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Through an NPR report that a friend recommended, I started reading [ profile] chaoticidealism's journal, and I suggest you all do the same. In my own time I've focused more on the type of marginalization that non-whiteness, non-heterosexuality and femininity/femaleness bring onto people, but obviously marginalization isn't limited to these particular experiences. Disability studies is an entire big field that I've only been able to dip into briefly, but which I find fascinating because it speaks to me on the same level as the stuff that I'm more familiar with.

The experience of oppression at the hand of a dominant group has much potential for enabling people with different experiences to connect and empathize with each other (that doesn't mean equating the experience of being black with the experience of being gay, but rather it means recognizing the different forms that systemic oppression can take). I love to be reminded of that by reading thoughtful, non-essentialist reflections from someone else who's been thinking about this sort of stuff.

I particular enjoyed this post entitled "Joining the Disability Rights Movement", on the place of the neurodiversity community (which includes people with autism) within the larger disability rights movement.

As a sidenote, I love when people in the majority group get labeled, the way that Lisa is using the word 'neurotypical' to describe people who aren't part of the neurodiversity community. It feels weird, but it's an important experience to have when you're part of the dominant group and thus are most likely not used to being labeled constantly (including by people who barely know you). I think we have a lot to gain from being able to recognize the parts of us which enable us to access certain types of privilege.

EDIT: From a new post of [ profile] chaoticidealism, not the one I was mentioning, but it sums up the argument wonderfully:
But sometimes, I see people who say, "I'm high-functioning. I'm not like those low-functioning people over there." And then they advocate for the rights of high-functioning people only, by whatever arbitrary standard they're using today to define "high-functioning", because at some level down deep, they're still trying to justify their existence. They feel like they've got to say, "I'm valuable because I can do X, Y, and Z", and distance themselves as much as possible from "disability". They don't realize that the solution is to challenge the disability stereotype that they're taking for granted. And they don't realize that it's valid to say, "I'm valuable," no strings attached, with disability or no disability completely irrelevant.
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I'm a little grumpy for no good reason. I am so tired of GRE prep that I wish I was taking the test tomorrow and not Thursday, so I can get it over with. I badly want distractions but I also have a million little things to do. Which is why I'm updating my LJ. Obviously.

A few happy gay things:
- Sharon just called.
- Lesbians given equal birth rights in the UK. Birth certificates of babies born through artificial insemination can now list two moms, which is awesome but makes me wonder how it works in the case of adoption? I would hope this applies there, too.
- Ben & Jerry's renames one of their ice creams Hubby Hubby in celebration of Vermont beginning same-sex marriages this month.
- The Kid by Dan Savage. I said fuck it and read a book for myself. It was a fast, easy read and I loved it. It's touching, funny, realistic, honest, and I don't always agree with what Dan says but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It felt so good to read something so fast and easy, too.

I also want to quickly review the movies I've been seeing this month but I am too lazy to do that tonight so instead I shall rec fic: Mario Kart Skills Are Outrageous by [ profile] oxymoronassoc. It's Zac/Vanessa smut so omg het + omg rpf + omg NC-17 so I don't think many of you will want to give it a go but if you're willing to you will see it's SO GOOD. It's hilarious and dorky and right on spot with voices and hot and I just. Really love it. And I would love to hear what you guys think.
(There's one little thing that keeps bothering me in the Zanessa fics I've been reading but I'm too lazy to rant about that, too.)

That's it for tonight.
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The awesome, talented [ profile] shadesofbrixton just got her first nonfiction essay published at an online publication. I don't rec her as often as I wish I could, because people - she's brilliant, and truly one of the most amazing author I've ever read. I want to go on at length about everything that I love about her style and her voice, but it's a million things and I feel like I wouldn't really do her justice. So I'll just say I wish I had her talent for narration and finding the exact right words to describe everyday experiences, even painful ones, while still making the reader laugh.

That said - don't trust me. Go and read her instead, and see for yourself. You won't regret it.

My V Card: A Love Story.
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Jess left for Brazil a couple of weeks ago, and with Macha (the girl she went with), they're keeping a LJ about the trip, [ profile] no_brasil. I love it, it's an awesome way to keep in touch with them, and the way Jess tells stories (I suspect it's always Jess who writes) also makes it very fun - the latest entry, about how there's noise 24/7 in Carius, is hilarious.

Also, rec'd by [ profile] queenspanky unless I'm mistaken, this British political blog is excellent, and a great way to keep in touch with debates happening on the other side of the Channel (or the Atlantic, I guess, depending where you're looking from). It's informative and snarky, sometimes more snarky than anything else. Love it.

Speaking of politics and snark, I'm off to watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Who are so much funnier than our Guignols these days.
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Random link / rec of the day :
A very interesting post about the word canon and the whole sub/Dom/top/bottom terminology by [ profile] technosage.

Also, just discovered Piers Faccini thanks to [ profile] fan_elune and I love his style. Right now I'm obsessed with "Circles around you" and "Come the harvest", which I both find so sadly beautiful.

Watched The Office today for the first time, the episode directed by Joss Whedon - and god, that show makes my heart ache with quiet sadness. It's so horrible in a way. I don't think I could actually watch it regularly. Just too painful, the everyday, insignificant sort of pain, but in a way it strikes so much closer to home than anything else.
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Erm. I can't believe I'm still up, but since I am, I've been meaning to rec this fic :

Allow by [ profile] svilleficrecs.

