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A few links before the weekend!

- A Guide: How Not To Say Stupid Stuff About Egypt: I haven't really commented about the situation in Egypt because, well, I haven't really had time to comment on much, but also because I'm feeling super careful with this whole thing. I feel wildly unqualified to make any kind of statement or claim because I know so little about the situation, and I refuse to believe it's as simple as some (especially American) pundits and journalists make it seem. But anyway, at least that guide was helpful, I thought.

- "#DearJohn: On Rape Culture and a Culture of Reproductive Violence": A fantastic post over at Tiger Beatdown in response to Republican efforts to limit access to abortion and redefine rape.
But we’ve been talking about “forcible rape,” right? And how fucked-up that construction is, how all rape is based on a lack of consent and “force,” in the sense that you get beaten up, is just an additional crime? Probably everybody reading this blog knows that a lot of people don’t understand that principle. And they don’t understand it because we live in rape culture; so much sexual violence is normalized, and accepted, that it’s invisible. We can’t understand that it’s rape unless we also see physical injury, or a knife, or a gun.

- Maybe more important, head over to Daily Kos and read this post, which deals with the less visible aspects of the bill that the 'forcible rape' bullshit was part of. The core of it is here: "You're meant to recoil in horror at that redefinition. And if the bill's proponents are lucky, you'll spend all your time doing that. Because then you'll miss out on the fact that H.R. 3 is also the killing blow capping 30 years of consistent losses on abortion restrictions."

- Nothing new to most of you/us, but always interesting: Physiological impacts of homophobia. I wonder if they only ask LGB youth who have been bullied, or if they spoke to straight-identified youth who have been targets of homophobia, too.

To finish with three more light-hearted links:
- Pick-up lines for feminists, a wonderful poem. My favorite stanza is, "where have you been / all my life? / hopefully fighting / against oppressive / patriarchal systems."
- Why you should always pay your webdesigner.
- Comic creator gets back at Christian organization which used an image of his to lobby against sexual minorities.
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Via Felicia Day's twitter:

This made me tear up instantly. What a nice place the internet can be. RT: @popurls Help me fix my last picture of mom

I teared up, too, and I can't decide if it's out of sadness or from being touched by people responding so positively. There's just something that gets to me about this photo and the smiles and the thought that it's gone forever, and that on top of people being genuinely nice and helpful even though they have not a thing to gain from it - it's a little much to handle after the long week I've had.

Some funny to balance it out a little: Why Breaking Dawn must be made into a movie.
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- A really funny rant about the use of nail during sex in bad!fanfic.

- I didn't even try to understand half of what happened between Eli Roth on ONTD and I still don't really know who Eli Roth is actually, but this interview is kinda made of awesome, if only because he replies to the request of "Do a dramatic reading of a fanfic" by saying "That's a good idea. But why fuck around? We should act one out as a live stage show. Lemme e-mail Til." XD

- One of my pet peeves in the English language is people who say "use to" instead of "used to". It's been drilled into my head so much when learning English and it seems so simple to me, it drives me crazy that so many people get it wrong. So this expectedly both made me laugh and want to headdesk.
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First, a funny comic strip about Dollhouse being renewed.

And now more serious links:

