism.

In short, the valuation of choice and individualism in our society would be the very tool that allows for the perpetuation of gender essentialist beliefs, as they become concealed behind arguments of self-expression.

Now, I don't know if I agree completely with this idea, but it certainly resonates with what I know and what we have witnessed over the past few decades. It certainly makes sense in the context of heterosexism resonating so easily with a large percentage of the population, because heterosexist is rooted in gender essentialism. Anyway. I just wanted to relate the argument (not as well as she made it but hopefully fairly clearly) as food for thought.

It also really challenges liberal feminism as defined by that quote at the beginning of the post, since then emphasis on autonomy, unless it is actively accompanied by challenges to gender essentialist beliefs, would simply work to reinforce gender stereotypes in the framework of our society, rather than help liberate women.

Oh, and before I forget again: the grad advisor for our department, Gerry, is a browncoat! :D I was so happy to find out. On Thursday he briefly sat down next to me during the UGF and at one point turned to me and said "shiny!" with a knowing grin on his face. Just awesome.
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omg that video with Morena being trans is awesome. Apparently [ profile] thunder_nari came across it first. Heee. I just love it. See for yourselves:

While I wait to figure out how to alternate the photo stripe on the sidebar, I'm going to stick with activism since it's more in keeping with the theme. But I'm preparing a better stripe of kisses, too. :)
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The most complete Paley fest report I've read. There's a LOT of awesome in there, and some nostalgia like Buffy always brings. Interestingly enough, while I absolutely loved reading this, it doesn't quite make me swell with undying love like the BDHs do. They're just something about the Firefly guys.

Speaking of, metaquotes had an hilarious description of Firefly featured today. XD

And finally: Awareness test. DO IT. Guys. REALLY. It's just video you have to watch.

As far as life goes, I'm working on the water paper. Well. Procrastinating, mostly, really.
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[I believe this was at Serenity Cubed in London-Heathrow in September 2006 - just copied it from the imdb boards where someone posted it]

Fan: "You're such a good looking cast and I was wondering if there was any actual romance between anyone?"
Jewel: "That's a good question."
Morena: "It is a good question."
Jewel [nods at Morena]: "We've never been asked that."
Morena [looks at Jewel]: "Should we tell them?"
Jewel [looks out into the crowd]: "Morena and I had a fling."
[Crowd laughs and cheers]
Jewel [keeps the same 'serious' voice]: "It was just a fling, yeah, it didn't really... yeah..."
Morena: "Well, because, you know... Ron's so sexy, I had to go for Ron."
Jewel [nods]: "That's true. And Sean and Summer, I think, were sleeping together for the first few weeks, which was not surprising."
Morena: "And, Alan and Nathan."
Jewel: "Yeah, yeah."
Morena [looks back at the audience]: "And the real answer to that question would be no."
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Your daily dose of Joss love, brought to you by the WGA strike.

AND YOUR DAILY DOSE OF BDH LOVE (photo by Zack Stentz). Oh my god I love those people.

Apparently the strike could last into next year? I can't believe the AMPTP is even willing to let it go for so long.

Also, people who go to university in Paris, is this true what France Culture is telling me? The universities are gearing up for strikes again?

EDIT: Flyers from the WGA which is pretty cool. I think I'm just going to give in and create a wga strike tag.

EDIT THE SECOND: A very articulate post that sums up pretty much what I think and how I feel.

EDIT THE THIRD: Aaaand Eddie Izzard strike love to end the day.
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It took a while, but here I am with my photos of the convention last weekend.

I've posted all the photos at [ profile] holdlifestill, my photo journal. There are nine series in total, including three (Alan, Sean and the second group panel) which get two entries because I have more pictures of them. In total I've uploaded 368 photos of the BDHs (and Rudy). Last year I'd brought back 210 from Cubed, and I already thought it was a lot! I'm not entirely happy with the quality of the pictures - many come out a little grainy but I don't know how I could have changed my settings to get better results. I'm very happy with a few of the pictures, though, because they come out as great photos - beyond their value as photographic memory of a great weekend and very pretty people, and overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the shots I got.

