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OK geek power, to the rescue! Fran Kranz from Dollhouse has this idea that he should be Link when they do a Zelda movie and so we need to find him a Zelda. I thought she was blond but apparently in some versions she's a brunette? Anyway. I've been thinking about actresses and I can't think of anyone. THAT'S NOT RIGHT. So who do you think would rock as Princess Zelda?
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Spoilers for Friday's Dollhouse )
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First, a funny comic strip about Dollhouse being renewed.

And now more serious links:

- On the virginity fetish. Two really interesting points that caught my attention.
"She points the finger of blame back at conservatives and argues that it's the myth of virginity, not 'Girls Gone Wild', that's hurting this generation of young women. Those two competing influences have more in common than some might think: Both teach women that their most valuable commodity is their sexuality." Not only that, but it's a very specific kind of sexuality that's valued here: phallocentric sexuality, so implicit in the message is the idea that their heterosexuality is most valuable. Our obsession with virginity and what constitutes a virgin terrifies me with its implications and the fact that it's making teens have unsafe sex (whether oral or anal) in hopes of staying "pure". Not to mention the double-standard that exists, obviously, because we're much more concerned with women than men staying virgins.
"I don't believe in gray rape. [...] We can reframe sex as something that should be a collaborative, partnered event. And, if we redefine consent as not the absence of a “no” but a presence of a “yes,” then maybe we'll actually get somewhere." I don't know that I'd go as far as saying I don't believe in gray rape, but I do think we need to ask ourselves how on earth men can think they have consent when they don't. (Because yes, overwhelmingly, it's men raping women, especially "date rape" which is where the issue of consent is often understood as most blurry. But that applies beyond that specific hetero set-up anyway.) I love the idea of thinking of sex as requiring an (enthusiastic) yes rather than the absence of a no. It completely changes the dynamic. But for that we need to learn, and teach our kids (especially our girls) that sex is not something dirty, not something to be afraid of; something they don't need to have, or want (hi asexuals!), but if they do, it's great, and they should let their partner know and be informed and safe. Sex ed would look very different if we thought about sex differently, not solely as a vector of diseases.

- Michael Kimmel on Gender. The key quote is that video excerpt they have available is "privilege is invisible to those who have it" which I think is mostly true, but I think it's also more nuanced in the sense that it's often invisible to those who don't have it, too. When I see the level of heteronormative statements that can come from LGBT folks, or the kind of sexist reasoning that some women can have, I think it's useful to remember power doesn't work in a straight-forward manner. It's embedded in our belief systems and we often end up unwittingly reinforcing dominant patterns that don't benefit us. We can even be strongly invested in these patterns, to the point of experiencing internal homophobia or racism. But it remains easier for those in the majority/dominant group to think of themselves as universal, not to see their race/gender/sexuality/ability as a privilege whose benefits they reap (whether they want it or not).

- I also really want to do a more substantive post with the French comics for IDAHO, but I don't think I'll have time this morning.
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Dollhouse is officially renewed! YAY!

I had a good feeling about this - I think if they'd wanted to cancel it they'd have made the move faster, so it looks like the extra time was taken to figure out how to make the series make more sense financially but FRACK YAY. SECOND SEASON FTW. :D

Now let's hope the next season can actually draw in viewers. But as a start, if the DVDs sales for S1 are as good as we can expect them to be for a Whedon show, that has the potential to 1) show FOX and 20th that they weren't wrong and 2) to get more people hooked up. Time to be proactive Browncoats!
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Feeling kind of really dispirited about some personal life stuff, but at least spending yesterday with Fred and Laurence while eating crêpes and talking geek was lovely. And then Dollhouse - full of spoilers )

I want this show renewed so bad now. The ratings are not getting better but I hope FOX can still give it another chance.
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First, a gorgeous picspam of the end of Needs by [ profile] syxstring. Obviously spoiler-y for that episode.

A really cool Chicago Tribune interview of Joss Whedon, mostly about Dollhouse. It goes into a lot of questions that have come up about the show.

...I can't believe I forgot that link in my previous entry. A really great post on racism in pop culture and political correctness. It talks specifically about the movie 300 but there's a lot there that applies way beyond that one movie. I like that it brings up the question of purposefulness, which reminded me of Robert Black's "It's not Homophobia but it Doesn't Make It Right" (unfortunately I've only had time to skim over it).
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A few links I've been meaning to post:

- French interview with José Bové "L'écologie n'est pas compatible avec le capitalisme".

- Still in French, on dubbing and fan subtitling: L'aversion originale des studios.

- Hamlet: Facebook edition

- Dr. Horrible: Facebook edition

- An update on Dollhouse Season 2, what we know at the moment.

Day is not starting out too well. Hopefully it will get better.
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I have papers to grade and a paper to edit before I leave next week and I have two hours of free time but of course I can't do any of it because I don't have anything with me on campus. I shall thus share a bunch of links.


A Joss interview. In my theory class we've been talking about the Holocaust/Shoah and the banality of evil, or rather the fact that it is very easy for average people to commit atrocities, so this part of the interview really resonated with me.

Q: And it's a similar idea of these mysterious people who seem very normal and slick, but are they ... evil?