- On the virginity fetish. Two really interesting points that caught my attention.
"She points the finger of blame back at conservatives and argues that it's the myth of virginity, not 'Girls Gone Wild', that's hurting this generation of young women. Those two competing influences have more in common than some might think: Both teach women that their most valuable commodity is their sexuality." Not only that, but it's a very specific kind of sexuality that's valued here: phallocentric sexuality, so implicit in the message is the idea that their heterosexuality is most valuable. Our obsession with virginity and what constitutes a virgin terrifies me with its implications and the fact that it's making teens have unsafe sex (whether oral or anal) in hopes of staying "pure". Not to mention the double-standard that exists, obviously, because we're much more concerned with women than men staying virgins.
"I don't believe in gray rape. [...] We can reframe sex as something that should be a collaborative, partnered event. And, if we redefine consent as not the absence of a “no” but a presence of a “yes,” then maybe we'll actually get somewhere." I don't know that I'd go as far as saying I don't believe in gray rape, but I do think we need to ask ourselves how on earth men can think they have consent when they don't. (Because yes, overwhelmingly, it's men raping women, especially "date rape" which is where the issue of consent is often understood as most blurry. But that applies beyond that specific hetero set-up anyway.) I love the idea of thinking of sex as requiring an (enthusiastic) yes rather than the absence of a no. It completely changes the dynamic. But for that we need to learn, and teach our kids (especially our girls) that sex is not something dirty, not something to be afraid of; something they don't need to have, or want (hi asexuals!), but if they do, it's great, and they should let their partner know and be informed and safe. Sex ed would look very different if we thought about sex differently, not solely as a vector of diseases.

- Michael Kimmel on Gender. The key quote is that video excerpt they have available is "privilege is invisible to those who have it" which I think is mostly true, but I think it's also more nuanced in the sense that it's often invisible to those who don't have it, too. When I see the level of heteronormative statements that can come from LGBT folks, or the kind of sexist reasoning that some women can have, I think it's useful to remember power doesn't work in a straight-forward manner. It's embedded in our belief systems and we often end up unwittingly reinforcing dominant patterns that don't benefit us. We can even be strongly invested in these patterns, to the point of experiencing internal homophobia or racism. But it remains easier for those in the majority/dominant group to think of themselves as universal, not to see their race/gender/sexuality/ability as a privilege whose benefits they reap (whether they want it or not).

- I also really want to do a more substantive post with the French comics for IDAHO, but I don't think I'll have time this morning.
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I'm still trying to get over my doubts from yesterday and the nervousness I feel because I think the project is turning into something very different from what I'd originally imagined in my head. I just need to convince myself that it's ok and I'll figure out the lit review and everything later. Basically originally I was interested broadly in how teachers teach, and I'm realizing that especially since I need to make the interview shorter, I'm really more interested in how the teachers teach and handle diversity and difference in the classroom.

Basically I'm still not sure what I'm doing. :/

So instead of freaking out, let me share a couple of funny links.
Cats can really sleep anywhere.
Cats fail and grad students.
(Funny but Dollhouse spoiler!) )


Now a few links stolen from [ profile] le_canard.
The documentary Girl Like Me touches on how racism intersect with beauty standards. It's mostly bits of interviews with black girls who talk about how they've been made feel about their appearance. We often think that tastes are personal - so what if I like blonde better than brunette? It's a good reminder that tastes are also embedded in cultural bias and in Western nations, that means a certain racial bias, too.
The experiment featured at about 4 minutes is pretty heart-breaking and disheartening. It was reproduced recently and I don't know if I'd put quite the same positive spin on the story. I would love to try the experiment in France, but also to have white children do it, because I'm pretty certain patterns would differ.

And finally, in French, Mr. Haïdari who works at the City Hall in Marseille (he's assistant to the Mayor), talking about why he thinks it's important that we have racial statistics in France. The usual argument against such statistics - that they create racial categories that don't exist - is true in the sense that race is a social construct, but it blatantly ignores that this social construct has very real (psychological and material) consequences today in France (and beyond). Racial categories will never be perfect, but it's a better alternative (in my opinion) to pretending that there isn't a racial problem in France. These categories, we made them up, but today they influence the lives of people of color, and we have to stop ignoring that because it makes us uncomfortable.

That reminds me that this morning I was in a school and asked the head of the school (because he was showing me what kind of information students fill out every year) if he had any same-sex household that had a kid in his school. His first reaction was, "you know, it's none of my business" ("ça ne me regarde pas"). Which struck me as odd. Why would we want these families to be invisible? Is it that strange to imagine that teachers would know if their kids have a mom and a dad, one parent, two of the same sex? Under the excuse of giving people privacy, aren't we really playing into a system that assumes and favors heterosexuality? That's a rhetorical question, obviously. It's very telling that we ask kids to fill out information about their mother and father, but to ask if they have two moms or two dads is a breach of privacy.
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Why do all things awesome always happen at the same time?

