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I really want to rant about a couple of French things (namely the recent "controversy" around an anti-homophobia video for grade 4s and 5s, and the "controversy" about the woman with a head scarf who became involved in a political party) but it's almost midnight and I have more fun things to share, aka KITTENS.

Wednesday Karen from VOKRA called asking if I could take on a wobbly kitten and his sibling, because it's way more practical for them to have these two in Vancouver (their previous foster home was further away) and I have experience with wobblers. I consulted with the roommates and today new kittens were delivered! They're 7 weeks old right now, and super sociable. Allie and Angie stopped by to meet them and the kittens are already doing so well. It's amazing. Lemon, who's the wobbly one, is actually doing pretty good considering - I just rewatched some of the old MeiMei videos and he's definitely not doing any worse than she was at 7 weeks. It makes me happy, I hope he finds a loving wonderful family quickly. :)

Anyway, here is a happy picspam!

Meet Lemon (the orange tabby) and Sapphire (the grey tabby)

Allie likes Lemon.

Allie also likes Sapphire, even if Sapphire is not super convinced by this display of affection.

As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't get much more wonderful than photos of Allie kissing and being snuggly with kittens, but there's a bunch more photos under the cut. :)

Kitten cuteness this way )

MeiMei is not super delighted with these newcomers yet, but earlier in a quiet moment I brought Lemon to her and she did hiss at first but then she was smelling him and even gave him a couple of tentative licks, so I'm sure we're good. :)
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I have reached saturation point on the GRE. Studying more is making me increasingly grumpy and I don't think I'm retaining any more at this point. I've been studying for this with some regularity for 2 months now; I don't know what I'll do tomorrow if I don't do well, because I desperately just want to put it all behind me.

For some reason yesterday I got the urge to change layout to something that would showcase photos I love a little more. So today I designed a banner and changed color scheme and everything. The result is here. I wonder if I'll change a couple of photos - I kinda wanted Jordana Brewster and Grace Park in there. But right now this mozaic of photos makes me very happy - it's got actors I like and friends, it's got smiles and quiet moments, it's got boys and girls with long and/or unkempt hair and it's got color and b&w and it's really close to what I had in mind so. I'm happy.

On a related note, Kate Winslet is such a beautiful woman.

Right. Going to transcribe or something for a bit.
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This was yesterday in Vancouver:

Bear with the boring beautiful sunshine of the beginning of the day, it's worth it.

So yes. We had a huge thunder storm last night to go with the 2nd fireworks show of the Celebration of Lights (South Africa totally won me over by using music from the Lion King and actually having coherence in their fireworks). It was... indescribable it was so beautiful. Awe would be the perfect word to describe it. I'd never seen lightning streak the sky like this, and it lasted so long.

I mean, the Celebration of Lights is amazing enough on its own most of the time, but this was just breath-taking. I wasn't supposed to be downtown originally, and we got soaked watching this under (fairly light) rain, but it was so so worth it.

By cisley. Perfect illustration for the night.

You can see more here (there was a gorgeous orange/pink light falling on the city at sunset when lightning first started striking).

I really fucking love this city sometimes.
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Some links:

- First, Obama and Bo running in the White House. The picture just makes me happy. :)

- A very interesting explanation by [ profile] phaballa of what the Prop 8 decision says. It's an indispensable reading if you're interested in the issue, to make sure you understand the logic behind the decision.

-Following the decision on Prop 8 by the California Supreme Court, two attorneys have decided to take the case to the federal Supreme Court. I have ambiguous feelings about that, just because I'm also not sure that this is the best time to play that card. But we'll see. It needs to get to the Supreme Court first, anyway. I liked reading Corvino's opinion on the topic, in any case.

- Still following Prop 8, two pastors have decided to stop performing all weddings.

- Cheney has come out in favor of marriage equality. Yeah, that Dick Cheney. He also manages to say something important in a fairly offensive way, because, y'know, still Dick. But I think it's still a pretty significant declaration, and I'm curious to know what the reaction have been from Rush Limbaugh, etc. It's gotta be a hard blow for the ultra conservatives who adore him.

Moving away from Prop 8 for a second, two rather appalling links:

- On a 6th grader who was stopped from making a presentation about Harvey Milk because it was suspected of promoting gayness.

- On a high school in Georgia that still has a "white-only" prom. Plain scary and headdesk-worthy. (Thanks to [ profile] shiraz_wine for the link.)

- And finally, "I am not Pro-Death", a story about abortion and working at an abortion clinic after having gone through it. (Thanks to [ profile] queenspanky for the link.)
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Woah. So looking forward to this. There are so many childhood memories there, I really hope it doesn't let me down. The trailer bodes well - I'm impressed by how touching it is, how right the kid playing Max seems, how truthful it is. I have big hopes for this.