A: Yeah. And we get to confront them with the consequences of what they do, and learn more about why they do what they do. Because very few people are entirely evil. I know it's hard to believe that after the last eight years of government in this country, but everybody has two sides, and I believe that not only are people often less or more righteous than they understand, but they often don't know what part of them is actually the good part. And a lot of the things that we prize in America might not actually be useful traits, and a lot of the things we vilify, to me, are not necessarily harmful, and that's something that's been in my work from the start.


Gorgeous photos by David Strick of the Dollhouse set. Can you believe the show's actually starting tomorrow? We've been talking about it for so long it's hard to believe.


Dan Savage's entry about his mom's death.I love at the end:
But I'm practical, like Mom, and I'd hate to see perfectly good tickets to a national tour of a hit Broadway musical go to waste. And it occurs to me that there has to be a teenage boy out there—in Chicago or close enough—who likes musicals and has a mother who loves him for the little musical-theater queen that he is. If you know that boy or you are that boy or you were that boy a decade ago or if you're that boy's mother or grandmother, send me an e-mail and I'll arrange to get these tickets to you.


What Teachers Make by Taylor Mali. It's a little simplistic and idealistic for a lot of reason, but I still like the overall message.


Speaking of, so I've finally seen Entre les murs (The Class) and it was amazing how much it felt familiar, like home, even though my own high school was nothing like that. I've personally encountered the attitudes we see in the movie from students during workshops a lot, and that's part of why I loved doing it so much, but still. It's not a whole lot of experience. Still, it spoke to me - made me frustrated and happy and it made me laugh while at the same time there's something so sad about it.

I'm going to buy the DVD - there's a lot of stuff in there that I want to pay closer attention to, about French education and the relationship between the teacher and his students, especially. I was surprised that I'd heard people mention the "gay incident" because it's so short and insignificant. The teacher addresses nothing. And I heard 'fag' said at other moments in the movie and no one, certainly not the teacher, picks up on it. So I'd gotten the impression before from other people that homophobia was poked at in the movie but to me it was more striking in terms of what is not done about it.

I'd be curious to read more about it - I know it's a mix of fiction and reality, anyone knows of a link that goes into detail about that?
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An update full of links! First, a few Whedon things:

An interview where Joss goes on at length about Dollhouse. One quote makes me worried that the show won't be as interesting as I'd hoped, since the darkness is what I'm really interested to see them explore (and hopefully they'll have time to do that, but you never know with this industry):

"Well, you know, there was sort of this celebration of human perversion. It was kind of part of it because ultimately some of their engagements are sexual in nature. That's been very much downplayed because it makes some people uncomfortable. My mandate was to make some people uncomfortable - unfortunately some of those people run the network. [Laughs.] Or are the bosses of the people that run the network. So, it's something that you, again, you have to earn."


[At this point in the interview, Dushku—dressed in a slammin' tight black dress—comes up behind Whedon and says hello.]

Dushku: Wanna make out? [laughs] ... I'm a little sick.

Whedon [to Dushku]: I like you, I mean, I love you, as a friend. ...

[She laughs, they exchange more pleasantries, she runs off to do her own interviews.]

Whedon: Oh, sorry. Now I remember why I'm making the show. Forget all the stuff I said about interesting storylines. Have you seen her in that dress?

<3's the two of them. :D (Quote is from this interview.)


Harmony comic! Written by Jane Espenson. Just what I needed while I wait for issue #21 of Season 8. :)


Peewai wanted me to post about this:
To the Olympics 2012 committee,
We wish for you to consider David Tennant as the official Lighter of the Olympic Flame.


Yesterday I found the web comic Punch an' Pie and it's awesome. It's more like a story so sometimes the strips don't make sense on their own, but seriously, it's so good. The characters are really sweet and touching and funny and geeky, even when it gets serious. (And one of the protagonists is really hot, though it's kind of a weird thing to say about a comic.)
And it references Firefly. (Click next, there are a few strips on the topic.)
"I mean, they're bookstore employees. What's the worst they could do? Read poorly-written erotic fanfiction at me?" Did I mention the funny?
Especially after New Year's Eve, that might be my favorite strip. It's hysterical.
And don't forget the hilarious Twilight strip. XD
Oh, and the main character, Angela, is short and reminds me of me. ^^


In more personal news, I got MeiMei Chloe a little harness and lead today (she hates it), and I cannot believe a soft-sided pet carrier costs $55 at the very least. The kittens are still being balls of adorable fuzziness and Mommy Willow is not really getting used to MeiMei, but we're working on it. My cat is still the best though and unless something comes up, I've decided to take her back with me in April. I feel nervous about buying the plane tickets though, not sure why except that it's a lot of money and I'm going to have to buy from someone else than Air Canada because they're way too expensive for pets but I'm basically afraid something'll go wrong or come up or whatever.
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After the VP debate, thank Joss for Joss and Eliza being enthusiastic and adorable about Dollhouse.

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1) Ha! RPing rocked last night. I so wish I could do a whole campaign with those guys.

2) I am falling in love with Jamie Bamber and Apollo. I've watched... 4 episodes of BSG? I NEED MORE.