Vancouver's Can't Stop the Serenity screening is June 27, the Saturday after I get back. I REALLY want to go because it's Serenity + Dr. Horrible in the company of awesome Whedon fans and it's all for really great charities.

BUT. My friend Cole's 21 birthday is that weekend, and she's celebrating it in her home city of SAN FRANCISCO, and it is the weekend of SF PRIDE PARADE and people are ROAD-TRIPPING down to San Francisco to go to the event and I want to be there partying with everyone and doing Pride in San Fucking Francisco SO BAD.

Dilemma. >.>

Mind you, Dilemma might be solved if I'm selected to be a Youth Leader at the Fyrefly Camp since the training sessions start on Sunday, June 28 and since SF Pride is on the same day, I doubt I could do both. Which sucks! I want to be able to do all three. ;_;

Now let's cut on the unwarranted melodrama and share some links! It's metaquotes-approved funny.

On patient zero for the swine flu.

Je wank, tu wank(s?), il wank, nous wankons... The double-entendre is pretty amusing, too. ^^
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A few links I've been meaning to post:

- French interview with José Bové "L'écologie n'est pas compatible avec le capitalisme".

- Still in French, on dubbing and fan subtitling: L'aversion originale des studios.

- Hamlet: Facebook edition

- Dr. Horrible: Facebook edition

- An update on Dollhouse Season 2, what we know at the moment.

Day is not starting out too well. Hopefully it will get better.
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Joss answers some fan questions at Whedonesque.

And is 42 really the answer for everything?

I'm 44, so not anymore.

joss | February 13, 07:54 CET
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California Court says private school can expel lesbians. Apart from the obvious, two things really bother me about this:
- I want to know if that means a religious school could exclude a black student if they decided that "mixing races" was against Biblical teaching? (It's not like that argument hasn't been made in the past.) It's a genuine question, actually, because from the ruling it sounds like yes, schools would be welcome to discriminate on the basis of race (or anything else). This is really not making me think any higher of religious schools. I'm not against people having faith and wanting to teach it to their kids because for fuck's sake, that should not mean shielding your kids from the reality of the outside world.
- The fact that religious schools are welcome to expel kids based on the perception of homosexuality is really bothersome because it puts a lot of power in the hands of bullies. If a kid doesn't follow traditional gender behavior (and I don't mean cross-dressing, just liking dance if you're a boy will do) and gets harassed as a result, and rumors start circulating, they're at risk of being expelled? Woah. Way to go, fucktards. At least it really rubs in your face just how pervasive homophobia can be.


On a happier front:

- Cute drawing of Simon, Kaylee and River at the end of Serenity. It's better than the earlier version, though that earlier version was really cute too.

- Felicia Day blods about "Highland Hunk-Fantasy" novels and it's hysterical. I would dislike those novels for many more reasons than she's mentioned but I just love her style of writing.

- Ediie Izzard never gets old, and the Death Star Canteen skit in lego is just priceless. XD

- Dan Savage rocks. That is all.
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Terra and I were at Brad's house today, doing some pumpkin carving! I was going to carve the Chinese characters for "serenity" into one of mine but got worried I would screw it up (this is the first time I carve a pumpkin on my own!). So instead I did evil (vampire?) Harry Potter (on the right) and a cute pumpkin who's having the BEST time, all the time, because, much like me, he's easily entertained. I named him Ron for continuity. And on the left side of my dear laptop Aziz, you have scaredpants pumpkin. In its defense, it did hang out very close to Chtulu (Brad's pumpkin, not featured here!) for a while, and that would scare the shit out of anyone.

I had an awesome time carving :D And I'm very happy with how they turned out.

