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Doctor Recalls Abortion Complications Before Roe v. Wave. "It is important to remember that Roe v. Wade did not mean that abortions could be performed. They have always been done, dating from ancient Greek days."

I cannot explain how much it depresses me whenever I read something about guns in America. It especially depresses me when I'm reminded some parts of America are so puritan and so morally conservative, and what the fuck being ok with guns but not with the tiniest bit of nudity. But even on its own, the gun thing just depresses me so fucking much. I don't know when the fuck America is going to wake up to the fact that they have a problem with violence, a problem with guns, and that there's a reason school shootings don't happen in countries where gun ownership is restricted. And believe me, it's not because we're better, more balanced, less idiotic people.

I'm also appalled and pissed off that the U.S., failing the rest of the world as usual, has not signed the treaty banning the use of cluster bombs. The fact that it is one of the biggest sellers of this type of weapons obviously has little to do with that.

Finally, Californian voters will be asked to vote in November on an amendment which would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. The Supreme Court has refused to delay same-sex marriage until then, so for 4 months same-sex couples will be able to marry in CA. It is morally very doubious to have the majority vote on the rights of a minority, by the way, but I'm curious to see what will happen to the amendment - four months is very little time for people to realize same-sex marriage really doesn't do much of any damage, and the population is very split on the question right now. I'm very afraid of the scaremongering we're going to hear from morally conservative organizations in the next little while in California. I freaking hate when people encourage fear and hatred rather than inclusion and respect for difference. :(

I could and would rant about France, too, but that would really bring me down too much. The government continues to slash social programs that have made our country a better place, and I can't stand to see us make political choices which bring us a little closer to anglo-saxon countries, because there are lots of good things about the U.S., but economic liberalism is not one of them. CEOs have seen their salaries go up by 54% while employees struggle with rising prices, and yet all we ever do is favor people at the top of the pyramid. The rich get richer and who cares about the poor anyway? That's for charities to deal with. (Nationally or internationally.) Also, fucking stop complaining about rising gas prices and make other choices. We have to change the way we live anyway. Truckers are apparently on strike back home and I'm going to be so angry if the government subsidizes them instead of helping them reconvert and turn to viable jobs. We're not the fucking U.S. - we actually have efficient alternative modes of transportation besides cars and trucks.

See. Now I'm even more pissed off. Argh.
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Two things I wish I could talk about more than I'm going to, but my brain is not cooperating right now and I'm not going to be articulate, so there's no point. But I do want to mention both issues:

- Legislators in France are trying to make it possible to collect data concerning people's religion, ethnicity/race (but we hate the term "race" in French, it's too loaded with historical meaning), cultural background. This is causing an uproar in France as it's considered contrary to republican principles and a dangerous path to categorizing people. I've argued in the past that not collecting this data just makes it harder to have solid figures on discrimination and on the make-up on our population (which can help acknowledge new realities).

However, I find myself torn on the issue. SOS Racisme has started a petition against the practice, which you could find and sign here. "Je refuse l’idée que la lutte contre les discriminations et l’effort pour l’intégration suppose la création de catégories ethnoraciales." ("I reject the idea that fighting against discrimination and efforts for integration necessitates the creation of ethno-racial categories.") The question, of course, is, do those categories exist whether or not you say they do? There's no simple answer. Between integration and multiculturalism there's no true answer, both have their good and bad sides. So I just want to encourage you to think about it - think about your position on the topic. What does it mean to expect people to "integrate"? What are they integrating into, how do we expect them to juggle that with their other identities? What are the risks of multiculturalism? Are all practices truly equal? What if a society that becomes so obsessed with what differentiates its citizens that it forgets what unites them?

- The other thing is the WGA (Writer's Guild of America) strike. The writers went on strike on Monday at 0:01AM EST. They're marching tomorrow, and Jane Espenson will be there. Joss Whedon has come out and said he supports the strike, while Marti Noxon has signed a Variety ad by TV producers who support the strike. I believe this is an important struggle. I believe in a country like the United States where strikes are so rare, people who do make the huge decision to go on strike never make that decision lightly. While I don't understand all of the issues at stake here, I do believe that the writers understand them, and have good reasons to fight their fight. In a society that sinks deeper into reckless, unequal (but "compassionate") capitalism every day, I believe there is no such thing as privileged unionized jobs. There's only under-privileged non-unionized jobs. Those people might earn more than you do, but it doesn't mean their fight isn't right. It's not by running a race to the bottom that we will better ourselves.

