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I can't find this information on google for the life of me. I'm looking to get a new scratching post and there's one I like but it's all carpet - my scratching posts have always had a corded component, which seems to be where the cats like to scratch best. So - does it matter or no if the scratching post is all carpet?

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I really want to rant about a couple of French things (namely the recent "controversy" around an anti-homophobia video for grade 4s and 5s, and the "controversy" about the woman with a head scarf who became involved in a political party) but it's almost midnight and I have more fun things to share, aka KITTENS.

Wednesday Karen from VOKRA called asking if I could take on a wobbly kitten and his sibling, because it's way more practical for them to have these two in Vancouver (their previous foster home was further away) and I have experience with wobblers. I consulted with the roommates and today new kittens were delivered! They're 7 weeks old right now, and super sociable. Allie and Angie stopped by to meet them and the kittens are already doing so well. It's amazing. Lemon, who's the wobbly one, is actually doing pretty good considering - I just rewatched some of the old MeiMei videos and he's definitely not doing any worse than she was at 7 weeks. It makes me happy, I hope he finds a loving wonderful family quickly. :)

Anyway, here is a happy picspam!

Meet Lemon (the orange tabby) and Sapphire (the grey tabby)

Allie likes Lemon.

Allie also likes Sapphire, even if Sapphire is not super convinced by this display of affection.

As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't get much more wonderful than photos of Allie kissing and being snuggly with kittens, but there's a bunch more photos under the cut. :)

Kitten cuteness this way )

MeiMei is not super delighted with these newcomers yet, but earlier in a quiet moment I brought Lemon to her and she did hiss at first but then she was smelling him and even gave him a couple of tentative licks, so I'm sure we're good. :)
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"...Spain, Portugal, Bosnia, Tokyo." Um, so Japan doesn't get to be a country in Torchwood-land?

More random TW comments )


I feel like I wasn't productive today but I actually did get stuff done. I've been handling the kittens a fair bit, too, and it's going really well considering how freaked out they were yesterday. The two boys, Sonny and Quisha, are a lot less nervous and napping on the top of their cardboard hideout in the bathroom. The girl (officially Echo I think :) is more skittish but she's slowly coming around. She still cowers a little but she's been purring when we pet her (Quisha, too, he's so cute). And MeiMei's not hissing anymore, she likes to lick them and has even started playing with them, and I think that's really going to help them relax, too.

New fosters

Jul. 5th, 2009 09:11 pm
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Say hi to my new foster kittens!

This is Quisha.

This is Sonny.

And this one doesn't have a name yet! She's the only girl. Help me find a cool name? I'm sure there's like something obvious I would love but I can't think of it right now. I'd love something that's more gender neutral and/or a little non-traditional.

Two more photos of her )

They're about 7 weeks and VERY skittish right now. They're sweet, don't try to bite, but they're afraid and try to paw sometimes... we're working on that though. And they're black and white because clearly we are the Black & White foster homes (this is the 5th batch of fosters and only Marcus has been anything but black & white so far :).

MeiMei has taken to them well so far - she hissed a little bit at first and now she just seems a little confused/afraid when I show them to her. At the same time she's also licked a couple of them... so I really think once everyone settles down and relaxes, it's going to be just great.
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I'm still trying to get over my doubts from yesterday and the nervousness I feel because I think the project is turning into something very different from what I'd originally imagined in my head. I just need to convince myself that it's ok and I'll figure out the lit review and everything later. Basically originally I was interested broadly in how teachers teach, and I'm realizing that especially since I need to make the interview shorter, I'm really more interested in how the teachers teach and handle diversity and difference in the classroom.

Basically I'm still not sure what I'm doing. :/

So instead of freaking out, let me share a couple of funny links.
Cats can really sleep anywhere.
Cats fail and grad students.
(Funny but Dollhouse spoiler!) )


Now a few links stolen from [ profile] le_canard.
The documentary Girl Like Me touches on how racism intersect with beauty standards. It's mostly bits of interviews with black girls who talk about how they've been made feel about their appearance. We often think that tastes are personal - so what if I like blonde better than brunette? It's a good reminder that tastes are also embedded in cultural bias and in Western nations, that means a certain racial bias, too.
The experiment featured at about 4 minutes is pretty heart-breaking and disheartening. It was reproduced recently and I don't know if I'd put quite the same positive spin on the story. I would love to try the experiment in France, but also to have white children do it, because I'm pretty certain patterns would differ.