While I'm sharing silly stuff, this video of Ellen interviewing Vanessa Hudgens just cracks me up. I just love the way Ellen asks her question very seriously and yet a little hesitant, and Vanessa doesn't seem entirely sure at first when she's joking or not. ^^

And finally,courtesy of metaquotes, are you pro- or anti-American? Take this test and find out! I got disqualified but if I hadn't, I'd still be at -35. Living in Vancouver screwed me from the start! Damn you, Vancouver, for being welcoming and progressive.

So, remember how I mentioned the kittens had been nursing from each other ever since Mommy's been gone? And how Chloe'd taken up sucking her own nipple? Yeah, well. She's been doing it a lot and yesterday I picked her up and noticed her nipple was very red, almost raw. ... Yes, my cat sucked herself raw. So I called the vet to check what I should do, and now I'm making sure she doesn't do it again, at least until her little nipple has healed. She's a very special cat for sure. ^^
And because I can, photo!
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I think the best part is Palin going "I believe marriage is supposed to be a sacred institution between two nwilling teenagers".


Also, anyone who is remotely interested in what's happening right now with the American economy should read this article by Joseph Stiglitz.

A couple of excerpts:

"We’re looking at a new form of public-private partnership, one in which the public shoulders all the risk, and the private sector gets all the profit. While the Bush administration preaches responsibility, the words are addressed only to the less well-off. The administration talks about the impact of “moral hazard” on the poor “speculator” who borrowed money and bought a house beyond his ability to pay. But moral hazard somehow isn’t an issue when it comes to the high-stakes speculators in corporate boardrooms."

"On energy: conservation and research into new technologies will make us less dependent on foreign oil, reduce our trade imbalance, and help the environment. Expanding drilling into environmentally fragile areas, as some propose, would have a negligible effect on the price we pay for oil. Moreover, a policy of “drain America first” will make us more dependent on foreigners in the future. It is shortsighted in every dimension."


On a personal note, we are down to three cats! :( Today two women came to adopt Lily (mommy) and one of the kittens... they ended up taking Maxxie, who got the charm on when they were there by being snuggly and not leaving their shoulders. Aw. I'm a little sad and the kittens here are a little disoriented, but I'm so glad Mommy and Maxxie have found a good home. :)
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This whole preparing a lecture thing is so much fun :D

I'm going to start working on the powerpoint and so I'm shopping around for illustrations, and realized that High School Musical is like, perfect. It's school and family entertainment and it's all about heterosexuality. Actually I'm just wondering now if I shouldn't try and show THAT in class. Because seriously. It would be so funny.

(As a sidenote: Oh, baby Simon. You're so cute going for the dark and broody look. The sad thing is I do actually find him really pretty hot, especially with the longish hair. I fail. ^^)

I just wish I could find a high quality image of Troy (Efron) and Gabriella (Hudgens) with a school backdrop, but barring that, still so many to choose from. Oh, High School Musical. You will never cease to amaze me.

...I almost want to rewatch those movies now. Except I know they really won't be half as funny without you, [ profile] fan_elune. Get yourself over here, will you? ^^

...why isn't Sean Maher doing these photoshoots? Damn, Efron.
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I just called my mom's office and the conversation went like this:

Me: I'd like to talk to Annie D. please.
Secretary: She's in a meeting all afternoon. Can I take a message?
Me: I'm her daughter, can you just let her know I'll call her at home tonight?
Secretary: Do you have a number where you can call her?
Me: ...I'm her daughter, I'll just call her at home.
Secretary: But you have her number?
Me: ... ... yes, yes I do.
Secretary: Okay then!
Me: ...have a good day.

Well, at least she didn't make the assumption that I necessarily have enough of a good relationship with my mother to know her home number. ^^

Also, having a three-hour conversation about Buffy and Joss and life and how little sense grad school makes in this country? Best remedy to feeling a little down.

