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Going to sound redundant, but what can you do !

For anyone who's interested, you can follow the fake cut to [ profile] holdlifestill, my photo LJ, for a couple of new posts.

Andover memories.

I also posted another of my favorite shots :

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My phone rang about an hour ago and I eyed it somewhat warily because I didn't feel like having a conversation, but me being me I still picked up. THANK. GOD.

It was Aline, a girl who I motivated to apply to Andover and who got in, and my face HURTS from grinning like an idiot for an hour on the phone. Hearing everything about what she's been doing at PA - her classes, her life, the dorms, the All School Meetings, the PA way of life, it brought back so many happy memories, I could see and hear myself in her so much, and it was just amazing. Remembering and sharing what I had there, listening to how happy she's been, what a great time she's having. I'm so so happy she's there and enjoying it so much, and getting it. It's like sharing something that's not unsharable unless you've been there, lived through it, been that foreign student.

I'm so fucking ecstatic right now. Both from talking about Andover and knowing Aline is liking it so much.

I was telling her on the phone - I will forever regret not having kept a journal, a blog, of my whole year at PA. I discovered LJ late April of the year I was there, and I wish I could have kept better traces of everything else, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. What's amazing about my experience there is that I got so miserable sometimes, so annoyed at some things, but all that remains is how much I loved it, how much I enjoyed the classes and admired the teachers, how this school is forever linked to personal growth, to fighting for same-sex marriage and being able to say, yeah, I'm gay.

There's this one moment... I remember so perfectly. Must have been late fall, it was cold but not snowing yet. The whole shit around Fan''s visit had started and I was crying on my way to my philosophy class that morning. I met my teacher on the way to the Chapel and he asked if I was okay, I said I'd be okay, didn't want to bother him with it all, but I knew he genuinely cared. Then I got to class and class started, and suddenly everything was okay. I had a blast that morning in class - talked, laughted, discussed, debated, everything I loved about philosophy teaching over there.

Andover hurt and healed all at once. But ultimately, I'm forever grateful for the opportunities it offered me, and everything I lived there. I was working for my class about Hispanics in the US earlier, and I got so enthuastic about reading up on what it means, to be part of a minority, got so excited looking up definitions for "ethnic enclave" and "social network", and that's the best thing Phillips gave me, throughout my year there. A love and enthusiasm for academics I have trouble reaching for here. I miss it, and I know it's exactly why I want to go to UBC next year, it's a desperate attempt at recapturing what Phillips showed me, how amazingly challenging and interesting classes can be when they require that you put so much of yourself into the material.
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Yves Cochet showed up at our General Assembly this morning, which was sorta funny and unexpected. I think now he's gonna remember me. That guy has amazing blue eyes, by the way, as much as I'm not attracted to him physically. He spoke up for a bit and of course stirred up the whole debate about politics and political parties taking over "our fight", which still annoys me. I understand that we don't want to be taken over - but to reject the idea that we share that battle with non-communist political parties is ridiculous. You can reproach any party that gets involved in government with many things (good thing about the small communist parties is that you can't reproach much to them, seeing they don't get involved in governing - always easier to complain than to try and actively change anything) but you can't deny some fights are general. Tsk. It "amuses" me we can warn people about being "taken over" by the "gauche plurielle" and then we start talking about a general strike. He.

Quelques citations qui m'ont fait réfléchir ce matin, en lisant l'article du dernier Monde 2 sur la décroissance.

"Pourquoi la notion de richesse est-elle d'abord monétaire?" (Pierre Rabhi)

"Peu importe qu'on dégraisse, qu'on élimine des gens, pourvu que le PNB continue d'augmenter. L'homme est devenu un contingent." (Pierre Rabhi)

The whole topic of "décroissance" (akwardly translated into "ungrowth", but most of what I've read in English actually refers to "zero growth" or "steady-state economics" which is slightly different but stems from the same arguments) I find really appealing. I first remember hearing about the concept in Dr Moore's class, "In Search of Justice", when she had us read a text by Herman Daly entitled "Steady-state economics" and actually, I recommend reading it to anyone who's interested by the concept and/or studying economics ([ profile] twixou, I know you probably have other things on your plate right now, but I'd love to hear your opinion on that text). It's a challenging article but overall an easy read (there are so pretty tough parts though), and Daly even managed to use humor from time to time :

"The American people have been told by no less an authority than the President's Council of Economic Advisors that, 'If it is agreed that economic output is a good thing it follows by definition that there is not enough of it' (Economic Reportof the President, 1971, p. 92). It is evidently impossible to have too much of a good thing. If rain is a good thing, a torrential downpour is, by definition, better!"