On a slightly more shallow note, I really can't get over how cute Efron can be. I'm really going to need to see 17 Again.
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Timothy: I'm in your clothing watching your every move!

Incidentally, our little princess is also the only one of the kittens who still loves Mommy Willow tonight (she got spayed today). The other two hiss and arch their back and bristle. But Timothy's his happy cute self. <3's him.
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Terra and I were at Brad's house today, doing some pumpkin carving! I was going to carve the Chinese characters for "serenity" into one of mine but got worried I would screw it up (this is the first time I carve a pumpkin on my own!). So instead I did evil (vampire?) Harry Potter (on the right) and a cute pumpkin who's having the BEST time, all the time, because, much like me, he's easily entertained. I named him Ron for continuity. And on the left side of my dear laptop Aziz, you have scaredpants pumpkin. In its defense, it did hang out very close to Chtulu (Brad's pumpkin, not featured here!) for a while, and that would scare the shit out of anyone.

I had an awesome time carving :D And I'm very happy with how they turned out.

While I'm sharing silly stuff, this video of Ellen interviewing Vanessa Hudgens just cracks me up. I just love the way Ellen asks her question very seriously and yet a little hesitant, and Vanessa doesn't seem entirely sure at first when she's joking or not. ^^

And finally,courtesy of metaquotes, are you pro- or anti-American? Take this test and find out! I got disqualified but if I hadn't, I'd still be at -35. Living in Vancouver screwed me from the start! Damn you, Vancouver, for being welcoming and progressive.

So, remember how I mentioned the kittens had been nursing from each other ever since Mommy's been gone? And how Chloe'd taken up sucking her own nipple? Yeah, well. She's been doing it a lot and yesterday I picked her up and noticed her nipple was very red, almost raw. ... Yes, my cat sucked herself raw. So I called the vet to check what I should do, and now I'm making sure she doesn't do it again, at least until her little nipple has healed. She's a very special cat for sure. ^^
And because I can, photo!
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Okay, I keep finding photos that I really love after all from today's ceremonies across California, and since you can never have too much happy, I'll post them here.

There's something about ecstatic they are, the way they're both holding on to that license that was denied to them for so long. I just love it.

Because they're a historic couple (Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon) and they've been together 55 years and they've been activists for longer than that and I just cannot imagine what it's like for them to have fought for their rights for so long and to finally be there, to finally put those rings on each other's fingers.

Because that guy is so horribly dressed and they're so not the kind of couple you'd feature and yet this is such a true hug and there's nothing else but the two of them holding each other.

Because I'm thinking the same thing (I love how proactive Newsom has been on that topic, though I know little more about the guy's record) and I like the look you can see in the guy's eyes. Also, sunflowers! Which must mean something not the Green Party, I imagine, but they make me happy anyway.

Photos from ABC.
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Another part of IFMagazine's article on Mutant Enemy Day.

And ha! Metaquotes has something on what teachers can do to try and get their students to turn off their phone before coming to class. It's pretty awesome. ^^

Randomly I came across the poster for Ken Loach's Ae Fond Kiss; I hadn't seen this version before and boy, it's a thousand times better than the one we got in France.

Seeing the poster reminded me of how much I liked the movie, and going on the net looking for pictures made me happy. I really love this one and this one in particular.

It reminded me that I hope they show Ken Loach's latest (It's a free world) around here somewhere. How come I don't have more of his movies on DVD? That's the kind of DVDs I really want to own, so I can share them with people. And depress everyone around me. (I still need to see so much of his filmography, actually...)

Tomorrow should be interesting: we're organizing a Sushi Night with work. We had 20 people signed up on Tuesday, and today when I came in at work, I learned we know have 50 people. o_O
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I've been obsessed with Beirut's Nantes (I blame [ profile] arcadiane who posted the song on her LJ recently), much in the same way that Snow Patrol's Set Fire to the Third Bar and Da Silva's Tout va pour le mieux obsess me. It's this sort of underlying, haunting sadness that doesn't dwell on itself.

I don't know if I'm ever going to stop talking about the writers' strike, by the way, but it's not looking likely. [ profile] ourdramaqueen posted a video this morning that explains why the writers are on strike:

And dreamlogic on Flickr posted photos of Jossverse people striking: Marti Noxon, Drew Goddard, and of course, Joss himself. And it's a very cool photo that once again, really makes me wish I was down there picketing with them.

EDIT: Oh, and also I wanted to post that ad that Garden State Equality is currently running on TV in New Jersey. I really like the idea of it.

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has officially opened today!

(Yes, I believe that's the perfect excuse to feed you three of my favorite screencaps from Living 'til the End. His EYES, people. And his hair. And and and.)