My heart is with the writers. I hope that they come to a satisfying settlement soon and that people will be supportive. I would love to still be down in L.A. tomorrow to go show my support - so if you are, if you can, do it. Go talk to them, engage them in discussions, honk as you drive past. People who strike might look like they're only fighting for themselves, but they're not. They're fighting for something bigger than that. Never look at a struggle on its own - that's what the media wants you to do, but that's not how it works. It's all interrelated.

In the words of (amongst others) Alan Tudyk: power to the people, baby. Participatory democracy is our chance, so don't look down on those who act on it.
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A 12-year-old girl in Quebec plagarize a Highlander fanfic a friend of mine wrote and had it published.

By plagarize I mean copied and pasted the words. Literally. She didn't even change the names.

My friend realized and contacted the publisher and the parents of the girl and now it looks like he's going to get the money made from the book, and (unfortunately for them since they had no clue), the parents are going to have a lawsuit from the publishing house on their ass.

Here's an article going over the story, and another report + news video. Both are in French, sorry!

I seriously cannot believe anyone would have the guts to copy-paste a (very long) story from the internet and go say they wrote it so they make money out of it. Scary that it actually happened and that if Frédéric hadn't heard about it, it would have gone totally unnoticed. And as a parent, I have no clue how I'd even deal with my kid doing something like that.

FYI, the book is called Laura L'Immortelle, the girl who claimed the story as her own is called Marie-Pier Côté and the publishing house is Les Intouchables. The original fic was called Des cendres et du vent and the author's Frédéric Jeorge.

EDIT : The fanfic only uses the universe of Highlander, which is why the publisher can get away with it - it doesn't re-use characters and stuff from the show, which would be too obvious a copyright infringement...
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This is a miscellaneous entry of miscellaneousity!

- The Ikea Game. For all you crazy Sweden lovers out there. Can you beat my 4/10??

- Wedding Wars promos and premiere! (Sean's mentioned by John in the clip from the premiere at the very end.) 2 days, people. 2 DAYS. *needs her Sean fix like woah*

- Canada won't reopen the same-sex marriage debate. Because Canadians are TEH AWESOME. So cool that even some Conservatives voted against reopening the debate. *loves*

- Chris Buck takes photos of celebrities and I love what he does. Not all of it is excellent, but some shots are truly brilliant.
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If you never understood how Masschusetts made same-sex marriage legal, chances are you're never going to understand this either! ...because I'm a total gay nerd, though, I'd love to try and explain if anyone's interested.

Point is :

The Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) in New Jersey has ruled that same-sex couples must have the same rights as opposite-sex couples. The SJC is giving the New Jersey legislature 180 days to either rewrite marriage laws to make it possible for gay couples to marry, or pass a civil union law. That's exactly the same amount of time the SJC had given the legislature in MA, except then the judges had been clear on marriage being the only right choice for equality.

Here are some answers to common questions about the ruling.

And if you want to, you can go read the court’s decision. the moment where we sit back and enjoy the 180 days of the legislature going insane, of newspapers writing daily articles about the issue, demonstrations from wingnuts and pro-marriage people, and wow, that's bringing back a lot of memories. I'm really hoping the legislature will go for marriage, even though I'm a bit worried as to the backlash that this decision could amplify in the rest of the US.
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Because it's worth mentioning and c'mon, I haven't given you guys any gay news in far too long :

Same-sex couples in Rhode Island can get married in Massachussetts.

Judge Thomas Connelly from the RI Superior Court ruled on Friday that the RI constitution doesn't expressly forbid same-sex couples from getting married, so they can do so in MA, which is still the only state in the US where marriage is legal for both opposite-sex and same-sex couples.

So it doesn't mean a couple married in MA will be legally married in RI just yet, and we're far from same-sex marriage being legal in RI, but it's a small step in the right direction. Well. If it doesn't drive RI residents to write a ban on same-sex marriage in their constitution, anyway.

