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1 sleep until Allie gets back
starting new job July 5th
buying new bike tomorrow
Iceland postcard from Allie in French
cat napping with her head against my leg

Now some actual interesting links:

- Accepting Kyriarchy, Not Apologies. On why the term "kyriarchy" is more useful than "patriarchy" to understand patterns of dominance and oppression in our society.

- Rachel Maddow's BRILLIANT fake presidential address. I wish so, so much that Obama had said these things. "If you can't handle the risk, you will no longer take your chance with our fate to reap your rewards."

- Here's another fine mess by Roger Ebert, on the BP oil spill. I don't 100% agree on the idea that we need to go back to an earlier age - I think that usually grossly glamorizes what life was like then - but we do need to learn to use less. In a lot of ways, it's a lot like privilege - we can't expect to keep all our advantages, to be coddled, and we should get over that.

- A post on Hey Baby Hey, an online video game which, essentially, mimics what street harassment can feel like.
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Allie and I were talking earlier and for some reason I brought up Hush and I was like, "y'know, the Buffy episode where they don't talk?" And she was like, yeah, Hush! Which makes my little geeky heart so happy, that she would even know episode names, and so I ventured to ask if she'd seen Dr. Horrible, and she has. This, on top of general awesomeness, and the fact that she's borrowed 17 Again from me. Guys. I've really lucked out here!


Some not-so-celebratory coverage about the Olympics and two quotes that sum up a lot of issues for me:
- The Guardian: Vancouver's Olympics head for disaster
- MSNBC: Canada’s Olympic city has notorious skid row (I have problems with that one but glad the DTES is getting some attention)
- Sports Illustrated: As Olympics near, people in Vancouver are dreading Games

Carol Martin who works in the downtown eastside of Vancouver, the most economically impoverished area in all of Canada, made this clear: "The Bid Committee promised that not a single person would be displaced due to the Games, but there are now 3,000 homeless people sleeping on Vancouver's streets and these people are facing increased police harassment as they try to clean the streets in the lead up to the Games." (Sports Illustrated)

"The Bailout Games" have already been labelled a staggering financial disaster. While the complete costs are still unknown, the Vancouver and British Columbian governments have hinted at what's to come by cancelling 2400 surgeries, laying off 233 government employees, 800 teachers and recommending the closure of 14 schools. It might be enough to make one cynical, but luckily every inch of the city is now coated with advertisements that feature smiley people enjoying the products of the event's gracious sponsors. (The Guardian)

(Interesting to read people's feelings about the event on the Vancouver LJ community, too.)


I am NOT HAPPY with UBC for claiming that they sent an email out to students about a guy who's been banned from the central building on campus for inappropriate touching of women, when no one has actually received that email. Ugh.


Reading the platform for Europe Écologie makes me both feel awesome that this coalition even exists and sad to think people like this could be in power and doing so much good but they're not. You know how people always complain that there is no political party that stands for what they believe in? Yeah, I totally don't feel that way. I have so much love for the Green Party in France, even though it's not perfect by any means. But reading about their vision of what to do makes me feel like we could actually turn things around if we had the political courage to do so.
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OK so like in three words because I need to sleeeeep, TODAY WAS AWESOME.

The crowd was huge and I LOVE being part of anything like that, the smiles and the hugs and the thrill of chants and the colors, SO MANY COLORS, I fucking love my community, and I took a ridiculous number of pictures (I'm talking over 800) that I cannot wait to share, and I loved every minute of it, even when the rally crossed that line of wayyyy too long. It was just such a beautiful event, in so many ways, and so many speeches made me well up, not just because they were sad but because of the energy, because of the sense of togetherness, because we will win this fight, because of the amazing desire to welcome and include and love. I almost feel bad for people who are straight and narrow, because being queer is seriously one of the best things that has happened to me and when I see and hear and listen to the spirit and determination from the queer kids, my generation, I am so proud to be standing there with them.

Source for photos here.

Not unaware of the irony of my "teh awesome" icon being the Obama logo, considering the great - and justified - ambivalence that the LGBT queer community has been feeling towards the President, but you know what - I'm still hoping.
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Why do all things awesome always happen at the same time?

