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In the midst of everything else... I look at this photo and feel a little bit better. I mean friends, smiles, kisses and activism, what's not to love?

Existrans' 2009 (photo: Amaury Grisel)

All right, back to the fake research proposal.
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Okay so I will admit I have like the biggest crush on Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens together. I mean I like Zac a lot but I have fairly little interest in Hudgens except then - THEN -


And I mean when it comes down to it I actually don't care all that much that it's them. They emphasize it somewhat but it's the photo itself that I just adore, and her hand in his hair and that mop of hair I love on almost anyone and the smiles and the fact that it's so intimate and genuine even though the camera is right there.

I'm a sucker for pictures that show intimate moments. I love to look at them, I love to take them. I know it's intrusive and voyeuristic and all that but I can't help it. It makes me ache in my chest I love it so much. I mean there's a reason I love Jack Slomovitz's photography, at least his stuff with couples (quick sample here and here - and careful, the website is NSFW).

So anyways. Back to Zac and Vanessa. I don't even know. There's just something about them, about the fact that they're 20 and 21 and they've lasted longer than most people can in the business that they're in, the fact that they're very low key about their relationship and don't talk about it but the way they look at each other, it's so obvious this is not a publicity stunt and they deeply care about each other. I don't really believe in soulmates or love forever and they might break up one day and it'll be none of my business, just like this really shouldn't be anyone's business but theirs. But I can't help but indulge in that voyeuristic urge to look on to people who seem so happy with each other, especially when it's a photoshoot and that means the photos were not only agreed to, but this is actually good photography. Not exceptional, but it's still photography and yeah, I love that too.

This isn't a ship, really. It would be sort of weird to ship people in real life for serious? It's more like... loving what's there. Enjoying it while they do, and hoping that they do and that they really are as happy as they seem, not because I have a stake in it, but because I want people to be this happy with each other. For a little while, for a long while. Doesn't matter, as long as there was happiness.

My two other favorite pictures of this photoshoot. )

Source for the photos.

Louise Attaque is making me all thoughtful and nostalgic, okay? Bear with me.
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This was yesterday in Vancouver:

Bear with the boring beautiful sunshine of the beginning of the day, it's worth it.

So yes. We had a huge thunder storm last night to go with the 2nd fireworks show of the Celebration of Lights (South Africa totally won me over by using music from the Lion King and actually having coherence in their fireworks). It was... indescribable it was so beautiful. Awe would be the perfect word to describe it. I'd never seen lightning streak the sky like this, and it lasted so long.

I mean, the Celebration of Lights is amazing enough on its own most of the time, but this was just breath-taking. I wasn't supposed to be downtown originally, and we got soaked watching this under (fairly light) rain, but it was so so worth it.

By cisley. Perfect illustration for the night.

You can see more here (there was a gorgeous orange/pink light falling on the city at sunset when lightning first started striking).

I really fucking love this city sometimes.
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I'm exhausted, and I just want tomorrow to be done with so we KNOW.

Speaking of, link courtesy of [ profile] ely_jan, a picspam made of awesome. So many beautiful images.

On that note, good night. I'm off to snuggle with purring kittens.
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Is there anyone left on this planet that can watch a movie/TV show, see a woman throw up randomly and not think "she's SO pregnant"? Yeah, I thought not.

Weather has been gorgeous in Vancouver but it got worse today... next week things should get rolling, the list of course books is getting released tomorrow, I have to go to my bank, I'm meeting with my grad supervisor on Tuesday, I need to swing by the GAB office at some point, and I have a little shopping to do (boring stuff, not exciting stuff).

The kittens are doing great and I think soon Lilly is not going to want to nurse anymore. Chloe has been improving and eating well, and when she focuses she can walk on her own for a little while! She just doesn't get into the litterbox though so we're still bathing her quite a bit.

And I've been watching Battlestar, I finished the first season today and immediately continued with S2. Oh, and we had a game night at Brad (Terra's boyfriend)'s house on Saturday and that was fun! I like discovering new board games and hanging out with geeks. :D

Since I'm still hoping to make the switch to Ubuntu before classes start and I'd like to be done with my photos for the summer before I do that (since I don't know Gimp - the equivalent of Photoshop - very well yet), I've been working on photos and uploading batches on my holdlifestillphoto journal. I have five or six series of photos from when my family was here in May and we went around British Columbia a little bit, and then I've just posted a batch with photos of the kitties. Here are a few previews, you can see the rest by going to the journal.

