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I really feel like I haven't given the Occupy movement enough attention here or even in life. Probably most of you will have read or seen the video of what happened at UC Davis with non-violent student protestors getting pepper-sprayed - this photo (and other versions of it) has been circulated around a lot, and you can see a video of the whole incident here. There's a lot of good articles that have been posted about OWS, but in the wake of the UC Davis incident, I particularly liked the analysis of Glenn Greenwald at Salon. I think he hits a particularly powerful note when he says that, "Rights are so much more effectively destroyed by bullying a citizenry out of wanting to exercise them than any other means." I would add that this is obviously more true of a democratic state, where people become attached to the idea of 'being free' and 'having rights'.

There's also this cool letter from someone in the Occupy Vancouver movement that I just shared with my Sociology 100 students: Why I Occupy. I like it most for the way that it handles the criticism that OWS doesn't have 'clear demands': "Many people wonder why we have not produced a list of demands yet. It is not necessary for Occupiers to come up with legislation or policy prescriptions. Many people have done excellent work drafting out how a fairer and more just society would function. [...] There is no political will to use these blueprints to benefit the people. Political will is mobilized to protect the wealthiest one per cent. We are generating that political will."


Ivan Coyote, who's nothing short of awesome, wrote a note on being yelled at for using the women's bathroom a couple of months ago, and recently wrote a follow-up note on this bathroom bullshit. Both these posts are really fantastic, and I really encourage you to read both. An excerpt from the end of the second post:
"I am sick of hearing that my safety is not as important as other women’s. I resent the implication that butches and trans women and men are never survivors of male violence themselves, and thus do not also need a safe place to pee, and the suggestion that we should somehow be segregated in our own bathrooms so we don’t bother the rest of you normal people, is simply fucked beyond belief.
I also want to state again, for what seems like the one millionth time, that single-stall, lockable, gender-neutral washrooms would solve all of our problems. I refuse to be divided and conquered on this issue. I will not allow myself to be placed in opposing corners of the ring when it comes to all of our safety. I call bullshit."

I've also had another piece from Feministing bookmarked for sharing forever that actually makes for a nice companion piece to the bathroom discussion: There are no safe spaces. The idea of 'accountable space' is one that very much appeals to me, although I'm sure it has its limits as well.


On a more shallow, but fun note, this interview of Joss Whedon by a high school student is really fantastic.

And to finish, the New York Times published recently a piece on my hometown, Rennes that made my heart ache with nostalgia and a longing to be back in Brittany.
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Aaaand a few links that have nothing to do with each other but they do have to do with what's on my mind these days! I'm a little frustrated that I'm not finding the time to comment on some of these really important things that are happening, but I'm still trying to balance everything in my life. :/

How to Be a Friend to Trans Folks Without Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth: A Short Guide for Cis People. These things are always good to go over, if only as a reminder, and I like the suggestions in this one. Which pronouns do you prefer? should be a much more common question :/

Vancouver's Insite drug injection clinic will stay open. This is a ridiculously important ruling for Canada, which ensures that harm reduction programs such as Insite have a chance to do their work, even with a Harper government.

by Lemony Snicket (at Occupy Writers). So much to say about the Occupy Mouvement, but for now, I'll keep it short with a few links. I like the Lemony one, and this one, which unpacks what's going on with one of the images against Occupy Wall Street: Don’t EVEN get me started, mythical bootstraps college student. Finally, I think this collection of photos of the 1% who stand with the 99% is full of very powerful acknowledgements of privilege and requests for more taxation, which I find overwhelming because it's so unlike anything we're used to hearing. Good for a lot of these young people to recognize they may have worked hard, but that's not all that got them where they are. I wish we would hear these people more, instead of politicians being afraid of even whispering about taxes.

On a TOTALLY DIFFERENT note, some fandom stuff because light-hearted is, occasionally, really great. :)

Out in every way, Sean Maher is happier than ever. So so happy to hear any article where Sean talks about how great the response to his coming out has been. This never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Jewel Staite talks Firefly, food, fun and Fillion. Just a very fun interview that reminded me of old times. :)

As it turns out, there's also now BIG NEWS, which is this website. Sean mentioned it yesterday and it was exciting enough but OMG Alexis Denisof, Amy Acker, Fran Kranz, Nathan Fillion?! This is going to be the best thing ever. I can't wait to find out what part Sean plays, and to see some of the footage. This is so wonderful, and as far as I'm concerned, FAR more interesting than the Avengers movie. Whedon Shakespeare movie FTW. :D :D

Anyway, back to work, I have a midterm review to prep for, as I expect students will be flailing!