Kudos to [ profile] ourdramaqueen for all the excellent work that's been put into the website! I hope it'll keep growing and will soon be everyone's first resource for all things Sean. *g* If you have any suggestion or anything you'd like to contribute to the website (trivia, photos, article scans...), please let me know! (Or you can find the contacts on the website.)

Also, if you're feeling down and need something to make you smile, there's nothing like a fanvid of a few awesome BDH moments (thanks to [ profile] petit_rhino for linking me to it!). I love, love those guys.
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I just found the website for the Commercial Closet Association. Every year they give out awards, and you can check out this year's nominees on this page.

A few of my favorites:
Dolce & Gabbana - Time
Subaru - Being ready
Paris, Las Vegas - Everything's sexier
MTV - If your love is boundless
Boehringer Ingelheim - Being there
Cabinet Greco & Nomary - Lifestyles change

And the Norman series with : Meet Norman, Moo! and Why, oh, why?

I also like this ad by Congster, because it's the essence of capitalism: who cares who you sleep with, as long as you buy our stuff.

In more personal news, thanks to everyone for your comments on the speech! I've revised it based on comments and suggestions from Elodie and Solange. Also, [ profile] shadesofbrixton just left to go back home and I'm going to miss her terribly. Damn you, people who live in a galaxy far, far away!
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The Guardian is currently (or was recently) running ads about, basically, freedom of speech. I really, really like and I'd love to get my hands on paper copies of those ads. So anyone in England, have you ever seen them, or d'you think there's any way you could get me copies? I would love you for that.

I'm posting the two other ads below.When you shout every day and make everything a catastrophe, no one will hear you when you need to say something really important. )
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Three years ago, on May 17 2004, the first same-sex couples were legally wed in Massachussetts, following the Massachussetts Supreme Court decision Goodridge vs. Department of Public Health.

Hilary and Julie Goodridge with the daughter Annie on May 17, 2004.

The first couple to walk out of the Boston City Hall with their marriage license.

Let his moms marry.

Wedding kiss.

More happy pictures (but don't scroll down further than the black links on white background, there are really violent and graphic pictures after that).

While digging through news, I learned that, while legislators in MA are still trying to include a ban on same-sex marriage on the 2008 ballot, the support for the amendment to the constitution is dwindling. To the point that the governor is having these wise words: "Rather than turn Massachusetts into a political circus for a national debate over something which is largely settled here, my own view is that we ought to resolve this on the merits so that it stays off the ballot." If the constitutional convention votes against including a vote on a ban on the ballot, this issue will hopefully be over in MA. I'm not surprised that after three years of harmless same-sex marriage getting harder to rally people around the fear that it will destroy society as we know it.

In the meanwhile, just to have a laugh at how complex the marriage situation can get: a NY Court ruled that the marriage of a NY couple married in MA in May 2004 is valid in the state of NY because NY only ruled that marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman in 2006. So marriage in NY is officially restricted to a opposite-sex couples in NY except for all the NY same-sex couples who were married in MA, but only between May 2004 and July 2006. See the article at

Finally, good news, Berkeley, CA and West Palm Beach, FL are moving forward with trans rights. In particular, Berkley is considering a plan where it would pay for sex reassignment surgery under its employee health care system.
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I ended up never saying a word about the presentation on gender and work I did with [ profile] littlegothsin last week for our UK Civilization class. It went really well, and people asked questions afterwards. Made me so happy people actually had things to say - and it was sort of funny because afterwards Tara (one of the girls who'd asked a question) came up to me and was like, I hope it didn't bother you I asked something. Er, how about NO.

What struck me is that the few girls who took part in the discussion after the presentation seemed pretty optimistic about the situation improving in the next twenty years - Tara said something about how our generation of women wouldn't let the guys do no housework at home. It made me realize how pretty pessimistic I am about the issue - when I see how little boys (and little girls) are still raised today? I cannot bring myself to believe things will improve that greatly in a decade or two. I also get a feeling it's getting better for the higher, more educated classes, but in the meanwhile? The situation isn't getting any better for the lower classes. Listening to some kids when I go to schools with the MAG, I have a feeling things might even be getting worse.

While I'm on gender issues and gender perception in a society that's supposedly moving away from patriarchy, here's an interesting article about advertising in the men's magazine GQ.

In the same vein... the other day I was biking back from school when a couple of ads caught my attention. They're ads for one of the latest Suzuki car, the Swift. The first one says "Who said cars were solely a male fantasy?" which I was like, hey! Challenging stereotypes, yay! So it's for a tiny city car and not a Hummer, but it's a start. And then immediately after I discovered another ad for the same car, which this time reads "sensuality, seduction, swift... words are never feminine by chance." (French words always have a gender, unlike in English.) And I was like, *facepalm*.

