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An update full of links! First, a few Whedon things:

An interview where Joss goes on at length about Dollhouse. One quote makes me worried that the show won't be as interesting as I'd hoped, since the darkness is what I'm really interested to see them explore (and hopefully they'll have time to do that, but you never know with this industry):

"Well, you know, there was sort of this celebration of human perversion. It was kind of part of it because ultimately some of their engagements are sexual in nature. That's been very much downplayed because it makes some people uncomfortable. My mandate was to make some people uncomfortable - unfortunately some of those people run the network. [Laughs.] Or are the bosses of the people that run the network. So, it's something that you, again, you have to earn."


[At this point in the interview, Dushku—dressed in a slammin' tight black dress—comes up behind Whedon and says hello.]

Dushku: Wanna make out? [laughs] ... I'm a little sick.

Whedon [to Dushku]: I like you, I mean, I love you, as a friend. ...

[She laughs, they exchange more pleasantries, she runs off to do her own interviews.]

Whedon: Oh, sorry. Now I remember why I'm making the show. Forget all the stuff I said about interesting storylines. Have you seen her in that dress?

<3's the two of them. :D (Quote is from this interview.)


Harmony comic! Written by Jane Espenson. Just what I needed while I wait for issue #21 of Season 8. :)


Peewai wanted me to post about this:
To the Olympics 2012 committee,
We wish for you to consider David Tennant as the official Lighter of the Olympic Flame.


Yesterday I found the web comic Punch an' Pie and it's awesome. It's more like a story so sometimes the strips don't make sense on their own, but seriously, it's so good. The characters are really sweet and touching and funny and geeky, even when it gets serious. (And one of the protagonists is really hot, though it's kind of a weird thing to say about a comic.)
And it references Firefly. (Click next, there are a few strips on the topic.)
"I mean, they're bookstore employees. What's the worst they could do? Read poorly-written erotic fanfiction at me?" Did I mention the funny?
Especially after New Year's Eve, that might be my favorite strip. It's hysterical.
And don't forget the hilarious Twilight strip. XD
Oh, and the main character, Angela, is short and reminds me of me. ^^


In more personal news, I got MeiMei Chloe a little harness and lead today (she hates it), and I cannot believe a soft-sided pet carrier costs $55 at the very least. The kittens are still being balls of adorable fuzziness and Mommy Willow is not really getting used to MeiMei, but we're working on it. My cat is still the best though and unless something comes up, I've decided to take her back with me in April. I feel nervous about buying the plane tickets though, not sure why except that it's a lot of money and I'm going to have to buy from someone else than Air Canada because they're way too expensive for pets but I'm basically afraid something'll go wrong or come up or whatever.
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Linus is NOT Windows.

So very valid and interesting points made in that post (especially about user friendliness). Despite the slight video issue I'm still having and tiny things I haven't figured out yet, I am satisfied of my switch to Ubuntu. It's maybe a little more code-oriented than I'd like it to be, but that's mostly because I'm still unfamiliar with the system. Overall, I've managed to resolve several issues in the past few days and there's great satisfaction that comes from doing that. I just like all the ways in which I can customize the system.

A lot of the stuff that I'm enjoying would be available on Macs, but ultimately for me the BIG "seller" for Linux is the fact that it's open source. Yes, it's a little more complex to get around than either a Microsoft or Apple OS, but . That's really always been my main problem with Apple - especially since their computer are systematically more expensive than PCs for equivalent hardware - they're out to make money just like any other company and I don't really see a reason to support their business much more than Microsoft except they're the hip underdog.


Joss about faith. I love these quotes, especially the longer one about America not recognizing atheism and assuming that not having faith means not having a belief system and thinking 'anything goes', which couldn't be further from the truth. It's just that there are no foundations upon which to build, but to me it also means that it's a change to strive for a coherent belief system that can evolve and challenge itself as we grow and learn.


