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Dealing with banking while being an expat sucks SO MUCH, people, I can't even tell you. Or maybe my bank just really, really sucks; there's definitely good evidence for that.
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First, an interview of Joss where he talks about future projects. I can't wait to see his ballet with Summer, and I really hope he'll go through with his idea of producing something without the studios. If the strike should teach us anything, it's that the creative community can, and should be able to create outside this for-profit approach.

Second, Joss posted on UnitedHollywood to express his opinion of the rumors going around that the strike might end this weekend (or soon, anyway). He's turned pretty radical, and I absolutely love that. He does have a tendency in his rants to turn the moguls into evil-doers to an extent that's manichean (and I know he knows that), but you know what? Unfortunately, I think it's true that there is a category of people, up there at the top of corporations, that has absolutely lost touch with the way most of us make money and most of us live. This obsession with profit and stockoptions is not healthy; it's a creation, and it completely disconnect money earning from the real world and the production of actual goods (even if they're intellectual goods). I unfortunately really believe these people's agenda is not to be fair, or to give people enough so they can live decently. It's to take as much as possible, so they can make more profit for their company. That cannot be forgotten, even if the strike stops Sunday. Because it doesn't stop being true.

On that note, I'm off to research water privatization. Perfect topic to reconcile myself with capitalism!
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So I was doing my accounts and realized our phone company had charged us for 20€ worth of phone calls we never made. Erm, oops? Ensued an hour spent on the phone with the customer and technical hotline, during which I gave my name, phone number, address, cell phone number to different people approximately 36 times. They've now promised me a refund on next month's bill, but I'll believe it when I see it.

One interesting thing: the international calls we didn't make but were charged for where made to Algeria. Our subscription to our provider (Alice) gives us free phone calls to the United States, the UK, Canada, Sweden, Greece, Liechtenstein, 23 countries total. Yet Algeria, Senegal, Marocco, and pretty much every (mostly African) country that has a high of immigration rate towards France, isn't included. I don't think the choice was purposeful - it's probably got to do with marketing agreements and the such, but it's troubling to notice that, once again, an already-disadvantaged population who could really, really do with free phone calls to their native country, isn't further helped by these sorts of deals. Capitalism just can't resist another chance to screw over poorest populations.

(Interestingly enough, Free, another provider that offers the same sort of unlimited international phone calls, even includes Japan, China, Singapour, but North African countries are still painfully absent from the list. They do offer unlimlited calls to Guadeloupe, La Réunion and Martinique, which only fair considering those countries are technically part of France, albeit poorer.)

In other news, I've FINALLY gotten a hold of my UBC acceptance letter. I'm all set to go for a morning of "fun" at the Embassy of Canada next Wednesday, where apparently iPods aren't allowed. Yay! (Ignore the slight touch of sarcasm - what really matters is that I should soon have a visa.) I've also finished gathering signatures from teachers and after I fill out an application online next Monday for my French university, I should be all done with paperwork re: next year. I will still need to send papers to our International Relations Office when I get to Vancouver - it wouldn't do for bureaucracy to just leave us alone!


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