And finally, in French, Mr. Haïdari who works at the City Hall in Marseille (he's assistant to the Mayor), talking about why he thinks it's important that we have racial statistics in France. The usual argument against such statistics - that they create racial categories that don't exist - is true in the sense that race is a social construct, but it blatantly ignores that this social construct has very real (psychological and material) consequences today in France (and beyond). Racial categories will never be perfect, but it's a better alternative (in my opinion) to pretending that there isn't a racial problem in France. These categories, we made them up, but today they influence the lives of people of color, and we have to stop ignoring that because it makes us uncomfortable.

That reminds me that this morning I was in a school and asked the head of the school (because he was showing me what kind of information students fill out every year) if he had any same-sex household that had a kid in his school. His first reaction was, "you know, it's none of my business" ("ça ne me regarde pas"). Which struck me as odd. Why would we want these families to be invisible? Is it that strange to imagine that teachers would know if their kids have a mom and a dad, one parent, two of the same sex? Under the excuse of giving people privacy, aren't we really playing into a system that assumes and favors heterosexuality? That's a rhetorical question, obviously. It's very telling that we ask kids to fill out information about their mother and father, but to ask if they have two moms or two dads is a breach of privacy.
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Timothy: I'm in your clothing watching your every move!

Incidentally, our little princess is also the only one of the kittens who still loves Mommy Willow tonight (she got spayed today). The other two hiss and arch their back and bristle. But Timothy's his happy cute self. <3's him.
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when brown can stick around
when yellow can be mellow
when red can get ahead
when white can do what is right.

- Rev Lowery at the Obama inauguration

So. Bush is actually GONE. Can you believe that? I still can't. I think it's going to take a while to realize we're just not going to be seeing his face anymore. YAY. And obviously YAY for the guy replacing him being Obama. I didn't get very emotional watching the inauguration, and I wasn't all that convinced by his speech, but the massive crowd of people, that was amazing. I so wish I could have been in the middle of that, taking photos.

Now, we'll see. Where he takes the U.S. and what decisions he makes and what he achieves. I do have faith he can make a difference within a certain framework, and I really hope he will do just that. I'm glad that I'll be here to witness this and cheer and complain and all that stuff. I want him to do great things. And to keep being an endearing human being, like how he and the Chief Justice mixed up lines for the oath. That was awesome.

I'm really curious to see what Michelle Obama is going to do and stuff, too. I instinctively want to like her, just like Barack.


On the pets front, we have
1) a mommy cat in heat (thankfully she only rubs up against everything she can and offers herself to anyone who'll pass her by, no spraying or loud yodeling or anything). It's... interesting. I'd never seen an animal in heat before.
2) a new kitten who's been diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia. It's really mild compared to MeiMei Chloe, but it's definitely there. Little Fiona can still jump and get up on the back of the couch so I don't think it'll be a big problem in her life.
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An update full of links! First, a few Whedon things:

An interview where Joss goes on at length about Dollhouse. One quote makes me worried that the show won't be as interesting as I'd hoped, since the darkness is what I'm really interested to see them explore (and hopefully they'll have time to do that, but you never know with this industry):

"Well, you know, there was sort of this celebration of human perversion. It was kind of part of it because ultimately some of their engagements are sexual in nature. That's been very much downplayed because it makes some people uncomfortable. My mandate was to make some people uncomfortable - unfortunately some of those people run the network. [Laughs.] Or are the bosses of the people that run the network. So, it's something that you, again, you have to earn."


[At this point in the interview, Dushku—dressed in a slammin' tight black dress—comes up behind Whedon and says hello.]

Dushku: Wanna make out? [laughs] ... I'm a little sick.

Whedon [to Dushku]: I like you, I mean, I love you, as a friend. ...

[She laughs, they exchange more pleasantries, she runs off to do her own interviews.]

Whedon: Oh, sorry. Now I remember why I'm making the show. Forget all the stuff I said about interesting storylines. Have you seen her in that dress?

<3's the two of them. :D (Quote is from this interview.)