...I might actually give some news about myself at some point, but I don't know.
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The possibility of a constitutional amendment that would ban the possibility of marriage equality will be discussed in the Senate.

A guy in the article mentions voting for the debate in Senate even though he opposes the amendment because there's a need for debate. But see, I'm not even sure. Because ultimately, this is not a rational issue to be debated. The atrocities that will be said in the name of "free speech" and of "that need for debate" are not necessaries. They're hateful and pointless, based on personal issues and fears. There's no rational argument against marriage equality.

We'll see where that goes. And it doesn't mean it'll pass the Senate, far from it, but still. It's a disappointing step forward, and I really, really don't see this is what the US need to be focusing on right now. There are so many more important issues at stake right now, and ever.

How can people not see we're witnessing the same kind of events that people were when they passed Jim Crow laws, when interracial marriage was looked down on?
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Just stumbled across a couple of interesting pieces of news :

Dominique Voynet et Yves Cochet en tête au premier tour des primaires des Verts pour la présidentielle.

More importantly, the Belgian Senate has ruled that same-sex couples could now adopt following the same guidelines as opposite-sex couples. There's an interesting (though short and not at all comprehensive) article about it in French over at Le citron vert. Belgian therefore joins Spain, Scandinavian countries and the UK in officially accepting that same-sex couples can and will have children and that what matters is providing these children and their families with legal protection.

*cuddles Belgium, and slaps France* I still can't believe our country's taking so fucking long to take any decision on LGBT issues. It's so pathetic and so French. Tsk.
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Metaquotes is just too good sometimes : I own no television, ergo, not watching the Oscars. But I do thinkthat Canada deserves an award for Best Geographical Performance for itsstunning portrayal of Wyoming in Brokeback Mountain.--[ profile] isiscolo


Now, for the much, much less funny part : South Dakota law bans nearly all abortions. I don't even want to talk about it. Sheesh.

Besides, just_eunice does it better than I would.
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South Dakota Senate passes abortion ban bill.

It's bad in itself, but mostly it's gonna go to the Supreme Court and challenge Roe v. Wade, and that's not just scary, it's FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE. Raaaaahh!!!!! *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* And the worst part is that it's a fucking female. democrat. who sponsored the bill. *gets big, big, big slapping urges*

Plus, I'm annoyed once more at all the work with the high school debates, and the prospect of having to show up early next Thursday at the high school, especially since I have already 4 hours of intervention planned. Sometimes I just really want to throw it all away. I have four-day weekends every week, and yet I feel like I get no time off, ever. Urgh.

And tonight Emilie's coming for dinner and to try the hard drives thing on Harken, but the thought we're probably not gonna figure it out can't even get me cranky anymore.
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Just for the record, and because it's nice to post about something actually important once in a while...

Chile has elected its first female leader. Wheeeee!!

Bachelet's also a leftwing leader, which adds to the other leftwing leaders which have been elected in South America lately. I do hope they will manage to pull South America together and move forward with all those changes. I'm feeling very hopeful right now, especially since Michelle Bachelet is teh daughter of a general who supported Salvatore Allende (the coup by Pinochet and Allende's death are just one more proof September 11th really is a bad karma day).

France, between being unable to elect female leaders and being years behind on gay issues compared to neighbor countries, feeling any shame???
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Well a number of you have probably heard, the piece of news is a couple of days late, but Great Britain's new Civil Partnership law now allows same-sex couples to get the same rights as married opposite-sex couples. It's still not called marriage, because we all know "separate but equal" is a totally discriminatory concept works really well. But it's a big step forward anyway, which Great Britain should be thanked for.

The one thing I can't find anything on is what it means as far as children are concerned. Since lesbian couples get already get artificial insemination there, I'm assuming it means adoption is now open to "partnered" couples too, British adoptions anyway.

Well well. One step forward for the world it is then. I'm confident one day France will stop being the snotty, condescending country that it tends to be and will actually apply the concept of Liberté Egalité Fraternité get there too.


On a totally yet not different matter, David Cameron is the new Tory / Conservative leader. He looks good, if it matters any. Now let's just wait and see what his positions on issues are. Sometimes I think, can't be much worse than Labour.
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Today the anti-gay marriage amendment was defeated in Massachusetts.

