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First, [ profile] arcadiane wrote this excellent post on Where The Wild Things Are (the movie). I realized I'd never written about the movie and what I thought about it but she's said it all, pretty much, and I'm still not sure I have my own words to talk about it. I can see how people would hate the movie and find it boring, but if you can let yourself be taken by the beauty, the quiet, the kid's point of view, and not look for a plot, it's exactly what I would have wanted this movie to be, I think.

Second, I actually discovered this a while ago but I don't think I've ever linked to them: ASL songs. They're vids that put songs into ASL language (I'm assuming you can do the same with other sign languages, but as in the world of hearing, American stuff dominates online) and they're damn cool. Two awesome guys who do them are CaptainL0ver (his version of If You Seek Amy is particularly awesome, but check out more) and CaptainValor (I love him in Party in the USA). And then there's this adorable teen (and the girl he learned it from) doing it on Hot 'n' Cold (they're not super fluent or putting the rhythm into it as much, but he's super cute). (They're all a little gay and effeminate, too, which, <3.)

Third, not so much with the fun and funny, my f-list is awesome and shared links with me about James Cameron's Avatar that I wanted to share back with everybody:
- About the white privilege perspective in the movie, check out When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like "Avatar"?, which is dead-on throughout the entire article, but I want to highlight this paragraph:
These are movies about white guilt. Our main white characters realize that they are complicit in a system which is destroying aliens, AKA people of color - their cultures, their habitats, and their populations. The whites realize this when they begin to assimilate into the "alien" cultures and see things from a new perspective. To purge their overwhelming sense of guilt, they switch sides, become "race traitors," and fight against their old comrades. But then they go beyond assimilation and become leaders of the people they once oppressed. This is the essence of the white guilt fantasy, laid bare. It's not just a wish to be absolved of the crimes whites have committed against people of color; it's not just a wish to join the side of moral justice in battle. It's a wish to lead people of color from the inside rather than from the (oppressive, white) outside.

- About ableism in the movie, read Future of Portrayals of Disability in Movies? Cameron’s Avatar. I thought about a lot of that as soon as I saw Jake in a wheelchair. :/
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First, a gorgeous picspam of the end of Needs by [ profile] syxstring. Obviously spoiler-y for that episode.

A really cool Chicago Tribune interview of Joss Whedon, mostly about Dollhouse. It goes into a lot of questions that have come up about the show.

...I can't believe I forgot that link in my previous entry. A really great post on racism in pop culture and political correctness. It talks specifically about the movie 300 but there's a lot there that applies way beyond that one movie. I like that it brings up the question of purposefulness, which reminded me of Robert Black's "It's not Homophobia but it Doesn't Make It Right" (unfortunately I've only had time to skim over it).
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Woah. So looking forward to this. There are so many childhood memories there, I really hope it doesn't let me down. The trailer bodes well - I'm impressed by how touching it is, how right the kid playing Max seems, how truthful it is. I have big hopes for this.

On a slightly more shallow note, I really can't get over how cute Efron can be. I'm really going to need to see 17 Again.
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I have papers to grade and a paper to edit before I leave next week and I have two hours of free time but of course I can't do any of it because I don't have anything with me on campus. I shall thus share a bunch of links.


A Joss interview. In my theory class we've been talking about the Holocaust/Shoah and the banality of evil, or rather the fact that it is very easy for average people to commit atrocities, so this part of the interview really resonated with me.

Q: And it's a similar idea of these mysterious people who seem very normal and slick, but are they ... evil?

A: Yeah. And we get to confront them with the consequences of what they do, and learn more about why they do what they do. Because very few people are entirely evil. I know it's hard to believe that after the last eight years of government in this country, but everybody has two sides, and I believe that not only are people often less or more righteous than they understand, but they often don't know what part of them is actually the good part. And a lot of the things that we prize in America might not actually be useful traits, and a lot of the things we vilify, to me, are not necessarily harmful, and that's something that's been in my work from the start.


Gorgeous photos by David Strick of the Dollhouse set. Can you believe the show's actually starting tomorrow? We've been talking about it for so long it's hard to believe.