Under the cut, you'll find one picture to illustrate each batch I've posted - click on the picture to be taken to the corresponding entry on my photo journal (there you'll find a link to the full Photobucket album, too).

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

You can't take the sky from us )

For those of you wondering, there WILL be a full report, just not by me because I was (as you might have figured out) busy taking photos. I'll link to it as soon as it's typed out though!
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Nathan Fillion on Ellen. He made me laugh so hard, I love him. He just has a way to tell stories, it's brilliant.

Colombia will recognize same-sex relationships (not quite same-sex marriage just yet, but it's already a step ahad of the US...).

Tomorrow: Thanksgiving dinner!

BDH love

Sep. 21st, 2007 05:38 pm
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I got my Serenity Collector Edition DVD the other day, and immediately proceeded to watch the movie with the commentary by Joss, Nathan, Adam, Summer and Ron. As expected, so much of it was simply hilarious. Joss in particular just seemed so much at ease with the group, it's awesome. Anyway. For future reference and for good laughs, I wanted to post my favorite quotes from the commentary. You might want to avoid reading if you haven't seen it yet! Though I'm certain it'll still be an excellent watch even if you're spoiled for a few quotes. *g*

I have heard of exercise... )
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There's nothing like waking up to a new, hilarious, Nathanesque Nathan Fillion interview. There's really something amazing, intense, and almost sad about how every one of them is totally on board with anything related to Firefly/Serenity that might happen in the future.

Speaking of, reading Jewel Staite's latest blog is a riot, too. Heee! I particularly laughed at "Did I marry Sean Maher? Yet another one of those questions that doesn't really warrant a response, but did you laugh as much as I did?"

Oh, how I love my BDHs.
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H E R O part 2.

This is the second part of Martin Firrell's project, "Hero: the future of gods, icons and heroes" - this is input from people all over, and some of those quotes are very powerful. It's an amazing project, and I can't wait to see more of it.
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has officially opened today!

(Yes, I believe that's the perfect excuse to feed you three of my favorite screencaps from Living 'til the End. His EYES, people. And his hair. And and and.)

Kudos to [ profile] ourdramaqueen for all the excellent work that's been put into the website! I hope it'll keep growing and will soon be everyone's first resource for all things Sean. *g* If you have any suggestion or anything you'd like to contribute to the website (trivia, photos, article scans...), please let me know! (Or you can find the contacts on the website.)

Also, if you're feeling down and need something to make you smile, there's nothing like a fanvid of a few awesome BDH moments (thanks to [ profile] petit_rhino for linking me to it!). I love, love those guys.
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We need new heroes.

Like we had any doubt that our Big Damn Captain was one.
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Okay, I swear I'm going to bed at some point, but I had to share this. There's a new Jewel Staite interview and she mentions Sean :

"SGPnet: What was your favorite scene in "Serenity" and which one was the hardest and can you also tell us why?
JS: Kissing Sean [Maher] was probably one of the hardest, ironically, since he's so gorgeous! Sean and I had gotten to know each other really well and had developed a brother/sister relationship ... so it was kind of like kissing my brother. We were giggling nervously and being silly, and Joss kept saying "I want romance! Make it romantic!" which just made us laugh harder.
My favorite scene, though, is probably when Mal gives the speech to the crew after we've seen the devastation on Miranda, and he says "I aim to misbehave". Nathan is such a brilliant actor!

SGPnet: What kind of message do you want the fans to pick up from "Serenity"?
JS: Stick to what you believe in, and don't let anybody tell you different.

SGPnet: Some female visitors of my site wanted me to ask you, how kissing Sean Maher was like?
JS: He's a great kisser. And he smells yummy."

BDH-induced happiness is so good. (I also just rewatched the Firefly DVD Bonus "The Making of Firefly" and... yeah. So much love for those guys.)
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HAHAHHA John Barrowman being camp I'm laughing too hard HAHAHAHA. See for yourself in this part of Buzzcocks though the rest of that show is equally interesting. *rolls of the floor*

Different and not as hysterical but still funny, a play-by-play of Wedding Wars. (Link to Part 2 of the liveblogging.)