It would have given an opportunity to gay marriage opponents to come back on the constitutional right of marriage that same-sex couples acquired in MA in May 2004. It's very reassuring that legislators rejected this amendment, for so many reasons. Now the only way that gay marriage can be questioned in MA is through a Federal Constitutional Amendment or through the 2008 initiative petition recently certified by the Attorney General a few weeks ago. But 2008 is a while away, and I'm fairly confident by then no one will really care in Massachusetts, because it'll have been part of everyday life for 4 years...
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California Assembly passes same-sex marriage bill. As the article shows, a lot of stuff are happening in CA right now around gay marriage and it's a bit hard to tell who will have the upper hand at the end of the day. But that vote is a huge step forward, and it's now in Governor Schwarzenegger's hands. We'll see what he decides.
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Just found out about the vote of the California Senate here on CNN. Now let's wait for the vote of the State Assembly and cross our fingers... it would be a great victory if a State legalized same-sex marriage through legislative means rather than judiciary (like in MA) because then you can't have the argument that this isn't what the people want.
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Missed hearing about gay stuff? Worry not, for I am back on the internet. :-p

So, Canada has now officially legalized gay marriage : Supreme Court's chief justice signed the legislation on Wednesday. (And of course, the Vatican complains about it.

As far as Spain is concerned, the first gay couple has just gotten married. Congrats to them. :)

Also, I really like the new "gay" icon I've picked. :)
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That's it.

Same-sex couples can also (as all married couples, I assume) file out adoption requests. Better than that, I heard the Spanish government was going to sign agreements with foreign countries to ensure same-sex couples can adopt children from there, too. I hope they manage that, it'd be a great step forward.

Sorry if I sound so gay-oriented again, but between Canada and Spain, it's hard to not make a special mention here. :) In any case, this move of the Spanish government makes me really happy I'm going there this summer.

Oh, and for the gay-related funny anecdote : I went to UGC to get more info about the Duo card (good thing I did, too), and when the woman told me we needed proof me and my "duo partner" live together, I asked her what would be considered such a proof, she mentioned "a civil union certificate" first. Then after a second, added, "or a marriage ceritificate". I was laughing inside. Do I look that gay? ;) But it's nice to see our French civil union is such a common thing to mention.
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While some people try to do their best to hide gay & lesbian themed books in libraries (because we all know ignorance is the best way to go, especially when educating a child), Canada's House of Commons has approved a bill who would legalize same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage is already legal in 8 of the 10 Canada provinces. For the bill to become a law, the Senate still has to vote on it, but since the Senate has a Liberal majority, there is no reason why it would be brought down there. Canada is thus becoming the 5th country to allow same-sex marriages (everybody seems to forget Danemark, which makes me confused, and I'm counting Spain as they're that close to passing the legislation themselves).

(see also CNN's article about the bill passing through the House)

And for good laughs, see this Metaquotes post about it. *g*
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*bounces to Longwave*

*But I want to, but I want to, but I feel all inside out...*

So I've totally created myself a new Sims family where Fan' and I are already married and Adam's already a toddler. He just grew up, actually - turns out he's not only a redhead, he also wears round glasses! I guess we'll have to try again to get a mini-Adam Busch. However, he's apparently a smartie, and that's very good. I'm impressed he grew up all right what with the moms he had. Pics might come at some point if I manage to get them good quality. Anyway, so that was for the silly update.

Most importantly I wanted to write about CANADA BEING AWESOME. Once more. A seventh province, Newfoundland allows same-sex marriage. Since same-sex marriage will now be possible in 7/10th of Canada, the federal government has decided to pass a bill to legalize it nationwide in 2005.

Did I mention I need to move there?
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Tuesday will be even more important than I expected because voters in 11 states will get to have a say on gay marriage.

Anyone studies / has studied Spanish and knows where I can find how their legal system works, as far as voting new laws is concerned?

Anyhoot... I thought that was pretty funny.

Had [ profile] fan_elune on the phone yesterday. I miss her so much. In a happy, laugh-missing kind of way. Christmas, come already!

Oh, and yeah :


Kids can be so cute in their costumes!! It's really cool to see them out there with their parents.


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