Dan Savage's entry about his mom's death.I love at the end:
But I'm practical, like Mom, and I'd hate to see perfectly good tickets to a national tour of a hit Broadway musical go to waste. And it occurs to me that there has to be a teenage boy out there—in Chicago or close enough—who likes musicals and has a mother who loves him for the little musical-theater queen that he is. If you know that boy or you are that boy or you were that boy a decade ago or if you're that boy's mother or grandmother, send me an e-mail and I'll arrange to get these tickets to you.


What Teachers Make by Taylor Mali. It's a little simplistic and idealistic for a lot of reason, but I still like the overall message.


Speaking of, so I've finally seen Entre les murs (The Class) and it was amazing how much it felt familiar, like home, even though my own high school was nothing like that. I've personally encountered the attitudes we see in the movie from students during workshops a lot, and that's part of why I loved doing it so much, but still. It's not a whole lot of experience. Still, it spoke to me - made me frustrated and happy and it made me laugh while at the same time there's something so sad about it.

I'm going to buy the DVD - there's a lot of stuff in there that I want to pay closer attention to, about French education and the relationship between the teacher and his students, especially. I was surprised that I'd heard people mention the "gay incident" because it's so short and insignificant. The teacher addresses nothing. And I heard 'fag' said at other moments in the movie and no one, certainly not the teacher, picks up on it. So I'd gotten the impression before from other people that homophobia was poked at in the movie but to me it was more striking in terms of what is not done about it.

I'd be curious to read more about it - I know it's a mix of fiction and reality, anyone knows of a link that goes into detail about that?
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Okay. So for some reason instead of jotting down the beginning of some notes for my Buffy paper I've been read these excellent (because funny) summaries of Twilight, with actual quotes! (As seen on TV.)

Well. Twilight has just turned into more than an idiotic, backwards book series. I'm officially terrified. This is an excerpt from the book. For real. (For those of you who are lucky enough to not know, the books are narrated in the first person by the female protagonist, Bella.)

Assault and all that good stuff. )

On a nicer note, I went to see Madagscar 2 tonight )

This reminds me, I can't remember if I said, but man, how much do I wish the people who made Wall-E had not felt the need to give Wall-E and Eve gendered voices. It would have been so awesome, had both their voices been neutral. They wouldn't be coded male, female, gay, straight. They would just be robots in love and we would have no words to talk about that story. I love the thought.
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Before I get started on this little rant, something I did in preparation for my lecture:

Really, heterosexuality manifests itself at school? No. Never, ever.


UBC FilmSoc is showing the movie this week and I've been hearing about it so we (me + a bunch of friends) went it to see it last night. Three things that I found particularly interesting about the movie (which is about, well, young people - four couples and a threesome - fucking), but I'm going to put that under a cut in case some of you don't want to be "spoiled" for the movie.

Hétéronormativité, quand tu nous tiens... )

It's 'funny' because I'm pretty sure I'm coming across as very critical; I actually enjoyed the movie a lot and I would absolutely recommend it. But especially since it's so much about sex, sexuality and relationships, it's just impossible for me to sit there and not reflect on the messages that the movie was perpetuating and the way in which the audience through its reactins was reifying very problematic messages about sexuality. What's acceptable, what's "normal", and in contrast, what is funny because it's unexpected/abnormal/unusual.

Pretty much I was sitting there and feeling like I was watching hegemony at work. Our messages change, evolve, but some dominant beliefs don't.

Real guys don't get fucked, y'know?
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This whole preparing a lecture thing is so much fun :D

I'm going to start working on the powerpoint and so I'm shopping around for illustrations, and realized that High School Musical is like, perfect. It's school and family entertainment and it's all about heterosexuality. Actually I'm just wondering now if I shouldn't try and show THAT in class. Because seriously. It would be so funny.

(As a sidenote: Oh, baby Simon. You're so cute going for the dark and broody look. The sad thing is I do actually find him really pretty hot, especially with the longish hair. I fail. ^^)

I just wish I could find a high quality image of Troy (Efron) and Gabriella (Hudgens) with a school backdrop, but barring that, still so many to choose from. Oh, High School Musical. You will never cease to amaze me.

...I almost want to rewatch those movies now. Except I know they really won't be half as funny without you, [ profile] fan_elune. Get yourself over here, will you? ^^

...why isn't Sean Maher doing these photoshoots? Damn, Efron.
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Hearing Joss say "sexuality is a spectrum; very few of us are just at one end or the other" in this video kind of just made my night. :D Not a whole lot of presumably straight guys would say that.