Harmony comic! Written by Jane Espenson. Just what I needed while I wait for issue #21 of Season 8. :)


Peewai wanted me to post about this:
To the Olympics 2012 committee,
We wish for you to consider David Tennant as the official Lighter of the Olympic Flame.


Yesterday I found the web comic Punch an' Pie and it's awesome. It's more like a story so sometimes the strips don't make sense on their own, but seriously, it's so good. The characters are really sweet and touching and funny and geeky, even when it gets serious. (And one of the protagonists is really hot, though it's kind of a weird thing to say about a comic.)
And it references Firefly. (Click next, there are a few strips on the topic.)
"I mean, they're bookstore employees. What's the worst they could do? Read poorly-written erotic fanfiction at me?" Did I mention the funny?
Especially after New Year's Eve, that might be my favorite strip. It's hysterical.
And don't forget the hilarious Twilight strip. XD
Oh, and the main character, Angela, is short and reminds me of me. ^^


In more personal news, I got MeiMei Chloe a little harness and lead today (she hates it), and I cannot believe a soft-sided pet carrier costs $55 at the very least. The kittens are still being balls of adorable fuzziness and Mommy Willow is not really getting used to MeiMei, but we're working on it. My cat is still the best though and unless something comes up, I've decided to take her back with me in April. I feel nervous about buying the plane tickets though, not sure why except that it's a lot of money and I'm going to have to buy from someone else than Air Canada because they're way too expensive for pets but I'm basically afraid something'll go wrong or come up or whatever.
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OMG NEW KITTENS! Made of fluffy adorableness!! See for yourself:

And this is Mommy Willow:

So yes, apparently we're specializing in black and white foster cats. ^^
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Puppy cuteness from here to start:

I am absolutely, absolutely dying of the cute watching videos of Knut, a baby polar bear from the Berlin Zoo who was raised by one of his keepers. The first video is lots of really adorable photos, but I think the best video is this one, where you see him being fed and falling asleep and basically just being a ball of fuzzy cuteness. Stuff like that kinda makes me wonder if I'm doing the right thing with my life. I think I could be happy just taking care of animals and making sure they grow up ok and just that they're well taken care of.

Makes me happy I'm seeing Glacier tomorrow :)


Less with the cute and more with the political,the Catholic Church and the Pope are being A-holes for Christmas by saying defending humanity against homosexuality and transgenderism is as important as saving the planet. Um, news flash, idiots: one leads to us DYING, the other one leads to the world changing (albeit, not to your liking) while we LIVE. Fucking morons. I love how no one asks them to justify why on earth it's so important to have clearly defined genders and why it's such a big deal to have blurry gender roles. Masculinity and feminity don't have anything to do with procreation, last time I checked.

In a less moronic move, California's state attorney general, Jerry Brown, has asked the CA Supreme Court to overturn Prop 8:

Proposition 8 must be invalidated because the amendment process cannot be used to extinguish fundamental constitutional rights without compelling justification," Brown's brief says. [...] Brown's brief acknowledged that the state is facing a constitutional crisis. Every branch of government--including the governor, a majority of state legislators, and the state's highest court--approves the rights of same-sex couples to marry, while a slim majority of voters have eliminated those rights. "We have a conflict between the amendment power (through voter initiatives) and the duty of the Supreme Court to protect minorities and safeguard liberty," Brown said.


Not with the cute or the political, but with the funny to finish:

Every Fanfic Ever Written! Excerpt:


CHARACTER: I'm straight!
CHARACTER OF OPPOSITE GENDER: What a coincidence! So am I!
(They have sex.)
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Our babies are now grouchy teenagers (I'm kidding, they're still adorable) and I figured it was time for an update so you can see how well MeiMei Chloe's doing!

First, a video where she's walking so you can see she's gotten much more stable when she's walking calmly. She just looks a little wobbly. (Sorry the orientation of the video is screwed up, I forgot when I was recording her... >.>)

More cat adorableness under the cut! )
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Terra and I were at Brad's house today, doing some pumpkin carving! I was going to carve the Chinese characters for "serenity" into one of mine but got worried I would screw it up (this is the first time I carve a pumpkin on my own!). So instead I did evil (vampire?) Harry Potter (on the right) and a cute pumpkin who's having the BEST time, all the time, because, much like me, he's easily entertained. I named him Ron for continuity. And on the left side of my dear laptop Aziz, you have scaredpants pumpkin. In its defense, it did hang out very close to Chtulu (Brad's pumpkin, not featured here!) for a while, and that would scare the shit out of anyone.