Vancouver's Can't Stop the Serenity screening is June 27, the Saturday after I get back. I REALLY want to go because it's Serenity + Dr. Horrible in the company of awesome Whedon fans and it's all for really great charities.

BUT. My friend Cole's 21 birthday is that weekend, and she's celebrating it in her home city of SAN FRANCISCO, and it is the weekend of SF PRIDE PARADE and people are ROAD-TRIPPING down to San Francisco to go to the event and I want to be there partying with everyone and doing Pride in San Fucking Francisco SO BAD.

Dilemma. >.>

Mind you, Dilemma might be solved if I'm selected to be a Youth Leader at the Fyrefly Camp since the training sessions start on Sunday, June 28 and since SF Pride is on the same day, I doubt I could do both. Which sucks! I want to be able to do all three. ;_;

Now let's cut on the unwarranted melodrama and share some links! It's metaquotes-approved funny.

On patient zero for the swine flu.

Je wank, tu wank(s?), il wank, nous wankons... The double-entendre is pretty amusing, too. ^^
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So Thursday I was a little surprised when I biked past Buchanan Tower to see that it had been transformed into what looked like a warzone. I'm used to seeing lots of "crew park" signs and filming trucks on campus, but I'd never seen them prep a location for filming.

I wondered what they were going to film and didn't want to bother anyone by stopping and asking, but tonight I learned from someone who works there that they're filming Wolverine there this weekend. Hugh Jackman is on campus. ^^ (I'm excited because usually I've never heard of the stuff they film on campus.) Apparently it's supposed to be a prison, which says a lot about how ugly Buchanan Tower is. ^^

Totally unrelated, but aw! Our former foster Marcus is up on the VOKRA website as a success story. It makes me so, so happy that he's found such a good home with lots of people who love him.

Pride Beer Garden tonight. Lovely. A little hoarse from talking over loud music for a long time. But I really did enjoy myself, and ended up not going to see W. and stayed 'til the end of the party instead.

Now my cat is trying to do things she can't so I'm going to go grab her before she hurts herself.
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Terra and I were at Brad's house today, doing some pumpkin carving! I was going to carve the Chinese characters for "serenity" into one of mine but got worried I would screw it up (this is the first time I carve a pumpkin on my own!). So instead I did evil (vampire?) Harry Potter (on the right) and a cute pumpkin who's having the BEST time, all the time, because, much like me, he's easily entertained. I named him Ron for continuity. And on the left side of my dear laptop Aziz, you have scaredpants pumpkin. In its defense, it did hang out very close to Chtulu (Brad's pumpkin, not featured here!) for a while, and that would scare the shit out of anyone.

I had an awesome time carving :D And I'm very happy with how they turned out.

While I'm sharing silly stuff, this video of Ellen interviewing Vanessa Hudgens just cracks me up. I just love the way Ellen asks her question very seriously and yet a little hesitant, and Vanessa doesn't seem entirely sure at first when she's joking or not. ^^

And finally,courtesy of metaquotes, are you pro- or anti-American? Take this test and find out! I got disqualified but if I hadn't, I'd still be at -35. Living in Vancouver screwed me from the start! Damn you, Vancouver, for being welcoming and progressive.

So, remember how I mentioned the kittens had been nursing from each other ever since Mommy's been gone? And how Chloe'd taken up sucking her own nipple? Yeah, well. She's been doing it a lot and yesterday I picked her up and noticed her nipple was very red, almost raw. ... Yes, my cat sucked herself raw. So I called the vet to check what I should do, and now I'm making sure she doesn't do it again, at least until her little nipple has healed. She's a very special cat for sure. ^^
And because I can, photo!
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Yesterday I was at a lecture on asexuality, given by two representatives of AVEN (Asexuality Visibility and Education Network), David (who's the founder) and Cole, a friend of mine. This is not something I've talked about a whole lot and so I figured this would be a great time to go over some of the stuff they mentioned in the lecture.