And 've just read Jewel's last entry on Myspace and she cracks me up so bad. Her whole gallery, her whole Myspace really is just so... Myspace. It's brilliant. I love how Nathan and her are just like us, ranting about the randomest things. I wish Sean would get one except he just wouldn't and that's also why I love him. Heeee my BDHs.

*goes back to working on a photo post instead of laughing her ass off at John Barrowman*
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So you'd think when you fangirl someone like Sean Maher who runs on an average of one project a year, it'd be easy enough to keep track of everything about him on the net, right?

Well apparently no, since I keep finding new pictures. Mind you, that's not a bad thing at all. Makes the fangirl in me terribly happy. So when on top of the Sean fangirl, the B&W whore in me get satisfied, you can imagine that it's a bit overwhelming.

(I found this picture through, apparently it's the shot he sends back signed when you send him a request for an autograph... The version above was reworked by me because I couldn't help but work on the contrast. *facepalm*)

So. Erm. I might also have made icons to try and deal with the prettiness.

More of the same. )

Also, Jewel has also gotten herself a myspace page and Nathan and her keep amusing me to no end. Check out Jewel's gallery and the captions to her pictures. Heee. I love those guys.

And since I'm clearly surfing a Serenity/Firefly wave, yesterday I uploaded an extra called "On the set of Serenity" for [ profile] noneofyours and I figured I might as well share the link! Basically if you don't remember that moment, you really want to click the link. *g*

Keep flyin'!

EDIT : So the *facepalm* of the day goes to me, I've just found an interview of Sean on my computer that I'd never watched before. For whatever reason. And of course it's all kinds of adorable and god I love his hair. It's about Serenity and if anyone's interested, it can be snatched here.
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Why the Firefly fandom is absolutely the BEST fandom ever, part 3 :

I actually got out of bed today because I couldn't wait to hear what had happened with Non-Flan and the Flan 500 yesterday. I'm vicariously living this weekend through them and there's no best way to start the day than to read up on what amazing things the Backup Bash organizers and other Browncoats have come up with. And it only gets better if you put Dan Sehane on and sing along with him, for the record.

There are some reports floating around and I'll do a more general post compiling those sometimes next week, but some things that need to be said :

- Michael Muhney (Sheriff Lamb on Veronica Mars), who was supposed to show at the Charity Auction during Flan, contacted the Backup Bash people as soon as he heard the con had been cancelled and proceeded to ask how he could help. So he was there yesterday at what had been planned. He's not even in the fandom. Can you feel the waves of love I'm sending his way?

- Clare Kramer (Glory on Buffy) has a bar opening next week in L.A. but she opened it up so the Flan 500 and guests had somewhere to hang out Saturday afternoon. Clare was in no way affiliated with the event to start with, and isn't exactly in the fandom either. Yet she donated time, space, possibly money to make Non-Flan a positive experience. How amazing do people get, seriously?

- The Big Damn Heroes. The huge, fucking brilliant BDHs. On top of Nathan, Jonathan, Mark, Christina, Greg Edmonson (music composer for Firefly) who were all there on Friday and showed up again on Saturday, Ron Glass attended the events on Saturday, along with Michael Fairman (the torturer Niska) and Morena Baccarin.

- And by the way, Morena was never scheduled for the event. And still she came. Out of the nine actors from the main cast, five of them have showed so far out of goodwill and the goodness of their hearts. Out of the four still missing, one of them we know is stranded in Canada (Jewel), and another is Gina Torres. So by this point, amusingly enough since neither of them were scheduled for the convention, I end up wondering what's keeping Summer Glau and Sean Maher from joining the fun, because having heard about them and having met both (though mostly Sean), it's definitely not the fact they're not kind-hearted. Not hoping, because they might very well be working / have other commitments and that would be absolutely understandable, but who knows what the Backup Back guys have planned for today (Sunday). Honestly, right now they could get SANTA CLAUS to show up and I wouldn't be surprised.

- Forgot to mention this yesterday: let it not be forgotten that the Backup Bash guys opened a paypal account for donations to help make something happen and that people not going to Flan raised the first $3,200 by 11:00 AM Friday morning, which was maybe 14 hours (and overnight hours) after information about being able to donate had circulated widely. Last I know $4,500 has been raised.

May this event be a lesson to all in generosity and kindness.


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