I had an awesome time carving :D And I'm very happy with how they turned out.

While I'm sharing silly stuff, this video of Ellen interviewing Vanessa Hudgens just cracks me up. I just love the way Ellen asks her question very seriously and yet a little hesitant, and Vanessa doesn't seem entirely sure at first when she's joking or not. ^^

And finally,courtesy of metaquotes, are you pro- or anti-American? Take this test and find out! I got disqualified but if I hadn't, I'd still be at -35. Living in Vancouver screwed me from the start! Damn you, Vancouver, for being welcoming and progressive.

So, remember how I mentioned the kittens had been nursing from each other ever since Mommy's been gone? And how Chloe'd taken up sucking her own nipple? Yeah, well. She's been doing it a lot and yesterday I picked her up and noticed her nipple was very red, almost raw. ... Yes, my cat sucked herself raw. So I called the vet to check what I should do, and now I'm making sure she doesn't do it again, at least until her little nipple has healed. She's a very special cat for sure. ^^
And because I can, photo!
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I think the best part is Palin going "I believe marriage is supposed to be a sacred institution between two nwilling teenagers".


Also, anyone who is remotely interested in what's happening right now with the American economy should read this article by Joseph Stiglitz.

A couple of excerpts:

"We’re looking at a new form of public-private partnership, one in which the public shoulders all the risk, and the private sector gets all the profit. While the Bush administration preaches responsibility, the words are addressed only to the less well-off. The administration talks about the impact of “moral hazard” on the poor “speculator” who borrowed money and bought a house beyond his ability to pay. But moral hazard somehow isn’t an issue when it comes to the high-stakes speculators in corporate boardrooms."

"On energy: conservation and research into new technologies will make us less dependent on foreign oil, reduce our trade imbalance, and help the environment. Expanding drilling into environmentally fragile areas, as some propose, would have a negligible effect on the price we pay for oil. Moreover, a policy of “drain America first” will make us more dependent on foreigners in the future. It is shortsighted in every dimension."


On a personal note, we are down to three cats! :( Today two women came to adopt Lily (mommy) and one of the kittens... they ended up taking Maxxie, who got the charm on when they were there by being snuggly and not leaving their shoulders. Aw. I'm a little sad and the kittens here are a little disoriented, but I'm so glad Mommy and Maxxie have found a good home. :)
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Quickly, a couple of videos to show how good MeiMei Chloe is doing lately!

This one is her walking - you can see that she still falls over quite a bit, but she's still so much more stable, and she can walk for a while now without losing her balance. And that's the rest of the hord around her. *g*

And that's her running - she can go really far really fast now when she gets running! (Even though usually it will involve banging her head against something at least once.) She just loves that string toy, they all do - which is why Maxxie or Maddy wants in on the play at the end. She can't quite compete with them yet. ;)
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I am officially a cat owner now!

I didn't really want to make a post before I signed the papers even though it's been pretty sure for a while now. So that's it! Meimei Chloe is officially my cat now and I still think it's a little scary to think about in terms of commitment but we'll be fine.

I should be taking her to the vet for a checkup and her first shot soon but Karen (from VOKRA) wants her to keep going to the naturopath (the Healing Place Vet Clinc) and not do the shot? Which I'm unsure about... I'm going to call Healing Place tomorrow and ask more questions. I'm not against treating Meimei with holistic medicine (at least as long as VOKRA foots the bill because that place is very expensive) but I don't want to take risks, either.

Anyway! I "celebrated" by buying her a litter box that hopefully will be easy for her to use, and we're going to try different foods. Based on price, I think I'm going to move her to Friskies because it seems to be okay quality and I don't think I can afford the better food for now. And I'm keeping her on wet food only as long as we have all the kittens, otherwise they'll be the ones eating the kibbles. ;)

Let me picspam you in celebration. :D


Meimei Chloe, 10 weeks )
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Our little one is almost 10 weeks old now! So here, have a bunch of videos. :D

This one just cracks me because she sounds so pathetic and really, it's an act. ^^

More videos of Meimei Chloe in our back yard (running around!) behind the cut.

