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So to celebrate the end of the school year, I sat down on the couch with my brother, ordered burgers and watched the debate between the two remaining Presidential candidate. It's hard to get an objective perspective, and I can't say I was totally won over by Royal's performance, but she definitely did better than I expected her to. She held her ground, she had good arguments, she was even compelling at times. I think she did good.

They both could have refrained on the condescending snark they resorted to, but mostly I'm pissed at Sarkozy for turning around what was honorable vehemence to make it look bad. I was actually glad when she got so energetic on that topic of integration of handicapped children - and I really liked her for it. For once, she showed she really cared. That he (and his whole party) would use that against her, I find it despicable. And considering Sarkozy's record on the topic of intensity/calm, yeah, he could have shut up on this one.

Personally, yes, I'm glad to see a potential candidate who gets worked up about a topic she cares about, especially she got intense, but she got her valid point across, and she didn't resort to name-calling, or unfounded arguments. She fought for her beliefs and yeah, I like that in a candidate. Too much of that wouldn't be productive, but she did once, and I felt like it was positive, I'm going to hate if it plays against her.

While I'm at it, two pretty basic articles, but I felt like I had to share the links. (Sorry, both in French!)
La Ligue des droits de l'homme appelle à voter pour Ségolène Royal
L'élection de Ségolène Royal serait une "bonne nouvelle" pour l'Inter-LGBT

They both matter to me, the first one on a more general level. "La LDH appelle les électeurs à choisir la solidarité et non la peur, le respect et non les menaces, l'égalité et non les discriminations." That a respectable organization would take such a stand, it means something.
The other link is only LGBT-related, but obviously it matters a lot to me. It doesn't determine a vote, of course it doesn't, but nevertheless, it's significant what a candidate/party chooses or not on the topic. It reveals more than just his opinion of LGBT people.
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I have paint, a brush, tape so I don't paint over glass, and glue for the tiles. DIY, here I come!

My bike's at the repairshop for the afternoon, the weather's beautiful, and I might even manage to be productive school-wise. Woot!

In other news, I've always loved B&J's and not just because their ice-cream is LOVE, but I am slightly confused by the goal of their latest campaign, Votez Woody. They probably just want to draw attention to the Presidential campaign and themselves, but I'm curious to see if anything will happen on May 6 when the cow's not elected.

Anyway, whatever the goal, I like that they're into political stuff. (Also, it reminds of Michael Moore and his ficus. Heee.)

Speaking of delicious ice-cream, next Tuesday is FREE CONE DAY! You can get free ice-cream in Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse. I only wish we had Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream available here.

And finally, unrelated, but tomorrow night France 2 is showing a TV movie about a gay kid coming out to his parents (Le ciel sur la tête). I have no clue if it's any good, obviously, but I'll tune in to give it a chance. Apparently it's from the parents' perspective rather than the kid's, for a change.
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It hadn't ocurred to me that next time is September 11.

I don't especially feel like talking about it all that much, it's been five years since the Twin Towers and I don't remember when the date meant nothing at all. I'm still waiting for Oliver Stone's World Trade Center and the trailer disappointed me, makes me scared that this movie is going to be overdramatic and do nothing like it should.

Anyway. French people, the TV program is full of potentially-interesting stuff about this from Saturday on, but there's one I'd like to draw your attention to : 11'09''01, a series of short movies on the topic. It's supposed to be really good (at least some of the movies) so if you can, watch it. It's on Arte at 10:15PM on Monday.

What's the point of reconstructing yourself when you like to indulge in the worst?

Pretty harsh transition from Eddie Izzard, uh? Sorry.
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For your information, people who live in France :

France 3 is showing a documentary about trans people tomorrow (Friday March 3rd) at 11:30PM. I'm gonna watch it, if anyone wants me to tape it, just let me know.
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Watching Friends thanks to [ profile] twixou's tape, and it's just so funny. I love that show, it still gets me laughing so hard. I adore Chandler, he's hilarious and cute and lovely. Aww!! *g*

Yeah, that was for the useless LJ post.

Premium TV

Jun. 30th, 2005 05:26 pm
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Oh well, clearly today is a posting day, so I might as well give in the temptation, eh? (Just be happy I'm not going as far as to post pictures of the stuff I bought today - could someone be compensating for the fact she's alone?)

A few of you might remember about the festival [ profile] fan_elune and I had taken part in last summer - the Premium TV festival, organized the FLT (Front de Libération Télévisuelle). Well, it's going to happen this year, too, at the end of August again (26 through 28 of August)! It's a great opportunity to hear professionals talk about television, to catch some new pilots and to hang out with other television geeks!! And good news for us bankrupt students :-p, it's free!