In more personal news:

- I cooked myself curry (thanks to Brad's recipe!) on Friday and it was really nice to have a 'real' dinner that didn't involve pasta. On Saturday I went to Brad's for games and had an awesome time again (DungeonQuest is an hilarious game) and he'd made delicious chocolate cupcake that came with peanut butter icing and chocolate glaze. All veagan and thus inherently healthier, of course. :p

- All the cats are up for adoption: Billy, Zoe, Maddy, Maxxie (hit previous to see the girls) and Lily. Not Meimei Chloe because I am officially trying to adopt her, even though it still scares me because it's a big commtiment and I'm afraid to not do right by her. I hope being aware that this is a serious thing to do means I will be a better owner, but truth is this is unchartered territory for me. I mean, Caramel was never primarily my responsibility, but my parents'... Meimei Chloe's life would be entirely in my hands. For 15 years, maybe more. That's a long time, I think I have to acknowledge that. More when the adoption becomes official.

- Kenda (Roomie #2) witnessed a robbery at the bakery next door last night. o_O It was really interesting to see the whole process, the police came for a statement and everything, they managed to catch the guys.

- I have finally gotten around buying all 7 seasons of Buffy in one beautiful, beautiful boxset. (Bought from .com instead of .ca because companies continuously try to screw over Canadians - this boxset is $187 USD and $240 CAD, wtf.) I've also acquired Battlestar Galactica Season 1 through 3 for a really reasonable price considering how expensive they try to sell you every single season. So basically today was my Day of Supporting the Quality Entertainment Industry. :D
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Hearing Joss say "sexuality is a spectrum; very few of us are just at one end or the other" in this video kind of just made my night. :D Not a whole lot of presumably straight guys would say that.

In unrelated news, went to see Hallam Foe tonight and that was a really good movie. Jamie Bell is really a great actor.
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From "Buffy the Vampire Dater", yet another article to be found in The Psychology of Joss Whedon:

"The point, ladies and gentlemen, is this: Men and women selectively navigate through the noisy buzz of cues, indices, and signals to find members of the opposite sex depending on their own gender-specific needs. Men gather clues to sexual possibilities and women hunt for signs of commitment."


Heterosexism. Broad generalizations. Sexism. Essentialism.

OMG. This book is going to kill me.

(I find solace in the - unconscious? - gender reversal in the verbs of that last sentence: traditionally men hunt and women gather...)
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I'm reading The Psychology of Joss Whedon; some articles are interesting but I'm finding most of them pretty weak, theoritically speaking - just full of shortcuts and assumptions. I think some of that at least has got to do with limited article length, it's really too bad. Anyway, a bit that really stopped me last night:

"Through Buffy, Joss Whedon forges an entire anti-patriarchal universe from one creative act - giving a girl physical power beyond any living man." (p. 106, in "Existentialism Meets Feminism in Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

Now, I'm as convinced as the next fan that Buffy has a lot of feminist potential, for all that it's co-opted by being a product of popular culture (which means for example all the girls have to be thin and pretty and sexy). But you don't forge an anti-patriarchal universe by having one girl being stronger than every single man. That's preposterous.

  • First, a patriarchal system works on the domination of women, plural, and weak women in particular. Just because men can show respect for a strong woman doesn't mean they're not sexist . Just like having one Black CEO (or President...) doesn't mean a firm or the society that firm is part of is not racism. Patriarchy - just like racism, just like heterosexism - is first and foremost a system of domination of one group over another. Thus individualities, while they can be part of working towards change, can't be taken as proof that the whole system has changed. It's relationships between men and women that need to be revised, not the relationship of men to one particular woman. (Now, I believe that's what Joss tries to do in Buffy, that's not where my problem is.)

  • Second, suggesting that giving a woman physical power beyond that of men is a tool towards ending partiarchy is completely misguided. The fact that we reward physical power over any other quality is part of the partiarchy, so if you want to challenge the system, you have to do more than make women "men in a skirt", to use an expression the following article uses. Otherwise you're maintaining the hegemony of what we see as a masculine quality over feminine qualities, you're only changing the appearance of the vessel of domination. Fortunately, Joss's effort to challenge sexist norms and expectations are much deeper than a single creative arc.

  • Finally, if there's anti-partiarchal power to Joss's initial creative act, it's in the fact that he turns around on its head the stereotype of the helpless female victim by giving her the strength and confidence to fight back. Because that calls onto a stereotype - a generalization of what women are, helpless victims - and through that it challenges a sexist idea. That's a much more powerful perspective than saying Buffy's singularity - which is just that, a singularity, an exception - is a challenge to partriarchy. Systems of domination can perfectly integrate exceptions, they even feed on exceptions to reinforce the whole system, that's how hegemony works.