I find interesting that this is the same ad campaign, which possibly reflects our current society's struggle between trying to challenge stereotypes while still heavily relying on those same stereotypes. Of course, the gender of word doesn't always follow a patriarchal pattern : strength (la force) and intelligence, for example, are both feminine in French. But it's never innocent to associate seduction and sensuality with women - and we can't pretend it is.

For more positive models of masculinity in advertising, see the Jules ad campaign "Il paraît que les hommes sont..." ("they say men are..."), which I really love, especially as a photographer (how much do I wish I'd taken those pictures?). It's too bad because they only have a sample there of all the cards they printed out for the campaign, but already some are pretty telling. (First one says "they say men are obsessed" and the second one, "they say men are abrupt".)

The more I go on, the more I realize this is really what I'm most interested in - gender studies, basically. Too bad that we basically don't what it is in France. Or that it doesn't lead to anywhere very precise. But hey, I guess it's still a step ahead of everyone who doesn't even know what they're really interested in!
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So much cuteness and funny I don't know how to deal.

We never realized how much Caramel had spared us.

God I can't wait to have my own dog or cat or both.

On that note, grammar awaits. A lot less cute (and less fun), weirdly enough.

All pictures and vids found Cute Overload.
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Dan Radcliffe totally looks like my brother on this picture.


(It's, btw, a very cool picture.)

In other news, have rehearsed my presentation for tomorrow, so I know I can ramble for 20 minutes about Pamela.
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So you'd think when you fangirl someone like Sean Maher who runs on an average of one project a year, it'd be easy enough to keep track of everything about him on the net, right?

Well apparently no, since I keep finding new pictures. Mind you, that's not a bad thing at all. Makes the fangirl in me terribly happy. So when on top of the Sean fangirl, the B&W whore in me get satisfied, you can imagine that it's a bit overwhelming.

(I found this picture through, apparently it's the shot he sends back signed when you send him a request for an autograph... The version above was reworked by me because I couldn't help but work on the contrast. *facepalm*)

So. Erm. I might also have made icons to try and deal with the prettiness.

More of the same. )

Also, Jewel has also gotten herself a myspace page and Nathan and her keep amusing me to no end. Check out Jewel's gallery and the captions to her pictures. Heee. I love those guys.

And since I'm clearly surfing a Serenity/Firefly wave, yesterday I uploaded an extra called "On the set of Serenity" for [ profile] noneofyours and I figured I might as well share the link! Basically if you don't remember that moment, you really want to click the link. *g*

Keep flyin'!

EDIT : So the *facepalm* of the day goes to me, I've just found an interview of Sean on my computer that I'd never watched before. For whatever reason. And of course it's all kinds of adorable and god I love his hair. It's about Serenity and if anyone's interested, it can be snatched here.
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So like I said, I capped Wedding Wars like crazy yesterday so I could make icon, and [ profile] ely_jan pointed out I should post the screencaps and she was totally right, so here they are! It's really a Ted screencap orgy because I was looking to icon Sean... so don't try and use this to understand what happens in the movie. But there's a lot of Ted/Sean Maher cuteness underneath the cut!

Click for massive cap fest! )
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So clearly I couldn't escape the issue of homophobia even if I remotely tried to. *g* We took the metro the other day and suddenly a poster caught Fan''s eyes : boy kissing (obviously)! On a poster! In the U-bahn (metro)! Of course I had to take a picture and report.

It's a poster edited by Maneo which apparently is Berlin's gay emergency hotline. And I really like it. Love the picture, the guys look so cute and happy. Heeee!

See a close-up of the poster )

About our German wanderings... )

Finally, I'd like to make a public announcement : George Clooney does, actually, star in The Red Thin Line. Contrarily to what it looks like when you watch the first two hours and forty minutes of the movie, the DVD jacket is NOT lying about him being in the movie. However, the word "overstatement" perfectly fits to qualify the fact George's mentioned FIRST on the DVD as a "contributing his talent to this epic".

So yes, we spent the whole movie (since George wouldn't show up till the end) expecting him to appear, and after the first hour had come and gone, we were also almost expecting him to arrive with his trademark "what else?". Certainly made for a few good laughs, which made up for the lack of George's presence.

One of the best moment of the movie was towards the end, when we were getting a bit tired of the emo voice-overs that were slowly taking over all the characters, and Fan' sighed, "The island made them emo..." At which point Peewai rolled his eyes and corrected, "It's not. The war made them emo."

Heee. Have I mentioned spending vacation with Peewai and Fan' is quite a riot at times? You should hear Peewai tell the story of Book's life and the undying love he has for Mal, the woman of his life who turned out to be a male rebel for whom he changed his ways.


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