First of all, it really struck me how familiar the content sounded even though I don't think I've ever heard or read much about asexuality in itself. A lot of ideas are very similar to the ones I've encountered doing anti-homophobia/heterosexism work, though, and with reason: heterosexism assumes "natural" (hetero) sexual desire (at least from males) and the asexual community has very much grown from the LGBT movement and they're big on the idea of inclusion. Which is awesome.

So for starters. An asexual person is "a person who does not experience sexual attraction". In the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), the closest term to asexuality is "hypoactive sexual desire disorder". What I find interesting is that the DSM qualifies it a disorder if it's a source of distress (whether personal or in a relationship). So there is absolutely room for healthy, happy asexuals there, and the asexual community is not looking to change the DSM per se.

Basically, asexuals don't feel the need to make sex part of their relationships.

There was a big emphasis on the idea that "asexual" is a word and an identity that you decide to use for yourself; no one is qualified to decide whether someone else is asexual, or if someone else is not asexual enough, or any of that. "If it's a word that makes sense, you use it. Otherwise, you don't."

Asexuality is very different from celibacy. Celibacy is the choice not to have sex, whereas asexuals are simply not interested in sex. Even though David and Cole didn't go into a lot of details about the relationship that asexuality has to the religious and conservative right, they did say that the asexual community feels uneasy about abstinence-only education (and find it unhelpful). David also talked about being very sex-positive (personally sex-neutral but politically sex-positive, I liked that), and Cole about the fact that they talk about sex a lot on the forums - so asexuals don't necessarily shy away from sex and are not afraid of it. It's just not part of the way they conceptualize their relationships.

What they brought up is that we basically have very few models for intimate non-sexual relationships, so it is up to asexuals to determine what that looks like, which is great because it gives you much freedom to fit something that works for you. This refashioning around understanding relationships can also be very helpful to sexual people who can then broaden their understanding of what makes a relationship. What is intimacy without sex? What does an asexual relationship look like? Nobody knows, and that's the beauty of it.

David and Cole also went to great lengths to explain that the asexual community is diverse even in identities. Some asexual people seek out romantic relationships (bi-, hetero-, homo-, pan-romantic are all options, of course), others don't. David defines himself as having "community-based relationships", and I'm just going to copy/paste the little blurb from their FAQ:

"Some asexuals, instead of establishing one-on-one romantic relationships, prefer to connect with the people around them in a community-based intimacy framework, establishing emotional intimacy with other people (including sexuals) without forming expectations of sexual or emotional exclusivity. For asexuals who are comfortable with this setup, it can alleviate the biggest source of tension in a standard mixed relationship (because the sexual person can have their sexual needs met elsewhere)."

Note that this is different from open and polyamorous relationships which both assume you have primary partner(s).

Oh! And I liked that Cole and David both had problems with the word "virgin" because it's so multi-faceted, and also David made the point that it had connotation of being pure, and innocent and not having had sex yet, all of which are problematic and he certainly doesn't feel 'innocent' applies to him. ;)

Also, I like the difference that they made being sexual arousal and sexual desire: just because your body is aroused doesn't mean you want sex or you should have sex, which has very important consequences on understanding consent and desire for intimacy. There's also the whole "why don't you just try it" thing, which is so fascinating: why would you want to force something to do something if they don't feel like doing it? It's like the gay/bi/straight thing, do you really need to have sex with a man to know you're attracted to them? Of course not.

For the record, about 1% of the population is asexual (I'm pretty sure that number applies to people who don't feel sexual desire, not to people who actually use the identity asexual, since that's VERY new).

So there you go. A little space given to asexual visibility here, too. :) The AVEN website is a great resource if you want to learn more.

And now just a quick personal write-up )
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So. Apparently Billy's the one who's going to go first! Aww. He's barely passed 1st grade of Horribleness and already he goes. Maybe one of his sisters will go with him.

In the meanwhile, and that's what we need help with, Mommy is becoming a problem. At first she would sometimes sneak into the bathroom and poo/pee in the kittens' bed, but recently she has done it on the couch as well. I caught her once and gave her a time-out in the kennel for it, and a couple of times when the incident was recent she showed it to her and put her in the kennel again.