Check it out on the Premium TV festival website!!
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Just as a proof I'm not solely obsessed by everything that is gay :-p, and also because I just wanted to use that new Semagic version (thanks [ profile] shiraz_wine!) to post.

Anyway, for those of you interested in filesharing and all, here is a really interesting take on the issue : Does File-sharing Really Hurt the Television Industry? I think she does have a point - I'd like people who oppose filesharing to tell me how it's so different from, let's say, exchanging video tapes of tapped episodes. Downloading movies, music... that's a little different, I feel. But downloading TV shows ? I really fail to understand to some extent.
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First of all, I really love Some writers there are really great, and for me it's a really nice nice to keep up to date with gay stuff happening overseas.

Best quote from this week's Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. by Sarah Warn, about One Tree Hill maybe preparing for one of its female characters to come out :
"That would bring the count of lesbian characters on network TV this season up to 3, which might not seem like a lot compared to the 10,027.05 heterosexual characters on network TV this season, but...yeah, okay, it doesn't even make a dent." *g*

Was also reading an article about Here!TV, basically the US equivalent of PinkTV, aka it's a gay channel. Except it should ROCK, and has much more potential than PinkTV for a bunch of reasons : 1) no commericals, 2) not part of TF1, 3) NEW CREATIONS!!!
In short, it wants to be the gay HBO, and if they're a third as good as HBO is, man this is going to be ground-breaking. I'm already craving to see Too cool for Christmas and Here!Family, which is basically a mini-series about gay parents (I think).

This remind me that I *so* need to find and rent Go Fish (because it's Rose Troche and Guinevere Turner and the whole lesbian community knows that movie) and Fire. I'm extremely curious about Fire. So yes. I'll need to think about that when my break is ACTUALLY there, not when I'm supposed to work for exams.
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So yeah, my life keeps being intense and exciting... school in France has so much potential for non-class action. (Actually, *some* people are getting action at breaks. Just not me. *g*)

Dawn's in trouble, must be Tuesday )

The one where she wonders about gay stuff (again) )

Mr Grey Sky )

And that would be the end of my rant for today... but I'm sure I'll come back with more soon :-p
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Gweep gweep gweep. Watching the extra features on the S7 DVDs. I wanna see that show again!!! I need to find myself some time and watch some eps. Some episodes with Tara and Willow, Conversation with Dead People, the episode that Andrew films, the episode when Willow and Kennedy get together. Just watching the featurettes makes me - gwah. I miss that show, seeing those characters evolve and all.

At least I *so* know what I'll need to watch to be in "How I grew up with Buffy" mood. Btw, Buffy fans reading this, in what episode can I find the most Tara/Willow goodness? I have little time to check myself, and I really crave for some Willow/Tara cuteness. (Btw - so refreshing in a way to see Whedon and his brilliant team talk the exact same way of het and gay couples.)

Oh, and ROTFL. I'm on one featurette!! I swear. Twice, actually, but once it's just my shirt, really. Anyway, one of the featurettes has a lot about the PBP 2003 (which I attended, for those of you who don't know - wave to [ profile] south_uist!!!!!!!), and I'm there on screen!!! It was *so* weird. I look bad, too, but I didn't expect better than that ;) Alex Jurkat is also there a lot (he's interviewed), it was so funny to see all that. Brought back really nice memories.

So apart from that - been working a little bit. Went CRAZY cuz of the book-buying thing. Going back to Paris soon. Am happy with my S7 DVDs. Wheee!
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Joss Joss Joss. I feel like such a silly teenager.

Just watched The L Word's season Two Preview... Joss Joss Joss. I can't wait for that show to start up again (argh, February!). It definitely has a big Buffy factor to it as far as some characters are concerned (I am *not* thinking Tina, Bette, Kit and Dana...). I mean when Bette yells "Tina!!" on that video? I can feel my heart tighten. And somehow it feels extremely good to have that again. I mean it was totally that for Buffy, and - yeah. Feels good. I'm a total freak. That's actually why I got asked to write that article, so I'm off to scribble a few things down. Right mood I'm in for that.

Wheee. Argh. I just feel - argh. Can't describe it. Need to tell someone I love her.

Gods I can't wait for that series to start. Mwahhh Tina and Bette.
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ARGGGGHH my match in the L Word CANNOT BE either Jenny or Tim!!!!! I mean first off to be with Jenny would be a frelling NIGHTMARE, and as much as I love Tim, he doesn't start off a good way... Mwahhhh, where's Tina??

Am downloading The Season Two promo. Can't wait to have it!!!!


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