EDIT: Apparently Sean is going to be Don John, which at this point means little to me, so I need to go back to the play and check it out. :) :)
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A quick update with funny, insignificant stuff before I do a little more work and then face the outside world for a dinner out and the BSG board game (yay having geek friends, serious yay)

- Joss Whedon makes bid for Terminator, because even though I don't really care for the Terminator franchise, everything this dude writes is hilarious genius, so.

- LOL Matt Bomer. Go to 1:32 and laugh, that sweater is basically the worse thing ever knitted by man. And his face and his demeanor, just LOL all over.

- Zac and Vanessa are not in the same city anymore but they continue to be adorable separately: him at a Lakers game (he gets so into it) and her at the Giants (I really, really love that they go to see the minor league here, lol) (Lucas's sweater is awesomely dorky, too). (Edit: Aw it's old photos from the last game. I don't care in my head they totally went again.)

- Guess who totally just uploaded 43 songs by Ashley Tisdale to her ipod. Masquerade is REALLY REALLY FUN, OK.

Oh oh oh AND. I HAVE 15 INTERVIEWS SCHEDULED. TADA. *DANCE OF JOY*. Now I can freak out about everything else. :D :D
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First, a gorgeous picspam of the end of Needs by [ profile] syxstring. Obviously spoiler-y for that episode.

A really cool Chicago Tribune interview of Joss Whedon, mostly about Dollhouse. It goes into a lot of questions that have come up about the show.

...I can't believe I forgot that link in my previous entry. A really great post on racism in pop culture and political correctness. It talks specifically about the movie 300 but there's a lot there that applies way beyond that one movie. I like that it brings up the question of purposefulness, which reminded me of Robert Black's "It's not Homophobia but it Doesn't Make It Right" (unfortunately I've only had time to skim over it).
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Throwing a bunch of random links at you:

- How to Suppress Discussions of Racism by [ profile] coffeeandink.

- Prop 8 related: the SoliHairity Project, with photos of people I know (all the white backgrounds).
- Prop 8 related, 2: California's Attorney General on why it should be overturned.

- Un article du Monde sur une étude faite par le MAG sur les jeunes LGBT.

- An awesome-sauce interview by Joss Whedon (as usual) (for people outside the U.S. the transcription is beneath the video). Some of his answers literally made me laugh out loud.

"If you have a good idea, get it out there. For every idea I've realized, I have ten I sat on for a decade till someone else did it first. Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE.
As for my success, well, I'm for it."

"The West fascinates me because it's the creation of culture and morality out off nothing but remnants. But it lacks spaceships! Solution: Firefly."

And of course: "DON'T TELL RHODE ISLAND."
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Joss answers some fan questions at Whedonesque.

And is 42 really the answer for everything?

I'm 44, so not anymore.

joss | February 13, 07:54 CET
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I have papers to grade and a paper to edit before I leave next week and I have two hours of free time but of course I can't do any of it because I don't have anything with me on campus. I shall thus share a bunch of links.


A Joss interview. In my theory class we've been talking about the Holocaust/Shoah and the banality of evil, or rather the fact that it is very easy for average people to commit atrocities, so this part of the interview really resonated with me.

Q: And it's a similar idea of these mysterious people who seem very normal and slick, but are they ... evil?

A: Yeah. And we get to confront them with the consequences of what they do, and learn more about why they do what they do. Because very few people are entirely evil. I know it's hard to believe that after the last eight years of government in this country, but everybody has two sides, and I believe that not only are people often less or more righteous than they understand, but they often don't know what part of them is actually the good part. And a lot of the things that we prize in America might not actually be useful traits, and a lot of the things we vilify, to me, are not necessarily harmful, and that's something that's been in my work from the start.


Gorgeous photos by David Strick of the Dollhouse set. Can you believe the show's actually starting tomorrow? We've been talking about it for so long it's hard to believe.


Dan Savage's entry about his mom's death.I love at the end:
But I'm practical, like Mom, and I'd hate to see perfectly good tickets to a national tour of a hit Broadway musical go to waste. And it occurs to me that there has to be a teenage boy out there—in Chicago or close enough—who likes musicals and has a mother who loves him for the little musical-theater queen that he is. If you know that boy or you are that boy or you were that boy a decade ago or if you're that boy's mother or grandmother, send me an e-mail and I'll arrange to get these tickets to you.


What Teachers Make by Taylor Mali. It's a little simplistic and idealistic for a lot of reason, but I still like the overall message.


