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I really feel like I haven't given the Occupy movement enough attention here or even in life. Probably most of you will have read or seen the video of what happened at UC Davis with non-violent student protestors getting pepper-sprayed - this photo (and other versions of it) has been circulated around a lot, and you can see a video of the whole incident here. There's a lot of good articles that have been posted about OWS, but in the wake of the UC Davis incident, I particularly liked the analysis of Glenn Greenwald at Salon. I think he hits a particularly powerful note when he says that, "Rights are so much more effectively destroyed by bullying a citizenry out of wanting to exercise them than any other means." I would add that this is obviously more true of a democratic state, where people become attached to the idea of 'being free' and 'having rights'.

There's also this cool letter from someone in the Occupy Vancouver movement that I just shared with my Sociology 100 students: Why I Occupy. I like it most for the way that it handles the criticism that OWS doesn't have 'clear demands': "Many people wonder why we have not produced a list of demands yet. It is not necessary for Occupiers to come up with legislation or policy prescriptions. Many people have done excellent work drafting out how a fairer and more just society would function. [...] There is no political will to use these blueprints to benefit the people. Political will is mobilized to protect the wealthiest one per cent. We are generating that political will."


Ivan Coyote, who's nothing short of awesome, wrote a note on being yelled at for using the women's bathroom a couple of months ago, and recently wrote a follow-up note on this bathroom bullshit. Both these posts are really fantastic, and I really encourage you to read both. An excerpt from the end of the second post:
"I am sick of hearing that my safety is not as important as other women’s. I resent the implication that butches and trans women and men are never survivors of male violence themselves, and thus do not also need a safe place to pee, and the suggestion that we should somehow be segregated in our own bathrooms so we don’t bother the rest of you normal people, is simply fucked beyond belief.
I also want to state again, for what seems like the one millionth time, that single-stall, lockable, gender-neutral washrooms would solve all of our problems. I refuse to be divided and conquered on this issue. I will not allow myself to be placed in opposing corners of the ring when it comes to all of our safety. I call bullshit."

I've also had another piece from Feministing bookmarked for sharing forever that actually makes for a nice companion piece to the bathroom discussion: There are no safe spaces. The idea of 'accountable space' is one that very much appeals to me, although I'm sure it has its limits as well.


On a more shallow, but fun note, this interview of Joss Whedon by a high school student is really fantastic.

And to finish, the New York Times published recently a piece on my hometown, Rennes that made my heart ache with nostalgia and a longing to be back in Brittany.
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So I was going to go to bed but then LJ decided to be a douche (again).

LJ is considering making gender a mandatory field when signing up. Not only that, but they would be removing the "unspecified" option, too. The log about this is here, but you can read more about this here.

I won't go into why this is offensive, discriminatory, enraging, appalling, I think you all know why. So please - send a signal to LJ that this is not acceptable. Send them feedback, comment on that log post (do both, it doesn't hurt), and change your gender to "unspecified" in your profile.

Your feedback doesn't have to be long. [ profile] tempore's "I find being forced to choose a gender to be offensive and discriminatory. Please reconsider an open option." is short and to the point. But please GIVE LJ FEEDBACK. They need to know that people do not agree with this change, and the only way they will know that is if we let them know.

Thanks [ profile] achtung_meggie for bringing this to my attention.

EDIT: As many of you know, LJ has clearly backed down from this decision, and sent this to everyone who contacted them with their concerns:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your concerns. We understand that gender is not binary, and intend to respect that understanding for our users.

At this time, the code you reference is not live on the site, and will not become so in the future. We know that you, and many other users, have serious concerns about any requirement to specify gender, so we'd like to take a moment to explain events and our position further.

The intention of this code was to change the sign-up process to include a field for the selection of gender; that the code would completely disable the "Unspecified" option at the same time was deemed unacceptable. While the code in question had gone to our beta (testing) server, it had not gone to our production server, and will not do so due to this problem. Furthermore, we'd like to clarify that code posted to the changelog community is not always final, as such code must then go through the beta testing process and can often be changed before actual implementation.

Additionally, some erroneous information has been spread regarding the potential public display of the gender field. We would like to clarify that gender is not currently publicly displayed on the profile, nor anywhere else on the site, and there are no plans to change this behavior.

LiveJournal Community Care Team

That this suggestion got this far without anyone from LJ itself going, "um, WTF, NO" is the part that still pisses me off, but I'm glad they're not going there. And I'm glad we raised our concerns, because maybe they'll be a little more careful in the future, and maybe, just MAYBE they could think about doing some diversity training with their programmers.
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In the midst of everything else... I look at this photo and feel a little bit better. I mean friends, smiles, kisses and activism, what's not to love?

Existrans' 2009 (photo: Amaury Grisel)

All right, back to the fake research proposal.


Oct. 9th, 2009 08:52 am
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A thought from the first half of the Positive Space Workshop I attended this week at UBC:

Transsexual applies to people who think of themselves as fitting the gender binary. Aka I was born male/female, but I'm really the other one, and I am possibly taking steps so that people will recognize me as the gender that is not the one I was born with. (As a result, transgender, on top of being an umbrella term, becomes about people who have a more fluid conception of gender.)