The weird thing is that she hasn't stopped using the litter boxes (of which there are three in our small place so she can get to them, that's not the issue), and she seems to do it randomly... it's a problem because pee on the futon: NOT fun. We've decided that now she would be staying in the bathroom whenever we're not around, but then the other day she did it on the couch while Terra was right there so I'm not sure that's going to be super efficient. Since she's going to the vet to get spayed on Wednesday I've asked them to do a urine test, too, because I get the feeling this might not just be behavioral, but that she might have a good reason to want to pee on soft surfaces... still, anyone has any advice on what we can do to stop her doing it, or to make it super clear to her this isn't acceptable? I was thinking of going to get a spray thing later, that stuff that smells real bad for animals? I know people use that with dogs who pee inside the house, I figure they might have the same thing for cats?
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Linus is NOT Windows.

So very valid and interesting points made in that post (especially about user friendliness). Despite the slight video issue I'm still having and tiny things I haven't figured out yet, I am satisfied of my switch to Ubuntu. It's maybe a little more code-oriented than I'd like it to be, but that's mostly because I'm still unfamiliar with the system. Overall, I've managed to resolve several issues in the past few days and there's great satisfaction that comes from doing that. I just like all the ways in which I can customize the system.

A lot of the stuff that I'm enjoying would be available on Macs, but ultimately for me the BIG "seller" for Linux is the fact that it's open source. Yes, it's a little more complex to get around than either a Microsoft or Apple OS, but . That's really always been my main problem with Apple - especially since their computer are systematically more expensive than PCs for equivalent hardware - they're out to make money just like any other company and I don't really see a reason to support their business much more than Microsoft except they're the hip underdog.


Joss about faith. I love these quotes, especially the longer one about America not recognizing atheism and assuming that not having faith means not having a belief system and thinking 'anything goes', which couldn't be further from the truth. It's just that there are no foundations upon which to build, but to me it also means that it's a change to strive for a coherent belief system that can evolve and challenge itself as we grow and learn.


In more personal news:

- I cooked myself curry (thanks to Brad's recipe!) on Friday and it was really nice to have a 'real' dinner that didn't involve pasta. On Saturday I went to Brad's for games and had an awesome time again (DungeonQuest is an hilarious game) and he'd made delicious chocolate cupcake that came with peanut butter icing and chocolate glaze. All veagan and thus inherently healthier, of course. :p

- All the cats are up for adoption: Billy, Zoe, Maddy, Maxxie (hit previous to see the girls) and Lily. Not Meimei Chloe because I am officially trying to adopt her, even though it still scares me because it's a big commtiment and I'm afraid to not do right by her. I hope being aware that this is a serious thing to do means I will be a better owner, but truth is this is unchartered territory for me. I mean, Caramel was never primarily my responsibility, but my parents'... Meimei Chloe's life would be entirely in my hands. For 15 years, maybe more. That's a long time, I think I have to acknowledge that. More when the adoption becomes official.

- Kenda (Roomie #2) witnessed a robbery at the bakery next door last night. o_O It was really interesting to see the whole process, the police came for a statement and everything, they managed to catch the guys.

- I have finally gotten around buying all 7 seasons of Buffy in one beautiful, beautiful boxset. (Bought from .com instead of .ca because companies continuously try to screw over Canadians - this boxset is $187 USD and $240 CAD, wtf.) I've also acquired Battlestar Galactica Season 1 through 3 for a really reasonable price considering how expensive they try to sell you every single season. So basically today was my Day of Supporting the Quality Entertainment Industry. :D
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Is there anyone left on this planet that can watch a movie/TV show, see a woman throw up randomly and not think "she's SO pregnant"? Yeah, I thought not.

Weather has been gorgeous in Vancouver but it got worse today... next week things should get rolling, the list of course books is getting released tomorrow, I have to go to my bank, I'm meeting with my grad supervisor on Tuesday, I need to swing by the GAB office at some point, and I have a little shopping to do (boring stuff, not exciting stuff).