It's an NC-17 computer fic. I know it sounds like the weirdest thing ever, but do give it a try. It's well-written, hilarious and still hot and just excellent. [ profile] ely_jan is responsible for pointing it out to me, which really shouldn't come as a surprise. :-p
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Just finished Young Masculinities - it's a challenging book and the topic (how do boys construct their identity as boys / men, how do they juggle with contradicting ideals of masculinty?) is fascinating but also terribly complex. I came out of this book wanting to interview more boys, in particular gay teenagers or teenagers raised by gay parents (on top of single parents and couples of parents), to see how it would complete that research, maybe help us get some answers or just draw a more comprehensive picture of how boys and men struggle with their identity nowadays.

In the end you realize how difficult it is to definite mascuilinity (or feminity for that matter). What makes you a man? If it's not specific tastes, abilities, a certain perception, an essence, then what is it? Is it solely physical? How can you then explain that people can be born in the wrong body? How do you know that you're a man? We were talking in class of how identities are defined in opposition - that's always how we define ourselves - in contrast with something else. In a world that assumes (and legitimately, I believe) that there is no fundamental difference between boys and girls, it becomes all the more difficult to construct your identity. Are you less of a man because you have what we still call "feminine" qualities? Of course not. But what, then, makes you a man?

On a less philosophical level, I had a wonderful time with [ profile] moimoietmoi this afternoon. She brought her polaroid and it was so much fun to use it - my last memories of a polaroid go back at least 12 years, my grandpa used to have one. And since I've got a whole new series of pictures to work on, I also finally kick my own ass and posted the rest of the previous series of pictures I took along the banks of the Seine and at Les Tuileries.

Go to my holdlifestillphoto LJ to see the last two batches I posted (specifically here and here). A couple of teasers :

And finally, recc'd by [ profile] woodsong_1978 and with good reason, Like Water is an excellent Torchwood fic. It's Jack/Tosh and it's very quiet and bittersweet, exactly what I love in my TW fics.
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Oh, Jon Stewart, I love you.

This is Jon's reaction to Barack Obama announcing he was forming a exploratory committee (first step towards running for President). ...Jon also attempts to eat that pancake-sausage thing.

...and why am I going to be on the right side of the Atlantic for the Primaries instead of the actual Presidential race again?

To finish with Stewart, I highly recommend going on the Daily Show website, too, and watching the video entitled Taser War. It's so ridiculous the length to which people will go just so they appear as good journalists.

Unrelated, and not AT ALL in the same vein, [ profile] moimoietmoi posted an entry with Torchwood fic recs - I've just gotten through all of them and each one of the fic she recommended is absolutely worth reading. So if you haven't already read all the fics mentioned there, go do so. I love the way good Torchwood fics leave me feeling. There's a quietness, a dull angst to them I find truly beautiful.

Back with the gayness soon, but I'm trying to be serious and actually read Pamela which unfortunately delays all other activities.
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[ profile] pee_wai!!! You're on vacation!!! Wheee!!! ^^ Oh and I've been meaning to ask, does Ctr+Alt+Del have a livefeed on LJ?

I am easily amused. Hehe. More hehe.

I've been reading a little Firefly fic. I know, my life's so intense. Anyway, first I have Simon/River drabbles. It's interesting, because I really can't decide whether I like Simon/River or not - I think I like it best when it's suggested, present but never acted upon or something. Like this other Simon/River drabble, I loved, but I think I wish it'd ended on wishful thinking. I'm a bit confused by this pairing - and a bit confused that I'm not disgusted like some people, too. Joss, you evil, evil person. Why can't you make things black and white once in a while?

More straightforward, four drabbles about Kaylee and other crew members. I love all four of them, there's at least one quote than I love in each. Plus I always like when the characters are developped on several levels - like Kaylee isn't just about Kaylee/Simon - which is sort of an obvious thing to say, but still, not all writers manage it well. Go read already! :)

And finally, a word from God crushing our hopes but boy does he do it well. "You thought I was gonna say 'costumes', didn't you?  Porn guy." Also, I WANT to attend a Creative Writing class he would teach. "People love a happy ending. So every episode, I will explain once again that I don't like people. And then Mal will shoot someone. Someone we like. And their puppy." That man's simply awesome. *very amused*
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So yeah, my life keeps being intense and exciting... school in France has so much potential for non-class action. (Actually, *some* people are getting action at breaks. Just not me. *g*)

Dawn's in trouble, must be Tuesday )

The one where she wonders about gay stuff (again) )

Mr Grey Sky )

And that would be the end of my rant for today... but I'm sure I'll come back with more soon :-p
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God that comics is SO good and funny and cool :)!! Go and read it, people!! Get the author some money if you have some to spare! Whiiiiiz!!! BOY MEETS BOY

Should really really work on history reading. Instead I'm enjoying gay guy comics and thinking about cool pants that disturb Doc C because they say Non Tibi on the butt! Hey, at least we got the latin right *g* (nice GSA meeting, btw, I loooove Doc C and all. *g* Also, I feel like the whole, "let's watch our fingers" is a recurring motif among gay people and gay-friendly organizations, and in our GSA, talking about gay faculty is really proving a popular topic *g*)


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