Still working on that coordination thing... )
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Linus is NOT Windows.

So very valid and interesting points made in that post (especially about user friendliness). Despite the slight video issue I'm still having and tiny things I haven't figured out yet, I am satisfied of my switch to Ubuntu. It's maybe a little more code-oriented than I'd like it to be, but that's mostly because I'm still unfamiliar with the system. Overall, I've managed to resolve several issues in the past few days and there's great satisfaction that comes from doing that. I just like all the ways in which I can customize the system.

A lot of the stuff that I'm enjoying would be available on Macs, but ultimately for me the BIG "seller" for Linux is the fact that it's open source. Yes, it's a little more complex to get around than either a Microsoft or Apple OS, but . That's really always been my main problem with Apple - especially since their computer are systematically more expensive than PCs for equivalent hardware - they're out to make money just like any other company and I don't really see a reason to support their business much more than Microsoft except they're the hip underdog.


Joss about faith. I love these quotes, especially the longer one about America not recognizing atheism and assuming that not having faith means not having a belief system and thinking 'anything goes', which couldn't be further from the truth. It's just that there are no foundations upon which to build, but to me it also means that it's a change to strive for a coherent belief system that can evolve and challenge itself as we grow and learn.


In more personal news:

- I cooked myself curry (thanks to Brad's recipe!) on Friday and it was really nice to have a 'real' dinner that didn't involve pasta. On Saturday I went to Brad's for games and had an awesome time again (DungeonQuest is an hilarious game) and he'd made delicious chocolate cupcake that came with peanut butter icing and chocolate glaze. All veagan and thus inherently healthier, of course. :p

- All the cats are up for adoption: Billy, Zoe, Maddy, Maxxie (hit previous to see the girls) and Lily. Not Meimei Chloe because I am officially trying to adopt her, even though it still scares me because it's a big commtiment and I'm afraid to not do right by her. I hope being aware that this is a serious thing to do means I will be a better owner, but truth is this is unchartered territory for me. I mean, Caramel was never primarily my responsibility, but my parents'... Meimei Chloe's life would be entirely in my hands. For 15 years, maybe more. That's a long time, I think I have to acknowledge that. More when the adoption becomes official.

- Kenda (Roomie #2) witnessed a robbery at the bakery next door last night. o_O It was really interesting to see the whole process, the police came for a statement and everything, they managed to catch the guys.

- I have finally gotten around buying all 7 seasons of Buffy in one beautiful, beautiful boxset. (Bought from .com instead of .ca because companies continuously try to screw over Canadians - this boxset is $187 USD and $240 CAD, wtf.) I've also acquired Battlestar Galactica Season 1 through 3 for a really reasonable price considering how expensive they try to sell you every single season. So basically today was my Day of Supporting the Quality Entertainment Industry. :D
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Like I was mentioning this morning, one of the kittens we're fostering, Chloe, has brain damage. She has cerebellar hypoplasia, which means she has very bad balance and coordination. She can't hold her head too well and she can't walk or move around much. She's the cutest thing though, sweet and playful and cuddly. She falls asleep on our laps all the time and likes to lie on her back and swat at whatever passes by.

I love that her nose is partly pink, partly black, and she's got adorable white markings on her chest, legs and face.

This is what she looks like when she tries to walk:

terra_placidusTerra did a post about the disease on her LJ (with a beautiful video of an adult cat who lives with CH). Basically Chloe's disability doesn't affect her life expectancy, but it also doesn't have a cure.

Baby Chloe is so sweet that we're all falling in love with her, and I think Terra and/or I are seriously considering keeping her.

And just for fun, a photo of Billy after his bath last night. )
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His name is Marcus and he's apparently very very cuddly. He had bladder problems which is why his last owner let go of him even though he's better now (he had problems because he was being fed crappy food) but apparenly he's doing better now. We're going to watch a movie together tonight, I'm pretty sure he'll demand constant attention. :)
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I read Sharon Creech's Love That Dog yesterday and while I recommend the whole of it (it's really short) to anyone who can get their hands on that book, I wanted to copy two extracts. It reveals one key point of the story, so I'm going to put it behind a cut.


MAY 14 - MY SKY )


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