Speaking of, so I've finally seen Entre les murs (The Class) and it was amazing how much it felt familiar, like home, even though my own high school was nothing like that. I've personally encountered the attitudes we see in the movie from students during workshops a lot, and that's part of why I loved doing it so much, but still. It's not a whole lot of experience. Still, it spoke to me - made me frustrated and happy and it made me laugh while at the same time there's something so sad about it.

I'm going to buy the DVD - there's a lot of stuff in there that I want to pay closer attention to, about French education and the relationship between the teacher and his students, especially. I was surprised that I'd heard people mention the "gay incident" because it's so short and insignificant. The teacher addresses nothing. And I heard 'fag' said at other moments in the movie and no one, certainly not the teacher, picks up on it. So I'd gotten the impression before from other people that homophobia was poked at in the movie but to me it was more striking in terms of what is not done about it.

I'd be curious to read more about it - I know it's a mix of fiction and reality, anyone knows of a link that goes into detail about that?
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An update full of links! First, a few Whedon things:

An interview where Joss goes on at length about Dollhouse. One quote makes me worried that the show won't be as interesting as I'd hoped, since the darkness is what I'm really interested to see them explore (and hopefully they'll have time to do that, but you never know with this industry):

"Well, you know, there was sort of this celebration of human perversion. It was kind of part of it because ultimately some of their engagements are sexual in nature. That's been very much downplayed because it makes some people uncomfortable. My mandate was to make some people uncomfortable - unfortunately some of those people run the network. [Laughs.] Or are the bosses of the people that run the network. So, it's something that you, again, you have to earn."


[At this point in the interview, Dushku—dressed in a slammin' tight black dress—comes up behind Whedon and says hello.]

Dushku: Wanna make out? [laughs] ... I'm a little sick.

Whedon [to Dushku]: I like you, I mean, I love you, as a friend. ...

[She laughs, they exchange more pleasantries, she runs off to do her own interviews.]

Whedon: Oh, sorry. Now I remember why I'm making the show. Forget all the stuff I said about interesting storylines. Have you seen her in that dress?

<3's the two of them. :D (Quote is from this interview.)


Harmony comic! Written by Jane Espenson. Just what I needed while I wait for issue #21 of Season 8. :)


Peewai wanted me to post about this:
To the Olympics 2012 committee,
We wish for you to consider David Tennant as the official Lighter of the Olympic Flame.


Yesterday I found the web comic Punch an' Pie and it's awesome. It's more like a story so sometimes the strips don't make sense on their own, but seriously, it's so good. The characters are really sweet and touching and funny and geeky, even when it gets serious. (And one of the protagonists is really hot, though it's kind of a weird thing to say about a comic.)
And it references Firefly. (Click next, there are a few strips on the topic.)
"I mean, they're bookstore employees. What's the worst they could do? Read poorly-written erotic fanfiction at me?" Did I mention the funny?
Especially after New Year's Eve, that might be my favorite strip. It's hysterical.
And don't forget the hilarious Twilight strip. XD
Oh, and the main character, Angela, is short and reminds me of me. ^^


In more personal news, I got MeiMei Chloe a little harness and lead today (she hates it), and I cannot believe a soft-sided pet carrier costs $55 at the very least. The kittens are still being balls of adorable fuzziness and Mommy Willow is not really getting used to MeiMei, but we're working on it. My cat is still the best though and unless something comes up, I've decided to take her back with me in April. I feel nervous about buying the plane tickets though, not sure why except that it's a lot of money and I'm going to have to buy from someone else than Air Canada because they're way too expensive for pets but I'm basically afraid something'll go wrong or come up or whatever.
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A couple of serious links for tonight:

Jean Kilbourne's Killing Us Softly 3 about images of women in advertising - it's worth watching even if there are no groundbreaking points that are being made in there, and there's some funny. :)

The one quote I really liked was one when Jean was talking about the fact there's been a rise recently in images that objectify men, as well. And how sometimes that's used to say, look, men are treated just as badly as women.

The problem? Apart from the fact it doesn't happen with as much frequency, it is that the structure doesn't work the same for men and women. "There are no consequences to men for being objectified." The images that we circulate that perpetuate an image of masculinity as necessarily violent and unemotional have much more power, and are much more dangerous.


An interesting post, An exegesis on same-sex marriage, in particularly because it goes over the history of marriage as an institution.


And I'll throw a lighter link in there, Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon being adorable together. RL bromance FTW. :D
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After the VP debate, thank Joss for Joss and Eliza being enthusiastic and adorable about Dollhouse.

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Linus is NOT Windows.