No matter what you think about zero growth, the article makes a lot of good points. (There are also some points I don't really agree with, but that's what debate and questioning is about.)

"As Wallich so bluntly put it in defending growth, 'Growth is a substitute for equality of income. So long as there is growth there is hope, and that makes large income differentials tolerable' (1972). We are addicted to growth because we are addicted to large inequalities in income and wealth. What about the poor? Let them eat growth! Better yet, let them feed on the hope of eating growth in the future!"

Interestingly enough, Daly actually counter-points arguments made by economist Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, often recognized as the founding father of the zero growth theory. I've also reached sections of Singer's book that talk of free trade, which is obviously linked to economic growth, so it's fascinating to get different perspectives on what is, ultimately, the same issue.

This reminds me of how much I dislike the French system - I would have loved to keep studying philosophy (though not in that terribly forbidding French style) and I'd also be very interested in studying economics, just to understand the whole system better (because, unlike what that girl said at the GA earlier, I don't think captitalism can quite be summarized in two minutes, and simply demonized). But I couldn't actually get a degree in either majors. I just wish we could pick a few classes, actually open our minds instead of getting stuck in one single topic. It seems so out of touch with our times, where everything is intertwined, economics, lifestyles, ecology, poverty, violence. Anyway.

Totally unrelated, but let me squee : Dr Moore is on the picture illustrating Phillips' RelPhil department!!!

Et un peu d'humour pour finir...
"Pour ce qu'on nous a dit, on aurait pu nous envoyer un fax." (Membre d'un syndicat étudiant, à la sortie de Matignon samedi)

"And therefore education at the University mostly worked by the age-old method of putting a lot of young people in the vicinity of a lot of books and hoping that something would pass from one to the other, while the actual young people put themselves in the vicinity of inns and taverns for exactly the same reason." (Terry Pratchett)
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Note to self : titles to your post should MEAN something, this way maybe you can find things again when you look for them!

I'm sure I've posted this before, but since I can't find it again, I'm reposting it till I've gone through all my LJ and gotten my hands on it. Also, I'm getting ill - throat really hurts and coughing and stuff. Blah.

Anyway, so this is a piece of original fiction that I wrote for my Creative Writing class when I was at Phillips ('04!), so it's accessible to non-Firefly fans, too :-p And feedback would be very appreciated, once more. :)

Nursery Rhyme Of Another Summer )
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I'm kind of in an Andover mood. Emailed one of my house counselors and was thrilled to get her reply, and now I've emailed my Spanish teacher. Had a really nice time with Elsa this afternoon downtown, talking about Phillips and all stuff around it. Can't wait to see how she likes it there, and how she likes Dr Moore's class! (if she does end up taking one) I need to send a few other emails to PA people, to see how classes starting is going for everybody and all.

Keep going back and forth between good and bad moods about the Tuesday exam. No geography, that's a big plus, and they don't seem to have too high expections on their site, but then only 20% of candidates actually get in, and in those 20%, only 20% are people who got their BAC this year (which is pretty much my case cuz PA didn't really do much for me on that level). Anyway...

Watching Peewai playing a little Animal Crossing. Now off to do a little webdesign... I have decided to change webhost. I'm tired of no replies and all.
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I hate that everything keeps being so cool and wonderful. Had an awesome day again... played on the computer a little, watched Ellen goodness (god I love that woman), played catch with a frisbee (I'm sooooo bad at long throws) and a ball with Hailey and Kevin, it was sunny and warm and fun and I love them. Then committed myself to writing a few letters which I actually love once I get around it. Then went out to meet Andrew and I had such a wonderful time. I'm really so sad I haven't had the chance to hang out with him and Ashley more than that... but those few hours were great. We just talked, really, but it was cool. I'd love it if he managed to get to France.

Then yearbook signing party, and I'm writing that before the comments so maybe I shouldn't say that, but I loved it. I'm sorry for the people I wrote first in their yearbooks cuz I wasn't into it right away, but it caught up with me really quickly, and I had *such a ball* writing comments. I realized there are really some people I haven't seen enough of : Zabecca (Z-A!!!), Leah, Edgar, Henry, Mike and Caty being only a few of them. Anyway, it was nice and fun and I'm so happy I went.