The kittens are doing great and I think soon Lilly is not going to want to nurse anymore. Chloe has been improving and eating well, and when she focuses she can walk on her own for a little while! She just doesn't get into the litterbox though so we're still bathing her quite a bit.

And I've been watching Battlestar, I finished the first season today and immediately continued with S2. Oh, and we had a game night at Brad (Terra's boyfriend)'s house on Saturday and that was fun! I like discovering new board games and hanging out with geeks. :D

Since I'm still hoping to make the switch to Ubuntu before classes start and I'd like to be done with my photos for the summer before I do that (since I don't know Gimp - the equivalent of Photoshop - very well yet), I've been working on photos and uploading batches on my holdlifestillphoto journal. I have five or six series of photos from when my family was here in May and we went around British Columbia a little bit, and then I've just posted a batch with photos of the kitties. Here are a few previews, you can see the rest by going to the journal.

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I just called my mom's office and the conversation went like this:

Me: I'd like to talk to Annie D. please.
Secretary: She's in a meeting all afternoon. Can I take a message?
Me: I'm her daughter, can you just let her know I'll call her at home tonight?
Secretary: Do you have a number where you can call her?
Me: ...I'm her daughter, I'll just call her at home.
Secretary: But you have her number?
Me: ... ... yes, yes I do.
Secretary: Okay then!
Me: ...have a good day.

Well, at least she didn't make the assumption that I necessarily have enough of a good relationship with my mother to know her home number. ^^

Also, having a three-hour conversation about Buffy and Joss and life and how little sense grad school makes in this country? Best remedy to feeling a little down.

I know I mention it in like every single post I make, but I have so much love for Vélib' right now. Took the bus to downtown because it was pouring rain but thanks to Vélib' I could bike home instead of taking the bus again. :D Small things, but it makes me really happy.


Apr. 4th, 2008 06:56 pm
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We has couch! \o/

...but no Ikea key to put it together.
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I just turned in my first digital paper! Yep, was the highlight of my day - my life's so exciting. (And btw, that's not true, my day was better than just that.)

I've been firming up L.A. plans, though I'm still waiting to buy my bus tickets. Right now I have a picket line to join to support writers, a plunge to take to raise awareness about climate change, a midnight screening of Serenity to attend, and a Power Animal gig to go to. It's going to be a busy trip, but it should be fun!

I've caught up on shows, and this week was really good. I've been watching most shows for nothing but entertainment. I'm involved with the storylines and the characters, but pretty superficially so - as in I enjoy the shows while I watch them, but they don't get under my skin, y'know? I don't think about them once the episode is over, and until I have the next one to watch. But this week Grey's really took me in, which was the point I guess, since it's a two-parter, and I really can't wait for this week's episode. The best was Dexter though - I found myself awwing at the screen in a way I hadn't while watching a TV show in a while. Like I was genuinely delighted for the characters and I love that, it's an awesome feeling. The main plotline's got me hooked, too, and I really can't wait to see what happens in this week's episode. Of course, it's not that I'm really getting into it that the season's going to end! *g*

I haven't been so good about posting links and strike stuff lately, mostly because I've been busy with the term papers so I've not had a chance to catch up really regularly. I will mention that if you haven't yet, you should buy a few pencil boxes - they're trying to reach half a million pencils and they're a little over halfway there!

I...had a WGA video called "Who's on the line" that I wanted to share, but it's been removed from Youtube. I don't know why. :/ I can't still share this one, though! It's a short movie with David Schwimmer and Kate Beckinsale. :)
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First, I officially have a passport! Yay me. And UBC's sent me another email to fill out the course form, and even though I've still not received an official acceptance letter, it makes me feel good.

Today there was a meeting for Ségolène Royal at the Charlety stadium, which is a five-minute walk from our apartment. I toyed with the idea of going, but I've got my Spanish oral tomorrow, so it's best to lock myself up and try and learn some of the stuff.

I had to go to buy some groceries, though, so I walked up to the Franprix which is really close to the stadium, and there were so many people going there. It's strange when that happens - when politics suddenly stop being invisible, when you know there's a 95% chance of the person behind you in the line being pro-Royal (when they don't actually sport a t-shirt or a sticker). I don't know if it's just me, but suddenly, I've got this sense of belonging. I might disagree with these people on so many things, but in that moment, it doesn't matter.