3) Oh yeah, and Neil Patrick Harris, too. That photo is just amazing. (source) He's just so cute (and I love Nathan, but that's not new *g*).

4) Dr Horrible panel and Dollhouse panel FTW.

5) No words for how cute Tahmoh, Eliza and Joss are together. Heee!
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A geeky post first:

Joss on the possibility for same-sex relationships in Dollhouse [slight spoilery]. Also another hint that Eliza is just one hell of a cool woman: "when [Eliza] was just explaining the kind of show she wanted to do, she said political, feminist, liberal and she said I’d like to deal with sexuality and I don’t just mean ‘be a little hottie.’"

A really cool history of how Dr Horrible came to be, with input from the writers and actors. It's a must-read, it's full of details and Joss-funny, and I love that Neil Patrick Harris has been a Joss fan. :D

Speaking of, that transcript of a Neil interview is really interesting, and I just love Neil's answer to how he got involved with Dr. Horrible. Joss is indeed supertastic. *g*

And with Comic-Con being so Joss-tastic this year, expect more geeky links to come after this weekend. :D

PS: For geeky fun, Dr Horrible's remote control.
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Okay. OKAY. So maybe THIS is my last post from France. If Joss would stop being awesome (and didn't have so many cool things going on) I wouldn't have to look like an idiot!

So first, another really good interview about Dr Horrible. I'm surprised Joss says he'd cut Moist's "is that a new catchphrase?" I love that line! I think that that's what makes the "I hold a PhD in Horribleness" really funny.

Second, a really long post that Joss just made at Whedonesque, so you know that's just going to be all brilliance. It's about the fact that they're shooting a second first episode for Dollhouse and how it's nothing like Firefly WE SWEAR.

How much do I love the way this guy writes/answers interviews? He's just so funny with the smallest of things.

Oh, and I haven't watched it yet, but his interview on Best Week Ever is up here. Probably really cool too.

On that note, I'm gone now. Really.
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Hearing Joss say "sexuality is a spectrum; very few of us are just at one end or the other" in this video kind of just made my night. :D Not a whole lot of presumably straight guys would say that.

In unrelated news, went to see Hallam Foe tonight and that was a really good movie. Jamie Bell is really a great actor.
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Dr Horrible icon! Makes me happy. :D I'm so staying up tonight to try and get part 2 before bed. Might just download from iTunes straight away if it works so I don't clutter the website with everyone else. :)

A really good LA Times article with an awesome Behind the scenes gallery.

Still on Dr Horrible and also on Dollhouse, a Joss Whedon interview at Monday's FOX event. Speaking of, there is also a cool Eliza Dushku interview from that event and how much do I love her? A whole lot. The "I've got skills" and wanting to be a chess master is just adorable. :D See for yourself (I don't even mind the heavy make-up too much for once.)

And now, off to pack...
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I love Joss, I love Joss and Eliza together, and if anyone can figure out what he says last, just before he says Eliza's not doing too bad? Let me know. *g*

EDIT: Duh. It's Tahmoh Penikett that Joss mentions.
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SO MUCH LOVE. Oh, Joss. Oh, Eliza. You make me so happy. Almost as happy as the BDHs (okay, not quite just yet, but you'll get there. Hopefully.) I'm going to need a Dollhouse icon, dammit.

Did I mention Dollhouse's got a 13 episodes order? WOOT. I'm so excited. It also helps that FOX seems to have a sense of humor about what happened before and how distrustful the fans are and it really makes me confident they're not going to screw around too much this time. I actually really like that video they just released, The FOX family. *g*

Thesis almost done. Working on index. It'll have to be done by Sunday since I'm printing it out then. Off to Salt Spring Island this afternoon!
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SO. I told myself I would WORK a little before taking off to pick up my family at the airport but there is JUST TOO MUCH AWESOME HAPPENING.

Dollhouse promos. And I LOVE this shot. Eliza Dushku au naturel (or the pretense of it anyway) is so fucking attractive. NGH. The way she's dressed is just perfect and barefoot and. She's gorgeous. AND NOW I CAN MARRY HER IN CALIFORNIA.

Whedon interview wicked coolness.

Exciting 10 Dollhouse spoilery facts.


It's been confirmed the show will have not 7 but 13 episodes (YAY) and it will premiere in January on Monday night as a lead-in for 24. Which makes me very hopeful that FOX is serious about their commitment to the show and I really, really hope so because the more I learn about the premise the more awesome and complex and interesting it sounds and I'm so afraid it won't appaeal to an audience broad enough to be of interest to FOX. C'MON AMERICA DON'T FAIL ME ON THIS. Especially since the way it's going you're going to fail me in the real world with the November election. *facepalm*

I'm also terribly, terribly excited because this will be the first Whedon show I follow from the start: I got into Buffy late, we had to wait for Angel to come out in VHS to get it (ah, old times of no speedy internet), and I totally dropped the ball on Firefly (Western doesn't appeal to me, neither does sci-fi - why would I watch? I WAS SUCH A FOOL). And now HEEEE I cannot WAIT for this!!!

And in an hour I'll be on the road to go pick up my family! Hee!


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