Tonight more "Sex and the city", letter-writing and a little studying. Tomorrow, senior/faculty dinner with Dr Moore. If my lovely [ profile] fan_elune could be here, I think I'd be pretty close to heaven. :) :) (I'd still be missing the BR crowd, of course! :) And Hélène and Carole. And my dog and my horse. Anyway. You see my point :-p)
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Well these last two weeks continue to be great.

My last exam is coming up in an hour and I think I'll do okay. Frankly I don't much care. I have a good idea of what I'm gonna say and I think it's more than enough. Plus, I *do* remember the texts pretty well. Well, for the next two hours anyway.

On the double-plus-good side :
-Still happy from seeing Ashley again this weekend.
-Will be seeing Andrew Thursday which is making me happy in advance.
-Mounted the picture for my mom this morning and I hope she'll like it.
-Got the latest Ghost of the Robot, Charlie is the best. I love the tracks It's nothing (lyrics courtesy of my fav guitarist ;) and the rap part of She likes rap groove is awesome. I really can't wait to have the time to work a little more on the website to be able to improve it with the new layout. Can't wait to hear Miss Knightley on CD.
-Room is getting less messy, which is a plus, even though vacuuming is seriously in order now (eeep that floor is disgusting) : almost all packed!
-Digital camera has batteries!
-Hair is shorter and funny.
-Pictures like this one make sure I stay happy all the time.
-Ellen goodness every afternoon!
-Friends' away messages make me laugh : A slightly stunned silence greeted the end of this speech, then Ron said, "One person can't feel all that at once, they'd explode." "Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have," said Hermione. And they make me want to read more books. Too bad the CNED's books are really the ones I should focus on.
-Great dinner with host family yesterday. Love them. *big hugs*
-Love my bro and my cousin and my dog and my family wheee.

Not so double-plus-good :
-Really have to get around writing letters back
-Have to buy Thank you cards (?)
-Have to buy flowers. Wonder if delivery at given address is very expensive.

On the whole, I'm still tired from - whatever, I have no clue actually. But I'm tired so I keep taking naps and they make me feel warm and fuzzy and remind me soon I'll be taking naps in someone's arms and it makes me happy and content. Hmmm.
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Wheeeee!! It's amazing how great everything's been going for the past 2 weeks. Today was exciting more than sad, even though I supposed it kind of should have been, since it was the last day of classes. I guess it's because I wasn't really seeing anyone for the last time as hopefully I'll see all my teachers at the faculty dinner next week. Dr Moore was so nice to me... awww. Okay, she's on the list of guest to my Perfect Dinner now. She'll get the conversation on philosophical grounds, which is always awesome. I should have that dinner soon, cuz otherwise it'll end up being a banquet.

Got the yearbook today, sooo exciting!! My first and last yearbook ever! I'm pathetic being excited about it! It looks really cool, too, and it's HUGE. Seriously, it's as big as my huge French-English dictionary. But the cover looks awesome and the inside-I-probably-won't-have-time-to-read-till-I'm-back-to-Europe looks really sweet, too. Aww how much I wish I had that with my real "high school" friends, aka the BR crowd. I think even with my actual high school anglomates, it would have been super cool. Oh well. I'm happy about this one, big time! And I have a joey on my shoulder on my picture! Whee!!! I can't wait for everybody in France to see it. I wanna hug everybody.

I was running around a lot today. Got Ellen's book on audio from the library (I love the library, I should have spend more time there. I should have gotten my room in the library.) and it's really cool because I can empty the content of my drawers on my floor and laugh at the same time! Revolutionary!

Then had a really nice time talking to a teacher who's retiring about coming back here to be a teaching fellow. It just sounded so great and awesome and everything and I almost wanted to do it next year. Whiiiiz.

And just now had the best time with Ellen's show. God that woman is so funny and beautiful and amazing. She's definitely great on TV. I mean her books are good, but she's *hilarious* on TV. She has facial nexpression and a way to move around that are just great. I love her. And her talkshow doesn't rely on saying mean things about anyone and the guests seem to be having fun (and I know they're actors but still) and she seems such a nice person (who actually goes and offers her water bottle to someone in the audience who seems to be choking? isn't that awesome?!)... Wheee!!!