So very valid and interesting points made in that post (especially about user friendliness). Despite the slight video issue I'm still having and tiny things I haven't figured out yet, I am satisfied of my switch to Ubuntu. It's maybe a little more code-oriented than I'd like it to be, but that's mostly because I'm still unfamiliar with the system. Overall, I've managed to resolve several issues in the past few days and there's great satisfaction that comes from doing that. I just like all the ways in which I can customize the system.

A lot of the stuff that I'm enjoying would be available on Macs, but ultimately for me the BIG "seller" for Linux is the fact that it's open source. Yes, it's a little more complex to get around than either a Microsoft or Apple OS, but . That's really always been my main problem with Apple - especially since their computer are systematically more expensive than PCs for equivalent hardware - they're out to make money just like any other company and I don't really see a reason to support their business much more than Microsoft except they're the hip underdog.


Joss about faith. I love these quotes, especially the longer one about America not recognizing atheism and assuming that not having faith means not having a belief system and thinking 'anything goes', which couldn't be further from the truth. It's just that there are no foundations upon which to build, but to me it also means that it's a change to strive for a coherent belief system that can evolve and challenge itself as we grow and learn.


In more personal news:

- I cooked myself curry (thanks to Brad's recipe!) on Friday and it was really nice to have a 'real' dinner that didn't involve pasta. On Saturday I went to Brad's for games and had an awesome time again (DungeonQuest is an hilarious game) and he'd made delicious chocolate cupcake that came with peanut butter icing and chocolate glaze. All veagan and thus inherently healthier, of course. :p

- All the cats are up for adoption: Billy, Zoe, Maddy, Maxxie (hit previous to see the girls) and Lily. Not Meimei Chloe because I am officially trying to adopt her, even though it still scares me because it's a big commtiment and I'm afraid to not do right by her. I hope being aware that this is a serious thing to do means I will be a better owner, but truth is this is unchartered territory for me. I mean, Caramel was never primarily my responsibility, but my parents'... Meimei Chloe's life would be entirely in my hands. For 15 years, maybe more. That's a long time, I think I have to acknowledge that. More when the adoption becomes official.

- Kenda (Roomie #2) witnessed a robbery at the bakery next door last night. o_O It was really interesting to see the whole process, the police came for a statement and everything, they managed to catch the guys.

- I have finally gotten around buying all 7 seasons of Buffy in one beautiful, beautiful boxset. (Bought from .com instead of .ca because companies continuously try to screw over Canadians - this boxset is $187 USD and $240 CAD, wtf.) I've also acquired Battlestar Galactica Season 1 through 3 for a really reasonable price considering how expensive they try to sell you every single season. So basically today was my Day of Supporting the Quality Entertainment Industry. :D
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A geeky post first:

Joss on the possibility for same-sex relationships in Dollhouse [slight spoilery]. Also another hint that Eliza is just one hell of a cool woman: "when [Eliza] was just explaining the kind of show she wanted to do, she said political, feminist, liberal and she said I’d like to deal with sexuality and I don’t just mean ‘be a little hottie.’"

A really cool history of how Dr Horrible came to be, with input from the writers and actors. It's a must-read, it's full of details and Joss-funny, and I love that Neil Patrick Harris has been a Joss fan. :D

Speaking of, that transcript of a Neil interview is really interesting, and I just love Neil's answer to how he got involved with Dr. Horrible. Joss is indeed supertastic. *g*

And with Comic-Con being so Joss-tastic this year, expect more geeky links to come after this weekend. :D

PS: For geeky fun, Dr Horrible's remote control.
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Okay. OKAY. So maybe THIS is my last post from France. If Joss would stop being awesome (and didn't have so many cool things going on) I wouldn't have to look like an idiot!

So first, another really good interview about Dr Horrible. I'm surprised Joss says he'd cut Moist's "is that a new catchphrase?" I love that line! I think that that's what makes the "I hold a PhD in Horribleness" really funny.

Second, a really long post that Joss just made at Whedonesque, so you know that's just going to be all brilliance. It's about the fact that they're shooting a second first episode for Dollhouse and how it's nothing like Firefly WE SWEAR.

How much do I love the way this guy writes/answers interviews? He's just so funny with the smallest of things.

Oh, and I haven't watched it yet, but his interview on Best Week Ever is up here. Probably really cool too.

On that note, I'm gone now. Really.
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I should be in the shower so I can go to bed and get some sleep, but I stumbled across this transcription of an awesome Joss chat / interview about Dr Horrible and it's, as anything written by Joss is, hilarious and smart. And I like the point he makes about Penny as (not) feminist and also what he says about how he approaches death in his work.

