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I'm going to try this new thing where I post more regularly, which hopefully could mean fewer massive posts. (I'm sure it's not going to happen, but one can hope!) So, let's give this a go with only two links today. :)

- That's Not Twain, a NYTimes opinion piece on the new version of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn that's coming out next month, in which the word "nigger" has been changed to the word "slave". I won't go on forever, partly because the piece says it well enough on its own: "Substituting the word 'slave' makes it sound as though all the offense lies in the “n-word” and has nothing to do with the institution of slavery." I'm worried that this, to some extent, sanitizes the U.S.'s racist past (especially that of the South) and it will only encourage a re-envisioning of that past as not only incongruent with the present (racism was then, now we don't put that word in our books!) but also as really not that bad.

- Immigration Rules Tightened For Gay Couples in Canada. Again, the piece really says it all; this decision is problematic on so many levels, and clearly singles out a group with no actual rationale. If you're worried about marriages of convenience, believe me, most of them are probably straight marriages. Ugh. I feel like this partly comes from this stupid place that make people believe that if same-sex marriage is authorized, same-sex friends will start marrying everywhere. Re: ugh.

EDIT: Reading the actual policy, it sounds like all that CIC clarified is that if you were married OUTSIDE Canada, the marriage needs to be legal in the country you were married for it to be recognized in Canada and thus be the basis for your spouse to sponsor you. If you're married in Canada, you're good to go, even if one of you is from the UK, say. What is confusing about this "clarification" is that the only way you could have gotten married outside Canada is if you live somewhere where marriage is legal... I realize there are a few, localized instances where people were married even though the marriage wasn't legal (SF in the U.S. in 2004, Noël Mamère in France the same year) but that seems to be such a tiny number that it doesn't really qualify as a loophole, nor would it be a way to address a supposed spike in spousal applications, or marriages of convenience... so, I'm confused. If someone has a better idea what's going on, I'd love to hear it.
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This is a miscellaneous entry of miscellaneousity!

- The Ikea Game. For all you crazy Sweden lovers out there. Can you beat my 4/10??

- Wedding Wars promos and premiere! (Sean's mentioned by John in the clip from the premiere at the very end.) 2 days, people. 2 DAYS. *needs her Sean fix like woah*

- Canada won't reopen the same-sex marriage debate. Because Canadians are TEH AWESOME. So cool that even some Conservatives voted against reopening the debate. *loves*

- Chris Buck takes photos of celebrities and I love what he does. Not all of it is excellent, but some shots are truly brilliant.
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Missed hearing about gay stuff? Worry not, for I am back on the internet. :-p

So, Canada has now officially legalized gay marriage : Supreme Court's chief justice signed the legislation on Wednesday. (And of course, the Vatican complains about it.

As far as Spain is concerned, the first gay couple has just gotten married. Congrats to them. :)

Also, I really like the new "gay" icon I've picked. :)
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While some people try to do their best to hide gay & lesbian themed books in libraries (because we all know ignorance is the best way to go, especially when educating a child), Canada's House of Commons has approved a bill who would legalize same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage is already legal in 8 of the 10 Canada provinces. For the bill to become a law, the Senate still has to vote on it, but since the Senate has a Liberal majority, there is no reason why it would be brought down there. Canada is thus becoming the 5th country to allow same-sex marriages (everybody seems to forget Danemark, which makes me confused, and I'm counting Spain as they're that close to passing the legislation themselves).

(see also CNN's article about the bill passing through the House)

And for good laughs, see this Metaquotes post about it. *g*
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*bounces to Longwave*

*But I want to, but I want to, but I feel all inside out...*

So I've totally created myself a new Sims family where Fan' and I are already married and Adam's already a toddler. He just grew up, actually - turns out he's not only a redhead, he also wears round glasses! I guess we'll have to try again to get a mini-Adam Busch. However, he's apparently a smartie, and that's very good. I'm impressed he grew up all right what with the moms he had. Pics might come at some point if I manage to get them good quality. Anyway, so that was for the silly update.

Most importantly I wanted to write about CANADA BEING AWESOME. Once more. A seventh province, Newfoundland allows same-sex marriage. Since same-sex marriage will now be possible in 7/10th of Canada, the federal government has decided to pass a bill to legalize it nationwide in 2005.

Did I mention I need to move there?


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