It's not fact or truth, just a general working definition, since people are free to label themselves with the term that works best for them, obviously. But I'd never thought of it that way, and I think I like it. Thoughts?
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omg that video with Morena being trans is awesome. Apparently [ profile] thunder_nari came across it first. Heee. I just love it. See for yourselves:

While I wait to figure out how to alternate the photo stripe on the sidebar, I'm going to stick with activism since it's more in keeping with the theme. But I'm preparing a better stripe of kisses, too. :)
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I'm pretty much done with my paper on negotiations of identity and sexuality in trans folks and their partners, and I loved writing this paper. People can be ugly, but sometimes, they're not, and our capacity to reconcile concepts that society wants us to see as contradictory is an amazing thing.

Which is why I think I might need this t-shirt. (Check out the back - that's what makes it awesome.)

While I'm on the topic, two other links I have to share:

- [ profile] murraynz shares his take on being gay and goes into heteronormativity and the ways in which we oppress ourselves. It's a great read.

- Labor of love, the story of a woman and her trans male partner and the baby they're having - a baby that the husband is carrying. It's beautifully told, and simply beautiful.

We're at our best when we embrace diversity.
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So. I'd like to say in advance this is probably not going to make much sense, but I want to put all of it out there. It's a rant about sexuality and desire mostly and it's all been whirling in my mind a while.

It's been a long journey since I first kissed Fan'. I meticulously jumped all the hoops: it's just this one girl, I'm bi, I'm gay, I'm SO gay. A lot of people know I like girls, I don't really try to hide it. I'm comfortable with that, and I've been lucky enough to live and be in places where it's not a threat to my life to be comfortable with it. It's been a long journey and I've learned a lot. About gays, lesbians, coming out, discrimination, homophobia, heterosexism, stereotypes, inequalities, common experiences, civil rights, gender identity, pride, trans.

The truth is that transgenderism fascinate me. )

There's something else I've sort of come to terms with, and that's got more to do with sexuality and desire. )

I still have a lot to learn, even within "my" "community", but I like the journey it's all taken me on. I'm so grateful for everyone I've met that's taught me to push my limits a little further. It's more complex and it doesn't all make sense, but I feel a better person for it. I hope I am a better person for it.
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First the not so funny, and I wish I'd posted that last night, but last night was busy and exhausting so I didn't:

November 20th is Transgender Remembrance Day. I attended the evening of storytelling that they'd organized at school for the occasion. I was amazing. Most of the stories were uplifting and the speakers had a lot of humor and I really enjoyed it. It always makes me think a lot, and I like that it pushes me to be more and more comfortable with everything that's in between genders, everything that's not easy to label. Girls who like boys who want to be girls who like boys... it's a myriad of possibilities out there, and it makes no sense to limit ourselves to what fits in a box. Identity is never that simple anyway.

Second the funny, aka Joss Whedon, who stopped by whedonesque again earlier. "Meanwhilst, December 7th approacheth. Just wanted to assure you guysthat I'll be there -- even, if by some miracle, the strike is over. Foxis right across the street from a nice park so it'll either be theMutant Enemy Picket or the Mutant Enemy Picnic." I'm so going, but I'm still waiting to find out when I should leave... I should have bought my ticket to L.A. today, but I forgot, so I'll just have to buy it by next week. Best scenario for me would be for the strike to end Dec 8th - I can picket, and we win! Woot!

I've also found out that December 8th is a day for International Demonstrations on Climate Change! Apparently in L.A. they're doing a plunge on Santa Monica Beach, and I'm so there as well. Yay crazy activist weekend! (Check it out, a lot of countries are participating and you can probably find something happening in your corner - I know something's happening in Vancouver, too, but hopefully it won't involve swimming in cold, cold ocean water.)
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Three years ago, on May 17 2004, the first same-sex couples were legally wed in Massachussetts, following the Massachussetts Supreme Court decision Goodridge vs. Department of Public Health.

Hilary and Julie Goodridge with the daughter Annie on May 17, 2004.

The first couple to walk out of the Boston City Hall with their marriage license.

Let his moms marry.

Wedding kiss.

More happy pictures (but don't scroll down further than the black links on white background, there are really violent and graphic pictures after that).

While digging through news, I learned that, while legislators in MA are still trying to include a ban on same-sex marriage on the 2008 ballot, the support for the amendment to the constitution is dwindling. To the point that the governor is having these wise words: "Rather than turn Massachusetts into a political circus for a national debate over something which is largely settled here, my own view is that we ought to resolve this on the merits so that it stays off the ballot." If the constitutional convention votes against including a vote on a ban on the ballot, this issue will hopefully be over in MA. I'm not surprised that after three years of harmless same-sex marriage getting harder to rally people around the fear that it will destroy society as we know it.