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I'll be posting to my Photo LJ soon, but I have to post a few photos of Glacier because I adore the boy, even though he can be a big wuss. And girly-looking. But he's my adorable boy and I love him. He's also overbooked until the end of the month so I won't ride him until next week. I know I said this every single time, but I'm so, so grateful that the club owner knows me and that I can just show up and she's super accomodating and willing to let me ride Glacier like this. Next Friday I'm going on a ride in the woods at dawn with him - from 5:30 to 7:30am. I can't wait.

Anyway, so Sunday I went to a competition he was taking part in and he didn't do too well (the idiot got scared of a pink jump and wouldn't jump it three times in a row so got disqualified) but I don't care because I still got really good photos out of it and I could snuggle him. I got good photos of the whole competition, by the way, not just him - even I'm not that obsessed. :)

Look at him all classy and beautiful. (Doesn't happen too often. :p)

On to my superstar horse. )

Photo meme

Apr. 21st, 2008 04:44 pm
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Taken from [ profile] meuh_leu

1. Go to
2. Type in your answer to the question in the "search" box
3. Use only the first page
4. Copy the html and paste for the answer.

Answers in photos )

I really love that meme, it's awesome to reply through photos. One day I need to do more of that with my own photography.
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I've been updating my holdlifestillphoto journal like crazy for the past two days (after four months of nothing... was about time!).

Here are shots from the series I've uploaded.

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It took a while, but here I am with my photos of the convention last weekend.

I've posted all the photos at [ profile] holdlifestill, my photo journal. There are nine series in total, including three (Alan, Sean and the second group panel) which get two entries because I have more pictures of them. In total I've uploaded 368 photos of the BDHs (and Rudy). Last year I'd brought back 210 from Cubed, and I already thought it was a lot! I'm not entirely happy with the quality of the pictures - many come out a little grainy but I don't know how I could have changed my settings to get better results. I'm very happy with a few of the pictures, though, because they come out as great photos - beyond their value as photographic memory of a great weekend and very pretty people, and overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the shots I got.

Under the cut, you'll find one picture to illustrate each batch I've posted - click on the picture to be taken to the corresponding entry on my photo journal (there you'll find a link to the full Photobucket album, too).

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

You can't take the sky from us )

For those of you wondering, there WILL be a full report, just not by me because I was (as you might have figured out) busy taking photos. I'll link to it as soon as it's typed out though!
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I've mentioned Martin Firrell before for his HERO project (which he did with Nathan Fillion). You can see that project if you click the following links: part 1 and part 2.

I ended up on his Myspace today, and if you have a Myspace account, check out his gallery. Some of these quotes are very powerful, and I love how he projects them onto buildings.

My favorite one is possibly the quote that I used for my subject line.
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- Living 'til the End FINALLY arrived. And right now the only thing I can say is that I was already disappointed that they'd filmed in Paris and I wasn't even aware, but Sean filmed a freakin' topless scene in the streets here. How did I miss that? Karma, what did I do to you? /mindless fangirl ramble
A bit more about the movie itself )

- Note to UK Civilization lecturer : please take two seconds of your life to realize how deeply ironic it is for you to tell us about socialization at school, to tell us that it shapes our views of gender, and then move on to talking of family and then only mention mothers? Really. I wonder why we keep associating women with the role of caretakers and men with the figure of authority. *headdesk* The worse part is that I notice that kind of thing (and vent my frustration at poor [ profile] littlegothsin) but most people don't. Whether because it's too small to be noticed or because it's so familiar that we've stopped noticing, most people just keep unconsciously integrating it and it kills me. That at university level, we'd talk of parenting and its effect on the kid's socialization and rather than talk of parents, we talk of mothers. Fuck that.

- I have two new series of pictures up at my photo journal (one was posted a while ago but I forgot to mention it here) : skater boys and another walk in the city. Click on the pictures below to access each series :

([ profile] littlegothsin : les trois tiers de mon LJ en un post! C'est magnifique! :-p)
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Just finished Young Masculinities - it's a challenging book and the topic (how do boys construct their identity as boys / men, how do they juggle with contradicting ideals of masculinty?) is fascinating but also terribly complex. I came out of this book wanting to interview more boys, in particular gay teenagers or teenagers raised by gay parents (on top of single parents and couples of parents), to see how it would complete that research, maybe help us get some answers or just draw a more comprehensive picture of how boys and men struggle with their identity nowadays.