And now had the best time re-watching The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love with Hailey. Wheee! And tomorrow, Boston if everything goes well! Cool!!

Who cares about a messy messy room in those circumstances? Clearly not me ;)

Note to self : spend 5 mns on History exam at some point, though last paper seemed to send message that less work is better grade. Also, mount mount pics!
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First of all a cool link to the whole "Bible condemns Homosexuality (and other minor things)" here.

Then, thank Joss for looking out for me again. Yesterday I received an email saying that there'll be a Senior/Faculty dinner and reception and students should invite faculty. Maybe I just can't read or maybe they weren't very clear, but to me it meant that I was supposed to go to all the teachers I really like and say, 'hey, i'm inviting you, so come!'. So this morning I go to Dr Moore and do just that, and as we keep talking a little I realize I got it wrong and you're only supposed to invite one faculty member because you're actually supposed to *go with* them and not just know they're around, somewhere. This is all very uninteresting for most of you I'm sure but basically my point was : lucky I asked Dr Moore first, because who else? So I'm happy :) :)

Also, watching Manufacturing consent : Noam Chomsky and the media and it just showed a cool quote :

Those who have put out the people's eyes reproach them their blindness. (John Milton, 1642)
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All right, so quickly cuz I don't wanna spend hours writing this quick overview... Prom was really nice on the whole. Better than what I expected, but interestingly enough not really because it celebrated the senior class or anything :)

read about prom woot )

Now I'm hungry and I wanna read the latest fic my cute [ profile] fan_elune wrote, and also watched Legally Blonde 2. *g* (oh damn, I just missed the laudry thing!!Gwaaaah)
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Whiiiiiiiiz!!! Just had THE BEST TIME with Ellen Degeneres' stand-up comedy. She's beautiful, funny, and just great. And btw, if that's her on that book cover, gosh she's changed for the better!!! Anyway, some of the best part of the show for me included :

The shampoo hotline : I had *adored* Bill Bryson's chapter on useless hotline, and this was an awesome acted follow-up. Man, I just realized my "dream dinner" only includes men, maybe Ellen could get invited :)

Lesbian demands cheese, causes riot : I *want* to see this headline one day *g* I might go and demand cheese somewhere one day just for that :-p

Sex videotaping is like when you watch football, to improve : Hilarious to watch, and the one thing I promise I'll never do ;) ;)

On same-sex marriage : "What's next, someome marrying an animal? That's where they go to right away. These people scare me, and they think we're weird." It was just *so* funny the way she did it and all. And I was surprised she'd bring up same-sex marriage, it's from 2000 and I didn't think the issue was proeminent back then. Strangely enough, the arguments from the opponents haven't changed ;)

"I don't wanna marry a goat, I really don't." The conviction of that line was just hilarious, especially since goats are becoming dearer and dearer to me, and not just because we're heavily relying on them for our sustainable community!!! Of course, Joss's love for goats has to do with it ;)

Mwaaaah me sad I can't go to Ashley's show tonight... grrr, the inexistence of teleporters really pisses me off. Mal, what are you up to??!! So anyway, that's really a bummer. The only good that's coming out of it is that I can go to Pirates of Penzance at school (Teresa sold me her ticket, yayyyy!! Joss's trying to make it up, but it's not really working, fellow!)...!

And wheee I love my Creative Writing class!! We're gonna write compilation stories, where you have to incorporate each of the stories written for the class into one story + Frank the Tank... should be so much fun !!!!

Also, am feeling excited about Charlie's website, and so I think I'll work on it this weekend. Need to get the new version online... I can't wait to get the EP!!

Wheeee! And only 17 days to go! Whee!

(also, I got signed up for preparing our powerpoint presentation wednesday in relphil, which is exciting except i've never done powerpoint, and the history paper is ANNOYING. i don't wanna do any research. grrr.)
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So yesterday definitely had super good karma.

read about yesterday some more, minus married couples )

And you know the best thing about today? Same-sex marriages are going on, and it's not a big deal. It's normal and it's happy and I love it.
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Whiiiiiz! Just back from Boston's YOUTH PRIDE MARCH and the BAGLY (Boston Alliance of Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Youth) Prom which I'll come back to later.