I now have the songs of all three acts in mp3 form on my ipod and I haven't been listening to anything else. The songs from Act 3 are really growing on me. I can't wait for the CD to be out!

On this note, this should be my last post from France. As always I'm sad to go and at the same time happy to be heading away. This living abroad thing is going to make me have a split personality disorder.
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Hearing Joss say "sexuality is a spectrum; very few of us are just at one end or the other" in this video kind of just made my night. :D Not a whole lot of presumably straight guys would say that.

In unrelated news, went to see Hallam Foe tonight and that was a really good movie. Jamie Bell is really a great actor.
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Dr Horrible icon! Makes me happy. :D I'm so staying up tonight to try and get part 2 before bed. Might just download from iTunes straight away if it works so I don't clutter the website with everyone else. :)

A really good LA Times article with an awesome Behind the scenes gallery.

Still on Dr Horrible and also on Dollhouse, a Joss Whedon interview at Monday's FOX event. Speaking of, there is also a cool Eliza Dushku interview from that event and how much do I love her? A whole lot. The "I've got skills" and wanting to be a chess master is just adorable. :D See for yourself (I don't even mind the heavy make-up too much for once.)

And now, off to pack...
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Edit on Dr Horrible:

Now available for the whole world to see, and though I still think it would have been nice to anticipate this, thumbs-up to everyone who worked to fix the problem within half a day (and for giving tips to view it before that). Plus the fact that they left messages around the internet to try and explain makes all the difference. In the end, much of what makes this project so interesting is this responsiveness, the reality of the people behind the project.

And oh, Canada and your bilingual rules. I miss you. ^^


My space bulletin:
We are currently working on international capabilites. We are sorry for the delay. Please understand, we are literally working on this from our living room.
We're working working. Promise.
The Dr.
Horrible Team


On whedonesque:
Dear... I want to say friends...

I Can't tell you what a thrill it was for me and Jed and Zack and Maurissa to gather round the comp-fire and await the launch of our musical... and find out it wasn't playing in many many places. And get slammed. And slammed. Yay team! Team of slamming!

The fact is, we're dealing with big companies that have moved more quickly on this venture than they've ever had to. We've always been clear about getting this out to everyone, but that just isn't as simple as we'd like. (At the last minute we found out about a Canadian restriction involving it having to be in French simultaneously...) We (well, mostly Jed) have worked to the point of delirium getting this out to you guys, and yeah, we're experiencing technical difficulties. Bear with us. We're (well, mostly Jed) trying to make this work for everyone as soon as we can. It's not thoughtlessness, or jingoism, corporate evil or scurvy. It's just new. We'll get you there.

For those of you who HAVE seen it, isn't it dreamy? Thank you for all your comments. They buoyed us much. Sadly, we really just phoned in the next two eps, so it's all downhill. Jestage!
And now, I fly! (Coach.) xoxo -j.


On the video itself, I can't wait to see the rest, and I have a nagging feeling the song will grow on me the more I listen to them. Neil Patrick Harris is so adorable. ^^
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Joss, in all his usual awesomeness and funny, just posted on whedonesque to lay out the master plan behind Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog! The main piece of info being:

"Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog" will be streamed, LIVE (that part’s not true), FREE (sadly, that part is) right on, in mid-July. Specifically:

ACT ONE (Wheee!) will go up Tuesday July 15th.

ACT TWO (OMG!) will go up Thursday July 17th.

ACT THREE (Denouement!) will go up Saturday July 19th.

All acts will stay up until midnight Sunday July 20th. Then they will vanish into the night, like a phantom (but not THE Phantom – that’s still playing. Like, everywhere.)

There are so many other bits of amazing in that post - I just love how Joss is taking leadership in that search for a new way to do media and entertainment. "Create more for less." Amen. Really. I really, really hope Dr Horribly does terrifyingly well and encourage others and help the industry reinvent itself. And that Joss doesn't ever, ever let go of that political energy he's got. He's a sublime storyteller as it is, and I think the activist in him is part of that, but it's what he manages outside his storytelling - and through his storytelling - that makes him a grand human being to me.

I will, of course, be watching on in two weeks but more importantly, paying for my Dr Horrible download, and later for the DVD (unless I'm horribly disappointed which... well, let's face it, is extremely unlikely now that I've seen how cool the trailer is. :D)

The full whedonesque post by Joss )
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I cannot fucking wait, this looks BRILLIANT. I'm laughing so hard at all the bits and pieces and I'll spare you the ramble. But OMG I CAN'T WAIT for this thing.

In other (even more shallow) news, I'm so in love with casual wear, real life Eliza Dushku.


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