I know I mention it in like every single post I make, but I have so much love for Vélib' right now. Took the bus to downtown because it was pouring rain but thanks to Vélib' I could bike home instead of taking the bus again. :D Small things, but it makes me really happy.
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SO MUCH LOVE. Oh, Joss. Oh, Eliza. You make me so happy. Almost as happy as the BDHs (okay, not quite just yet, but you'll get there. Hopefully.) I'm going to need a Dollhouse icon, dammit.

Did I mention Dollhouse's got a 13 episodes order? WOOT. I'm so excited. It also helps that FOX seems to have a sense of humor about what happened before and how distrustful the fans are and it really makes me confident they're not going to screw around too much this time. I actually really like that video they just released, The FOX family. *g*

Thesis almost done. Working on index. It'll have to be done by Sunday since I'm printing it out then. Off to Salt Spring Island this afternoon!
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So, despite every single professional body in the field having concluded that abstinence-only education does not prevent unwanted, out-of-wedlock pregnancies, the United States of America is still proud to have morons like this gentleman:

Rep. John Duncan (R-Tennessee): "It seems rather elitist to me that people who maybe have degrees in this field would feel that, because they've studied it somehow know better than the parents."

(Jon Stewart's commentary, to lighten up the mood: "And I don't like these elitist airline pilots with their locked door and their ability to fly planes... I think I know how to fly my own children!")

I so don't have the brains to rant about this tonight, but it just makes me so mad that people would willingly ignore all scientific and social evidence and make decisions that we know are dangerous for their children's health and future. Especially dangerous to girls because they're the ones who suffer most from unwanted pregnancies and the ones who get the most shit for getting STDs because no one's ever told her or her boyfriend how to use a condom.

All of this because they can't fucking deal with the fact that sex can and should be about pleasure one's self and one's partner and that there is nothing wrong or dirty about that or the human body.
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[I believe this was at Serenity Cubed in London-Heathrow in September 2006 - just copied it from the imdb boards where someone posted it]

Fan: "You're such a good looking cast and I was wondering if there was any actual romance between anyone?"
Jewel: "That's a good question."
Morena: "It is a good question."
Jewel [nods at Morena]: "We've never been asked that."
Morena [looks at Jewel]: "Should we tell them?"
Jewel [looks out into the crowd]: "Morena and I had a fling."
[Crowd laughs and cheers]
Jewel [keeps the same 'serious' voice]: "It was just a fling, yeah, it didn't really... yeah..."
Morena: "Well, because, you know... Ron's so sexy, I had to go for Ron."
Jewel [nods]: "That's true. And Sean and Summer, I think, were sleeping together for the first few weeks, which was not surprising."
Morena: "And, Alan and Nathan."
Jewel: "Yeah, yeah."
Morena [looks back at the audience]: "And the real answer to that question would be no."
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A fandom metaphor for the Democratic primaries. It's hilarious. *g*
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First... AN family doctor? AN??? My English-as-a-Second-Language heart HURTS.

So yeah, this is actually from the AMPTP campaign to turn public opinion against the writers. I first read about it on wga_supporters, and by far the best response to the post is the one [ profile] meyerlemon came up with:

The average working WGA writer
makes more than an[sic] Family Doctor
...that's why the AMPTP supports health care reform.

Way to turn it around, and in a very true way, unfortunately. It's not that the writers are privileged little bastards for trying to protect whatever few benefits they might have - it's that the majority of America should be on strike right now complaining about the way workers are treated in that country. What the writers are asking for is ridiculous in the grand scheme of things. And the fact that they might still be better off than other professions? Just says there's something frankly fucked up about the way America rewards its workers.

EDIT: About the ad itself - I don't know any of the numbers, but something important to keep in mind, especially when dealing with an industry such as Hollywood where inequalities are intensified: averages are easy to use but can be misleading. If you have one person earning $100 and another one earning $1,000,000 per year, the average earning per year of that group will be $50050, which... doesn't exactly represent very well the reality of the dude earning $100/year.


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