It reminds me of being at the Boston State House, singing the American anthem, chanting to pro-same-sex marriage slogans. When humans come together, with the same hope, that sort of positive energy, it's electrifying.

I didn't go to the meeting today because my heart would have burst with that sense of belonging, of togetherness. I can get myself in tears just feeling that, because in these moments, I know, I know there's a reason to fight for what I believe is right. Common purpose, common beliefs, the overwhelming sense that I'm not alone. That we believe, and that we should, that we have every reason to. It feels good. Energizing. Moving.

I didn't go to the meeting, because I don't want to feel this way, I dont' want to start actively believing we can beat Sarkozy Sunday. If I don't believe too hard, then Sunday won't be as bad. At least that's what I keep telling myself. And yet I hope, because no matter what I say, no matter what I feel, this is my country, and I can't give it up to what I believe is a call to division, fear, distrust. (I also don't agree with Sarkozy's plan for economics, but it's not what I'm afraid of.)

Go and vote Sunday; don't lose hope. Miracles happen.

And even when they don't, never lose hope.
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I have paint, a brush, tape so I don't paint over glass, and glue for the tiles. DIY, here I come!

My bike's at the repairshop for the afternoon, the weather's beautiful, and I might even manage to be productive school-wise. Woot!

In other news, I've always loved B&J's and not just because their ice-cream is LOVE, but I am slightly confused by the goal of their latest campaign, Votez Woody. They probably just want to draw attention to the Presidential campaign and themselves, but I'm curious to see if anything will happen on May 6 when the cow's not elected.

Anyway, whatever the goal, I like that they're into political stuff. (Also, it reminds of Michael Moore and his ficus. Heee.)

Speaking of delicious ice-cream, next Tuesday is FREE CONE DAY! You can get free ice-cream in Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse. I only wish we had Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream available here.

And finally, unrelated, but tomorrow night France 2 is showing a TV movie about a gay kid coming out to his parents (Le ciel sur la tête). I have no clue if it's any good, obviously, but I'll tune in to give it a chance. Apparently it's from the parents' perspective rather than the kid's, for a change.
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You might remember the topic for our in-class US Civilization exam was a totally gift for gender-obsessed me.

Well, looks like school's liking me this year, because the in-class exam we just had in UK Civilization was about gender and work and the pay gap. It was fairly straight-forward and easy to write and dude! I wish all of my in-class papers went like that.

And now I'm on SPRING BREAK. And planning on doing nothing exciting, but yay! break! And I get to work on all the exams that are coming up after break. Technically I should really, really work on Spanish, but I have a tiny feeling I won't. La la la! But still, a quick list of what I should try and do during break :
- study
- paint my window
- stick the tiles to the floor in the toilets (don't ask me why the fuck they're not stuck anymore)
- get my bike to the repairshop!! (for brakes, light, oil)
- take pictures for the MAG poster and come up with a final version
- get my passport

...I know, my life's just so.intereting. Actually, in more exciting news, [ profile] woodsong_1978 is coming over next week and I can't wait! So basically as usual, I shouldn't have too much time to get bored.

Also, I wish UBC would send me something, anything, that would be a hint that they got my application okay. I find myself highly distrustful of my university when it comes to this exchange program.

Finally, a Neil Gaiman quote I really like, even though I'm a little more optimistic than that on the topic.

"Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love."
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Première prise de position interreligieuse en France contre le mariage homosexuel.
Glad to see religions putting their differences aside to take a common stand against same-sex marriage. Hate's such a great uniter!

A funny thing happened in class last night (funny-nerdy, not funny haha). We're studying a collection of poems by Elizabeth Bishop, and so last night the teacher handed up a poem (Pink Dog) so we'd have a quick look at it and start writing down remarks about the poem for analysis. Then we shared some of what we'd notice wit the class. The poem is about this pink dog walking in the streets and everybody looking at it weird - then it's associated with all the rejects of society (in particular the homeless). So I wrote something about marginals, how people would rather they be hidden, gotten rid of, that sort of thing.