There. I just needed to get it out there. It just annoyed me so much. It's kind of like when people suggest fighting social inequalities by encouraging upward mobility.

EDIT: Since I'm on the topic on all, see this post about Perry's song "I kissed a girl" and everything that's wrong with the message it sends. It drives me batshit insane and [ profile] currentlymusing perfectly sums up why.
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The most complete Paley fest report I've read. There's a LOT of awesome in there, and some nostalgia like Buffy always brings. Interestingly enough, while I absolutely loved reading this, it doesn't quite make me swell with undying love like the BDHs do. They're just something about the Firefly guys.

Speaking of, metaquotes had an hilarious description of Firefly featured today. XD

And finally: Awareness test. DO IT. Guys. REALLY. It's just video you have to watch.

As far as life goes, I'm working on the water paper. Well. Procrastinating, mostly, really.
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iF Magazine has an article about ME Day which gives snippets of some of the ME peeps on the strike.

Comparing Republican candidates to Buffy villains and for some, it's scarily appropriate.

The studio United Artists has struck a deal with the WGA. That's huge, and might encourage other studios to cut reasonable side deal.
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Watch a short video and switch to green power (in French) : rejoignez la révolution énergétique.

Then go read this really great Joss Whedon interview: careful, it has spoilers for the S8 Buffy comics (up to issue 4). He talks a lot about his involvement with Equality Now, which is amazing.

The article also has links to three brilliant pieces of art (color drawings). I particularly love the one with Faith (because Faith's so hot and I love the attitude), but the best one is without a doubt the "I want you to be strong" piece. That's why Buffy isn't any show, or any well-written show. I love that Joss always wanted the show to empower its viewers.

"Equality Now represents, I think, in a very pure sense, the mission I've always had with my fiction - they do it in a different way than I do - to highlight the absolute crippling and absurd inequality between the sexes. That doesn't mean just the differences between men and women, but there is so much misogyny and injustice and there's so much that women just aren't afforded."
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To steer away from French politics a little...

What makes "Buffy" a gay icon?

Interesting article, and it doesn't just mention Willow, thank goodness. There are a few stereotypes and sentences in there that make me cringe a little bit, though.

And one of the (many) reasons why I love Joss : "Spike and Angel, they were hanging out for years and years and years.… Are people thinking they never —? Come on, people! They're open-minded guys!"

...why has nobody put up the second issue of the Buffy comic, btw?
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I've clearly decided to spam my F-list these days. It's a definite sign I'm back in school.

So switching from environmentalist mode to slash mode. [ profile] littlegothsin apparently has never seen that video and it's one of the most hilarious fanvids ever made, so I figured it was worth posting in case anyone else has missed it before!

This is my West Hollywood lifestyle, whatever!

(It takes a few seconds to start.)
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Spoilerish article on the Buffy Season 8 comic books." It has bits of an interview with Joss, who's still totally my god.

I. can't. wait.

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Geek dresses up as Joss Whedon. Simply brilliant. Go watch it now!

"That fic that is awesome so says gabby therefore it is true and its about groceries sorta and sex". Gabby, you're so much more articulate than I could ever be. This is a Buffy fic, set during S6, and it's really, really good. Angel = Spike in a dress. Hee. Go read it!

I'm feeling a bit Buffy-stalgic. I think I'm gonna treat myself to an episode of the Scoobies. :) I still so want to be tomorrow to go pick up my pictures it's sad.
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I was gonna refrained from updating tonight, but then [ profile] grimma shared me the coolest link with her Flist so I had to share, too. *g*

Here is a Buffy/Angel (the series, not the pairing) video made out of bloopers. It rocks - it's hilarious (Alexis! Tom! David!) and
it's so - makes you want to watch the shows again so much. See all those characters again, hear all their jokes and stuff. I really do miss the Buffyverse sometimes. Awww!!!

Emilie came over tonight. We reinstalled all the drivers and got rid of the Nvidia firewall thing. Computer hasn't been crashing, and it's been - over two hours since we installed the drivers. I'm still expecting something to go wrong, though, so I'm gonna wait a few more days to transfer my emails and stuff back on Harken. Plus, the original issue is back, but that much I can work with.