In the end you realize how difficult it is to definite mascuilinity (or feminity for that matter). What makes you a man? If it's not specific tastes, abilities, a certain perception, an essence, then what is it? Is it solely physical? How can you then explain that people can be born in the wrong body? How do you know that you're a man? We were talking in class of how identities are defined in opposition - that's always how we define ourselves - in contrast with something else. In a world that assumes (and legitimately, I believe) that there is no fundamental difference between boys and girls, it becomes all the more difficult to construct your identity. Are you less of a man because you have what we still call "feminine" qualities? Of course not. But what, then, makes you a man?

On a less philosophical level, I had a wonderful time with [ profile] moimoietmoi this afternoon. She brought her polaroid and it was so much fun to use it - my last memories of a polaroid go back at least 12 years, my grandpa used to have one. And since I've got a whole new series of pictures to work on, I also finally kick my own ass and posted the rest of the previous series of pictures I took along the banks of the Seine and at Les Tuileries.

Go to my holdlifestillphoto LJ to see the last two batches I posted (specifically here and here). A couple of teasers :

And finally, recc'd by [ profile] woodsong_1978 and with good reason, Like Water is an excellent Torchwood fic. It's Jack/Tosh and it's very quiet and bittersweet, exactly what I love in my TW fics.
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I've received my first paycheck! Except it's not a paycheck, it's money appearing in my bank account, and it's not really my first one, but still! Money! Earned by me!

I just wanted to make just one post here to let you know I've posted all my pictures from our New Year's Eve party over at my Photo Journal. I took quite a lot of pictures, so I broke it down into six different entries :

1 - Pre-party
2 - Group dancing
3 - When people weren't dancing
4 - Solos
5 - Slash goodness
6 - Peewai


In other news, Jack/Ianto is still obsessing me, hmmm, Sunset Boulevard sung by John Barrowman, I've still not worked on a new layout and we need to run out the door!
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This is a miscellaneous entry of miscellaneousity!

- The Ikea Game. For all you crazy Sweden lovers out there. Can you beat my 4/10??

- Wedding Wars promos and premiere! (Sean's mentioned by John in the clip from the premiere at the very end.) 2 days, people. 2 DAYS. *needs her Sean fix like woah*

- Canada won't reopen the same-sex marriage debate. Because Canadians are TEH AWESOME. So cool that even some Conservatives voted against reopening the debate. *loves*

- Chris Buck takes photos of celebrities and I love what he does. Not all of it is excellent, but some shots are truly brilliant.
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Going to sound redundant, but what can you do !

For anyone who's interested, you can follow the fake cut to [ profile] holdlifestill, my photo LJ, for a couple of new posts.

Andover memories.

I also posted another of my favorite shots :

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For anyone who's interested, you can follow the fake cut to [ profile] holdlifestill, my photo LJ, for a couple of new posts.

More German pictures.

I've also posted one of my favorite shots I've taken so far :

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New post over at my photo journal.

Under fake cut : Afternoon at the stables.
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I was going through my photo folders earlier and realized I'd a bunch of really nice pictures from that one day I went down near Le Mans to celebrate Vincent's birthday... so I retouched and cropped and there you go.

(It's actually a pretty big batch so be careful, it's not dial-up friendly at all.)

Touching, laughing

An afternoon in the countryside... )
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May 17, 2004 : first day same-sex couples were allowed to get married in Massachusetts. I left campus as early as allowed to take the train to the Boston City Hall, and I stayed for as long as I could afford to see the first couples walk out of the City Hall. See victory take human shape, the reality of a necessary step forward, how it affects individuals and family. Goodridge vs. Department of Health and its consequences. The people it brought together : it was great to see who came to support the couples, the little aisle we created to cheer couples as they walked out, the brief friendships struck, the joy shared with people we'd never have meant but for that decision.

My low-quality digital camera failed me that day, so all the pictures I have I took with the SLR camera lent by the school. It also means I focused on what struck me, what the day was about, the joy and sense of approval, recognition, right now, and I have no pictures of the protesters that yelled from one side of the plaza. I almost never heard them anyway. We were too busy celebrating. In a way it makes it more special, that I had to work (I developped all those photographs myself) and choose which pictures to print, that there are so few of them.

Working on those pictures, looking back at them, it really struck me that some of them hold something of History in them. Memories from Andover and that day have blurred, but the photographs remain unchanged. Witnesses of time, maybe more than any other.

May 17, 2004 : headlines

Struck by history )
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I have this urge to watch Free Willy. I'm not too sure I should indulge.

I've been working on old photos of mine, taken in Andover, specifically the ones from May 17, 2004 in Boston. I'll post them later today, for now I just wanted to share just a few shots I took one morning in Paris when we stopped in a café.

Pensive notes

Silent pianist )


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