And then the teacher tells us Bishop was a lesbian and her status as an outsider helps understand the fact she speaks of marginals and "otherhood".

I find it interesting that the element that struck me most in the poem is what's related to the author's sense of otherness because of her sexuality. It's partly a coincidence, of course, and doesn't just have to do with the fact I'm gay. It's also that it's been my job ; I work on discrimination and LGBT issues on a daily basis, so of course I'd see things through this prism. But it does make me wonder if, by being an outsider in that way, you gain in awareness - you become more sensitive to what it means to be, not necessarily outright rejected, but just forgotten, ignored, not desired. Is it because you're gay you're more sensitive to that (because you're concerned), or do you become more sensitive to that as you develop a sense of group consciousness? Is it simply because I work in that field? Would I have become so involved in the field of discrimination if I hadn't come out? I have no doubt a number of straight people are extremely sensitive to the issue of otherness, but I can't help wondering if it's something more unconsciousness, almost, when you're concerned one way or another. Like an automatic reflex you develop. Something you see and you don't realize it might not be obvious for others.

While I'm on gay stuff, I finally got in touch Cilla last night and she told me a bit more about PA's GSA. Apparently it was a quiet process there, something that sort of just happened. What's interesting is that Concord High started its GSA approximately at the same time. I'm thinking if things went differently at Concord (very possible seeing Concord High is a public school and not necessarily as liberal as PA is well-known for being), it could be interesting to draw a parrallel between the two. I think I just found an email for the current GSA adviser at Concord High, so maybe she can help me get a feel of how things went there back then.
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Some of you might remember the story of that dog, Capi, I told a little while ago.

Capi was a young dog full of affection who spent the first three years of his life in a loveless home where he wasn't taken care of.

Last May two family friends (Jacques and Annick) rescued him from possible death and took him into their home.

A few weeks ago, a car ran into him while Jacques was walking him. The collision broke Capi's spine ; he was going to be paralyzed for life, if he could live at all.

So Jacques called Annick and together they decided the best thing to do was to put Capi to sleep.

Clean broken spine, Capi didn't have a splotch of blood on him. They stayed with him until the end.

I saw the tears in my mom's eyes and I know it's only a fraction of what Annick and Jacques must have felt, and it tears me inside.

Capi had finally found a good home, he was full of love and energy, he loved them. Loved them. And they loved him back, so much.

That story deserved a happier ending.

I'm miles away from where you are
I lay down on the cold gound
I pray that something picks me up
And sets me down in your warm arms

EDIT : For three years he was left to survive by himself, never got really hurt. Six months in a loving family and he dies. "We couldn't protect him," Annick told my mom. What do you say to that?


Jan. 16th, 2007 03:11 pm
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The list of student selected by Paris III to go to Canada next year has been released.

People! I'M GOING TO UBC!!!!!!

Officially, UBC hasn't accepted my application yet (we won't know if they have before late May), but since they have a partnership with my school, chances that someone selected at my school would be turned down by UBC are very low. So it's pretty much a done deal.

I'm so excited, and at the same time it's like I can't believe it. I'm going back to North America. I'm going back to school in North America. I'm going back to Vancouver. It's almost too good to be true. I still have that memory of when I was 9 and my mom pointed to Vancouver on a map to show me when you go to see orcas, and it seemed like the other end of the world to me. Some unreachable place. And now I'm going to live there for a year. I still find something extraordinary about that.
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I've received my first paycheck! Except it's not a paycheck, it's money appearing in my bank account, and it's not really my first one, but still! Money! Earned by me!

I just wanted to make just one post here to let you know I've posted all my pictures from our New Year's Eve party over at my Photo Journal. I took quite a lot of pictures, so I broke it down into six different entries :

1 - Pre-party
2 - Group dancing
3 - When people weren't dancing
4 - Solos
5 - Slash goodness
6 - Peewai


In other news, Jack/Ianto is still obsessing me, hmmm, Sunset Boulevard sung by John Barrowman, I've still not worked on a new layout and we need to run out the door!


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