Ouh, and I got a cool software that does both MSN and AIM. It's called Trillian, and I'm still figuring it out...
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I just read a very good article about why you can't ignore previous loves when you write an AU pairing. It's called "What to Avoid in Pairing Writing: a Primer" and it's definitely worth reading, whether you read or write fanfic. :) (thanks to nekari for that link). And I'm actually sort of curious about Buffy/Wesley fic.

While on that topic, I found this Buffy/Faith fic to be quite interesting and good. The end is just too good, too. ;)

Finally, apparently Summer, Nathan and JOSS were at the German premiere. I SO hope they'll be here next Friday at the French premiere in Paris. They'd better be!!
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From a report of the San Diego Comic Con :

"Other, somewhat more scattershot comments of interest included Stavis' anecdote about a conversation she overheard between her eight-year-old daughter and a little girl from a traditional religious family. The other little girl had told Stavis' daughter that she didn't think she'd get married, but might want to live with her friend Julia. Stavis' daughter promptly informed the other girl that she could marry Julia even though she was also a girl "and then you could have twice as many kids." This led Benson to reminisce about the portrayal of Willow and Tara's relationship on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. At one point, Benson said, she had become highly indignant over the network's reluctance to let the two lesbian characters do anything overtly physical together on camera. A gay props guy had sympathized, but told her that ultimately Willow and Tara would accomplish more by making a long-term lesbian relationship seem normal without overtly pushing the envelope than characters who were more in the audience's face about making out, etc. According to him, the more low-key way the relationship wound up being depicted on Buffy would subtly change viewers' attitudes through a sort of stealth normalization process."

The kid is too adorable, seriously. *g* I like the issue that Amber raised afterwards... I agree with the gay props guy, though I'd end up being very frustrated like Amber. :)
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Gweep gweep gweep. Watching the extra features on the S7 DVDs. I wanna see that show again!!! I need to find myself some time and watch some eps. Some episodes with Tara and Willow, Conversation with Dead People, the episode that Andrew films, the episode when Willow and Kennedy get together. Just watching the featurettes makes me - gwah. I miss that show, seeing those characters evolve and all.

At least I *so* know what I'll need to watch to be in "How I grew up with Buffy" mood. Btw, Buffy fans reading this, in what episode can I find the most Tara/Willow goodness? I have little time to check myself, and I really crave for some Willow/Tara cuteness. (Btw - so refreshing in a way to see Whedon and his brilliant team talk the exact same way of het and gay couples.)

Oh, and ROTFL. I'm on one featurette!! I swear. Twice, actually, but once it's just my shirt, really. Anyway, one of the featurettes has a lot about the PBP 2003 (which I attended, for those of you who don't know - wave to [ profile] south_uist!!!!!!!), and I'm there on screen!!! It was *so* weird. I look bad, too, but I didn't expect better than that ;) Alex Jurkat is also there a lot (he's interviewed), it was so funny to see all that. Brought back really nice memories.

So apart from that - been working a little bit. Went CRAZY cuz of the book-buying thing. Going back to Paris soon. Am happy with my S7 DVDs. Wheee!
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Wheee!! Finally managed to create a correct icon (with less frames!) and it's now my default icon :) :) Also, community's getting bigger every day and that's good :-p ;)

While on the gay topic, I found this great article on about homosexuality in animals. It's very funny at times, and interesting to read. Check it out here. You'll need to watch a short commercial to access the whole article, but it's really no big deal.

On a totally different (therefore not gay) topic, as you guys might know, [ profile] fan_elune and I have been invited by our friend Antoine to participate in a panel about Buffy during that big French convention about TV series. It's going to be on Sunday, August 29 (yes, that's next week) at 2:00 PM and it'll last for an hour and a half. There'll be five of us total debating and all and it should be real fun.

If you want to come and see, YOU HAVE TO REGISTER. To do so, go here and do so quick, cuz they're running out of room. Hopefully, I'll see some of you guys there. (And btw, *so* weird to see my name written down on the program. Eeep.)

Oh, and of course :

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] pee_wai!!!!
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"We can do it. We can be strong." "Strong like an amazon?" "Strong like an amazon, right."

*hug* *kiss*

the loveliest thing - see full tribute )


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