The march was really cool, took tons of pictures (with two different cameras, that got kinda confusing) and got a bigger gay flag out of it (along with a t-shirt and button!). The atmosphere was just really cool and all, even though it was over 90° out there (gaaaah). We had a cool banner that didn't look as good as others (kudos to Reading High!), but we decided it could have as blanket, tent, or a lot of other things so it was cool. ;)

Afternoon after that was sweet, hung out, got a B&J's Smoothie (Piña Strawlata, hmmmm), went to the movies (Connie & Carla, actually funny and better than what I expected) and then had dinner at a nice Thai place. Really nice afternoon.

Prom was AWESOME. Really. Music wasn't as good as it could have been (read : I didn't know any of the tunes really, but MUCH better than what we have at school here), but it was techno-orientated and cool. Good beat. The whole evening really reached its awesome potential when I started dancing with a cute cool girl *g* It was just really really shibby ;)!! I had a really good time and I am SO going to clubs this summer. I really hope. Dancing was just - awesome, in its own frustrating way :) :)

Return was cool too, everybody (or almost) on the bus was really excited and talking (even Doc C seemed interested in gossip ;), the lady on the bus had the most adorable puppy ever (a puppy Dachshund) that reminded me of my dog, and on my part I was still reeling from the evening.

Best lines of the day :

On boys coming over : "Why don't you bring boys back to your house?" "Ask them!!!"

On girl scouts : (With a roll of eyes) "Girl scouts can definitely be lesbians."

Going back to basic orientation : "Wait, are you facing the sun?"
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Whiiiz sun sun sun. Today was Senior Toga Day, which was fun though I had to drop the toga to be able to run to the AS meeting... I took a couple of pictures which hopefully will come out right cuz it's fun to see pics of a couple of people wearing togas in the middle of average teenagers. There was this one picture I would have loved to take, a girl in a toga was being kissed on the cheek by a friend of hers (he was much taller so he had to bend a little but it played perfectly for the picture), but it would have been intrusive and I couldn't have been quick enough. Two-third of JAJ was in toga... Anyways and unrelated, conclusion of the day is : togas are REALLY cool.

Cool quote of the day : "Why, one wonder, would marriage's self-styled defenders be reducing marriage, in its very essense, to - forgive my bluntness - man-boinks-woman?" ROTFL. That guy must know Xander *g* (it's from Rauch's book, btw)

Also, exciting, got two books from the exchange library and two books from Amazon and two DVDs and a CD and it's all very cool stuff... wheee! Someone's gonna get Chloe goodness this weekend *g* (this weekend should be fun but probably exhausting) On that note, I'm off to read in the grass and then to watch "Fire", the showing is sponsored by Indo-pak (hope I got the spelling right) & GSA. Then Angel ep. Oooh.
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God that comics is SO good and funny and cool :)!! Go and read it, people!! Get the author some money if you have some to spare! Whiiiiiz!!! BOY MEETS BOY

Should really really work on history reading. Instead I'm enjoying gay guy comics and thinking about cool pants that disturb Doc C because they say Non Tibi on the butt! Hey, at least we got the latin right *g* (nice GSA meeting, btw, I loooove Doc C and all. *g* Also, I feel like the whole, "let's watch our fingers" is a recurring motif among gay people and gay-friendly organizations, and in our GSA, talking about gay faculty is really proving a popular topic *g*)

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Gosh, I think I'm kinda crazy playing D against guys that are twice as big as I am, but I love it. Except when people fall because of me because I don't like hurting people, and I just get kinda rough trying to defend my best. On the other hand, gosh I hate girls who squeal to cheer their team. God it's annoying. Grrr. It really pisses me off, for some reason. Like, for Christ's sake, just stop being such a princess or something.

Michael Moore still makes me laugh. He had that great statistics about how 26% of Americans or something would support light invasion of Sweden if the "current embargo" didn't work. Mwah-ah.

Also, whiiiz I've decided to go into countdown mode really, because I'm really looking forward to June 7. Well, the end of the day at least, not the boring plane part especially.

Finally, cool, thanks to a guy in a community I've found a really cool comics everybody should check out! Boy meets boy, so this one is for you, fan_elune and twixou ;) ;) It's a bit confusing at first who the characters are and all, but read a dozen of them and it'll get much clear. It's cute and funny and I really like it. I'll do a more complete post about cool comics one day.

