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Sun is finally out. Probably only for a couple of days, but considering we had hail yesterday, I'll take even temporary nice weather! It's basically been February here since, well, February, and we're all really, really tired of it.

I just wanted to post a few links quickly; it's going to be a little all over the place but bear with me.

First, a really excellent analysis of sexist discourse in the French media following the whole DSK scandal. Les informulés d’une rhétorique sexiste. It's in French and I wish there was a translation available, because it's fantastically insightful, and not just for French culture.

Some of you may have heard about the story of parents in Toronto raising a 'genderless' kid. You can read the original story (complete with douchy neighbors, friends and family members! I always love the whole 'your kid will get bullied' argument because, y'know, if a kid gets bullied, the problem is not the kids who bully and the parents who teach their kids things that could lead them to be jerks to other kids). But you can also read this reflection on the piece from the Raising My Boychick blog, which is excellent. I only want to point out that while I think it's cool to assume your baby's gender is aligned with their biological sex (assuming that's straightforward) until your kid is old enough to tell you otherwise, it's important that you tell the kid that, directly or at least indirectly. Otherwise you might be the most open-minded parent who'd be totally cool with a trans or gender nonconforming kid, your kid might never know.

While we're on the topic of gender/sexuality, the New York Times recently ran a beautiful series on gay teenagers. The stories are touching, but what really drew me in is the photography. Wonderful and quiet photos.

Now for the unrelated to gender and sexuality stuff:

Allie started a food blog with her friend Katie, The Dough Also Rises - and you should all check it out, because they make really, really delicious food. With simple recipes! Which is always nice (I don't like overly fancy things that I could never reproduce/require ingredients I couldn't find if my life depended on it). Keep an eye out for the yam burrito. SO GOOD.

I may have mentioned (or not) that we're rewatching every Harry Potter movie in expectation for Deathly Hallows Part 2, and it's been great. Harry in the first movie is just the most adorable kid on earth, but it's so great to see all of them grow up. :) And then today [ profile] mieystrapurore posted this video, which is amazing. It's just beautifully made, with wonderful music, and it takes you through the whole journey that is the HP series. If you have any attachment to this story, you should watch it. Maybe several times.

And to finish on another pop culture note, I never even mentioned here that The Playboy Club has been picked up by NBC! SO EXCITED to see Sean in there; he's psyched about the storylines that writers have in mind for his character, which makes me even more excited to see it. Let's hope it doesn't get axed by like, episode 3, I'm going to be so upset if that happens. Unless they make a spinoff about Sean's storyline, I'd be down with that.
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Metaquotes rocks my socks sometimes (quote by [ profile] aurora_z and originally from here) :

"Me: Hey, cool it's raining! I'll have to be more careful when driving to work.

Me: Dude. Chill. It's rain.
AZ DRIVERS: THIS IS THE DEVIL'S WORK! *slow down to 30 mph*
Me: Um, speed limit's 45 there, buckaroo.
Me: *blinkblink* The... rain? It's barely sprinkling.
AZ DRIVERS: OMGWTFBBQ!!!!! *slow down to 25 mph*
Me: Oh my god, are you joking?
AZ DRIVERS: Let us pray."

Very nice meeting with a jr. high school teacher today who wants us to come to both the schools she works at. She told me she'd already talked a little bit about homosexuality to her students, and one exchange she related made me laugh. I love kids sometimes.
STUDENT : But for sex... a man and a woman - it fits together. *makes finger into hole gesture*
TEACHER : Y'know, sex isn't just that.
STUDENT : But they can't have babies!
TEACHER : Sex isn't just about babies. It's about pleasure.
STUDENT : *genuinely* You get pleasure from sex? I'm happy for you!

Funny translation of the week. For Robert & Collins, a "boombox" translates into "ghetto-blaster" in French. Which makes me laugh because I've never ever heard boomboxes referred to as "ghetto-blaster" in French, and mostly because the first time I heard of boomboxes was when I started going to Phillips, and Joss knows Phillips Academy Andover is so ghetto. *snorts*

That's it for today! Busy weekend ahead, and I got some nice B&W shots back from this summer, but as I have no scanner that doesn't really matter. Am also already tired of religious-related books (we're lucky enough that we have to read Milton's Paradise Lost on top of Genesis this semester), and I don't care it's necessary to know those texts to analyze later texts, even contemporary ones.

EDIT : Draco and Harry spice up their sex life, hilarious! Originally from that website. (Thanks to [ profile] littlegothsin for the link!)
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Mwah-ah-ah grammar class is so much more fun when you get to come up with totally geeky examples. Heeee.

Also, *love* to whoever in the English department came up with examples like "Well, I think it's a big one, but people don't mind" - no context at all. Brain falling in the gutter during class is always a nice occasion for entertainment.

Something I wanted to share! Heard of it over at [ profile] shadesofbrixton's, and it's just too good. Heee. I love the end. *hearts Snape* I give you... the Potter Puppet theater!

Does anyone know where I could find lyrics for songs by Gush, Leisha Hailey's former band? I'm specifically looking for the songs "Score" and "On my feet".


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