In unrelated news, went to see Hallam Foe tonight and that was a really good movie. Jamie Bell is really a great actor.
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J'aurais beau décalquer
Refaire les mêmes parcours
Reprendre les mêmes allées
Au mêmes heures du jours
J'aurais beau être la même
J'aurais beau être belle

Tout y sera, tout y sera
A part toi.


Je sens la pluie, l'océan et les crêpes au citron.
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Another part of IFMagazine's article on Mutant Enemy Day.

And ha! Metaquotes has something on what teachers can do to try and get their students to turn off their phone before coming to class. It's pretty awesome. ^^

Randomly I came across the poster for Ken Loach's Ae Fond Kiss; I hadn't seen this version before and boy, it's a thousand times better than the one we got in France.

Seeing the poster reminded me of how much I liked the movie, and going on the net looking for pictures made me happy. I really love this one and this one in particular.

It reminded me that I hope they show Ken Loach's latest (It's a free world) around here somewhere. How come I don't have more of his movies on DVD? That's the kind of DVDs I really want to own, so I can share them with people. And depress everyone around me. (I still need to see so much of his filmography, actually...)

Tomorrow should be interesting: we're organizing a Sushi Night with work. We had 20 people signed up on Tuesday, and today when I came in at work, I learned we know have 50 people. o_O
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Went to see 300, and after everything bad I'd heard, I actually enjoyed it much more than I thought I would - visually, it's just fascinating. Theme-wise, I didn't find it more upsetting than most action movies we're fed these days. At least they never claimed to have god on their side?

And it vaguely amuses me that we're erecting as heroes a people that end up disappearing not because of a huge blood-bath, but because their number of citizens dwindle to nothing, partly because they were too busy having gay sex to breed (of course, that's an exaggeration, though not a huge one). Let's not forget they were truly horrific eugenists. Yay Sparta! Not. But at least they taught and respected their women (as much as you could back then, y'know). Yes, my head hurts from the gray area as well.

Totally unrelated, except for the fact we saw it before the movie : I really love that latest Levis commercial.

There's another commercial that I love lately : it's for a fragrance and the fact I cannot remember the name for the life of me? Is a sign of bad marketing, people. Anyway. It's a couple and it's lots of shots of them kissing and touching? And then the bottle of perfume appears, and it's mostly white. If anyone has any clue what on earth I'm rambling about, I'd appreciate if you could tell me the name of that fragrance. *g*
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And here it is, your moment of zen :

(This video's from the movie Music & Lyrics.)

Thanks to [ profile] killmelover for reminding me of this - and I had to share it as well - it's just the best way to have a good laugh. *g*
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- Living 'til the End FINALLY arrived. And right now the only thing I can say is that I was already disappointed that they'd filmed in Paris and I wasn't even aware, but Sean filmed a freakin' topless scene in the streets here. How did I miss that? Karma, what did I do to you? /mindless fangirl ramble
A bit more about the movie itself )

- Note to UK Civilization lecturer : please take two seconds of your life to realize how deeply ironic it is for you to tell us about socialization at school, to tell us that it shapes our views of gender, and then move on to talking of family and then only mention mothers? Really. I wonder why we keep associating women with the role of caretakers and men with the figure of authority. *headdesk* The worse part is that I notice that kind of thing (and vent my frustration at poor [ profile] littlegothsin) but most people don't. Whether because it's too small to be noticed or because it's so familiar that we've stopped noticing, most people just keep unconsciously integrating it and it kills me. That at university level, we'd talk of parenting and its effect on the kid's socialization and rather than talk of parents, we talk of mothers. Fuck that.

- I have two new series of pictures up at my photo journal (one was posted a while ago but I forgot to mention it here) : skater boys and another walk in the city. Click on the pictures below to access each series :

([ profile] littlegothsin : les trois tiers de mon LJ en un post! C'est magnifique! :-p)
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So like I said, I capped Wedding Wars like crazy yesterday so I could make icon, and [ profile] ely_jan pointed out I should post the screencaps and she was totally right, so here they are! It's really a Ted screencap orgy because I was looking to icon Sean... so don't try and use this to understand what happens in the movie. But there's a lot of Ted/Sean Maher cuteness underneath the cut!