All righty, off to GSA fun!
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Gosh, for some reason I was awfully sleepy today. I always wake up early but this morning getting up to go to Spanish first period was an awful experience. After class I went to the dark room for 3 hours and hopefully got at least two final prints out of it, and a couple of other possible final prints. Been battling with the Martin picture. I've spent so much paper and time and energy on it by now it HAS to be one of my final prints. Or at least I have to mount it.

Also, watched Kissing Jessica Stein yesterday and while it was an okay movie, it kinda bothered me, especially the end. Or actually, kinda the whole Jessica thing. The gay couple was TheCute though, and that reminds me I'm really looking forward to BAGLY next week. Cris is probably gonna come, fun! And I need to make sure Hailey signs up for the march, it'll be fun.

Wanted to check out The Dead Poets' Society today but someone beat me to the library! Ahhh. Oh well. I guess i'll do Spanish and get some sleep instead. Oh, and was craving for Mexican food tonight. Or Sweet Basil, but that's because I'm obsessed with that place. I need to find a Thai restaurant in Rennes, or wherever I'll be next year. I think even if I do, I'll miss Sweet Basil' pad thai. Gosh, this livejournal is really making me rant about the most uninteresting thing, eh?
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Ouch factor pretty high today : Got cut somehow in photo this morning. This afternoon, our team in Ultimate had 4 people, and the other team had 9. Let me tell ya, we did pretty well considering the amount of running and stuff we had to do. And then as I climbed up the stairs I fell down pretty bad and my arm's not liking it, at all. My leg either, but it's not sobbing and throbbing like my arm is. Eeep.

Goodie factor : brainstorming to create a sustainable community is just plain cool. Michael Moore still rocks my world, just like Bette and Tina. Got my Elephant DVD but don't think I'll be watching it till I can get cookies in compensation. Also, shots of baby Kai turned out all right it seems.

Off to finish brainstorming and do some poetry reading.

And anyone who's tired of hearing people saying that gay parents make worse parents than heterosexuals? Go and take the time to read this summary of research findings by the APA (American Psychological Association). We seriously need to be well-read about this. And if anyone happens to know a study that states the opposite, can they please tell me? I'd like to read it.

GSA rocks

May. 3rd, 2004 08:19 pm
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A few GSAs quotes before I go and actually start work! Gee.

Why are Christian getting all worked up about homosexuality? I mean, do you see someone going to them and go, "Hey, Christian-right-wing person, I'm a glutton! What'cha gonna do about it? What'cha gonna do about it?" No, though as Doc C noticed, it would be *hilarious*.

"Less fish, more gay." What can I say, I go to GSA just for those. *g*

About the Kinsey scale : "O to 6, like the school's grading system... coincidence? You decide." Yay Doc C. Yay.

Also, Michael Moore SO rocks my world with Joss. Ahhh.

CHECK OUT COOL STICKERS. French people, if you want one or a couple, let me know, I'm buying some, and so I can buy some for you guys and all. Whiiiz.
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All right, JAJ is SO, SO killing me. Bad bad for paying attention in French class. On that note, going to French 420 was very fun!! The second section in the afternoon was so funny, they asked the biggest questions they could have come up with, like what do I think of globalisation and stuff. It was awesome, even if someone in the class was missing.

Developped a couple of pictures, I can wait to work on the baby ones, and been watching a couple of episodes from The Awful Truth that I just got in the mail. Oh my god I love you Michael. I wanna have your babies. Well, not really at all, but if you could baby-sit them and awesome them up, it'd be *great*. It's so exciting to know I have two full seasons to watch!! And hey, for once I'm not thinking about hot girls.

Should probably go get ready for Cluster and since it's not actually gonna happen (rainy and all), I should go and print those stories I'm supposed to comment for tomorrow's English class.

And hey, Dilemna of the day : Tonight, should I watch the L word's hot women (Tina, Bette, gwaaah....... check here) or have political fun with Moore?? Now, see, now my brain's totally gone to Wesley or something and I've just thought, hey, it'd be cool if Moore had a lesbian ep. Or, well, I could do with an episode with Chloe Sevigny (but with short hair and all) or Jennifer Beals. Anywayyyyyy.

Time to refresh my brain with the rain outside.


Oh, btw, anyone has good lesbian or gay movies in mind?


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