In the meanwhile, just to have a laugh at how complex the marriage situation can get: a NY Court ruled that the marriage of a NY couple married in MA in May 2004 is valid in the state of NY because NY only ruled that marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman in 2006. So marriage in NY is officially restricted to a opposite-sex couples in NY except for all the NY same-sex couples who were married in MA, but only between May 2004 and July 2006. See the article at

Finally, good news, Berkeley, CA and West Palm Beach, FL are moving forward with trans rights. In particular, Berkley is considering a plan where it would pay for sex reassignment surgery under its employee health care system.
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You know you're obsessed with LGBT issues when... you see someone reading a book called "Transparent" and immediately assume it's a book about transgender people who are parents. And then three minutes later remember "transparent" is actually a perfect valid word on its own. *facepalm*


Oct. 4th, 2006 09:11 pm
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Samedi 7 octobre, 14h00 - la Marche ExisTrans' :

- RDV à 14h, place Saint Gervais (métro Hôtel de Ville), arrivée place de la République (métro République).

Trajet: place Saint Gervais, rue François Miron, rue de Jouy, rue de Charlemagne à contresens, rue Charlemagne dans le sens de la circulation, rue Saint Paul, rue Saint Antoine en direction de Bastille, Bastille, République.

L'affiche de cette année )

Pour ceux qui n'étaient pas là pour les épisodes précédents, en gros l'ExisTrans' c'est la Marche des Fiertés Trans'. Le MAG y sera avec sa banderole normalement, et vous me trouverez là en début d'après midi... allez, vous savez que vous voulez venir!
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Lots of random stuff because I'm bored out of my mind doing paperwork for the MAG and can't focus.

Remember when I told you guys to check out Eric's blog? He's recently put up two mp3 to show the evolution of his voice over the months. It's impressive, really. And awesome for him.

Here's a BBC article about unusual foreign words. It's a bit nerdy, but I love it and I'm not ashamed of it! I particularly like the "mi esposa, mis esposas" bit. *g*

Finally, [ profile] inxsomniax shared a picture of her two cats, and it's a gorgeous picture of two absolutely adorable cats, so I had to share.

That is all! I'm watching way too much Friends lately, but it's fun and addictive.

EDIT : Okay, [ profile] miss_kao pointed it out and the more I think about it, the more I absolutely love that word from the BBC article.
"The Fuegians (from Tierra del Fuego) have a succinct word - 'mamihlapinatapai' and it means 'two people looking at each other each hoping the other will do what both desire but neither is willing to do'."
I don't know how, but I'm so using that word one day. It's absolutely brilliant.
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Eric est passé nous voir pendant la Marche, il a même fait la fin du trajet avec nous en nous aidant pour la sécurité. Ca m'a fait super plaisir de le revoir, ça faisait un petit bout de temps! Il est motivé pour faire des interventions l'année prochaine, mais ça devient compliqué avec le traitement qui va commencer à faire ses effets...

Bref quand j'ai découvert son blog il y a quelques mois je voulais poster l'adresse ici mais je ne voulais pas le faire sans son accord. Samedi il m'a dit que c'était pas un problème, voilà donc le lien :

Deviens ce que tu es.

Pour ceux qui ont loupé les épisodes précédents, j'ai fait la connaissance d'Eric quand il était encore Caroline parce qu'il se pensait lesbienne à l'époque et qu'il était venu au MAG. Depuis il s'est rendu compte qu'il était trans et il a donc commencé le parcours difficile qui lui permettra d'être lui-même. Son blog retrace son parcours et je le trouve très bien fait, très touchant, et aussi très instructif pour tous ceux qui ne savent pas trop ce que c'est qu'être trans et qui n'ont jamais lu de témoignage. (J'aimerais bien savoir ce que vous en avez pensé, vous.)

Au cas où c'était pas clair, je vous recommande donc très très, fortement d'aller lire ce blog et de découvrir l'aventure qu'Eric a commencé!
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There should be an "intrigued" mood icon.

You should all go and watch that commercial adn tell me what you think of it. My first reaction is that it's pretty damn awesome.

I'm burning a CD of music so I can listen to it in the car tomorrow when I drive to the club. Exciting.

And my brother's computer is so sleek and smooth, it's awesome. Not to mention his armchair is fucking comfy-licious!!
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Sometimes I forget... that not everybody knows about LGBT people, that some people don't understand the concept of a gender identity, that it's beyond them. Funny how you create your own little bubble of knowledge and everything becomes familiar, LGBT, gay pride, MTF, coming out, and you forget it's your own bubble. That even your parents might not be familiar with it, that they might know the terms but not comprehend the consequences, the challenges, the process. I've been reading a friend's blog about her change from female to male and so interesting, so - touching.

I love that bit in L'auberge espagnole when Xavier first arrives in Barcelona and ponders about the fact that those streets he's walking in right now don't mean anything to him but that soon, every one of them will come to mean something, to summon a memory, an anecdote. Everyone makes the cities he lives in and/or loves theirs, the city enters their bubble and doesn't really leave them, and it's hard to think there was a day, when you first rested your eyes on that building, where it meant nothing to you, where you still had to build all the memories.

And yet you still have barriers, always, and there are always more things you don't know, more issues you aren't aware of, aren't familiar with, all those concepts where you don't really see what the stakes are. You dedicate yourself to something and it has to mean letting go of so many other things, and why would you ever want to close so many doors at once?


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