Click for massive cap fest! )
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Random thoughts on Wedding Wars, and I'm not pretending most of them won't be terribly shallow.

Also, I'm re-watching while specifically capping Sean Maher in this movie, so forgive me if this is unfairly Ted-centered. *g*

Click to see the rant. )

Can someone tell me what Shel and Ben's dad asks Ted when they're talking the fact he's a lawyer? He goes, "You wouldn't happen to be a..." and I cannot understand what's next for the life of me.

Overall impression... )
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Est ce que quelqu'un ici saurait où je peux trouver les chansons du film LE TRIOMPHE DE BABAR? Surtout la première ("Venez venez tous admirer le défilé de la victoire") et celle sur la bureaucratie!!!!!

On est parti en délire gloubiboulga avec [ profile] bloodyscary et maintenant je veux trop chanter et je peux paaaaas parce que la cassette est à Rennes.

Aidez une âme d'enfant!
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For those of you who might not know yet, clips from Wedding Wars (really, promotional material) have been put online at the A&E Club. There are four clips in total, and all of them have a bit of Sean in it and awwwww. There's even a kiss.

The direct link is this one. You have to register, but I could give you my login/password if you want to. Of course, the easier alternative is snagging the wmv version uploaded here by the wonderful [ profile] liquidize!

And by the way - the crossed leg thing is such a cliché.

But dude I can't wait for that movie. It looks like it could be good entertainment, which is really all I'm asking for. (And it's really awesome when two of your interests collide. Seriously.)
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Just back from the movies where we saw Thank you for smoking, which was excellent, though not as hilarious as I expected it to be. I'm very disappointed by the trailer they made for An Incovenient Truth and it really doesn't make you want to go, whereas everybody should absolutely go see that movie. It's as good as it should be, anyway.

During the previews/commercials, we saw the most beautiful commercial I've seen in a while. It's for Kenzo's new frangrance, Amour, and it's just beautiful, the photographic quality of it is mind-blowing. So many stills that could be made and exhibited as photographs. The director of that video is called Patrick Guedj, and I'm off to see what else he's done.

Below is the TV spot - the movie theater version is much longer, doesn't feature the couples but three (or four?) different countries, and it's even more amazing because it's longer therefore has more images (duh), but already this gives you a good peep at the feel of it.

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Today is a GOOD day.

Renewed another LJ account and got more extra userpics than I expected (it's shallow, so what?).

Met up with Pauline at Starbucks and spent an hour hanging out and it was just so nice, nothing special, just talking with a friend, but I hadn't had a chance to hang out with her in a while and yeah, just good.

Then we went to see Little Miss Sunshine and GO. SEE. IT. Seriously. It's amazing in so many ways. Don't read anything about it, just go see it.

And we came home and someone at whedonesque linked to a new Sean Maher interview! No huge news or anything, but some very nice tidbits about Firefly and everything. Plus, interviews of Sean are rare enough that I'm going to be happy no matter what.

...may I still remind everybody September 11 wasn't just terrible in 2001, but in 1973 as well?
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The life of David Gale. Very good movie, definitely kept me wondering till the end. Plus, I get a kick out of political movies, so something dealing with the death penalty issue is easily rated high on my list. Ah, I revel in being a total nerd. And a geek, because Kate Winslet with an American accent? Wheeee. I love that woman.

Hilarious video of the week : Kevin Smith talks about the Superman project. That guy, god. He's just so. funny. and he's such a good story-teller. Some of his humor is so much like Joss's, too, I would love to see them together on stage or something. I love the moment where he's imagining the guys at Warner Bros. around the water fountain. Heee.

As you can guess, we've got home safe and well. Leak (we hope) has been taken care of, and it's good to be back on a powerful computer that doesn't take 15 minutes to launch the desktop. *snuggles Harken* But between waking up at 4:30 this morning and driving for over four hours (including two amongst crazy German people who do not know of speed limitations), I will be more than happy to find my way to the bed tonight. ...just remembered the bed needs to be done before any sleep can be had. Ha.

Tomorrow should be crazy busy as well, with nice Indian restaurant at the end of the day to celebrate our 3-year-anniversary with Fan'. Life is so strange sometimes, so fast and so slow at the same time.


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