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I can't find this information on google for the life of me. I'm looking to get a new scratching post and there's one I like but it's all carpet - my scratching posts have always had a corded component, which seems to be where the cats like to scratch best. So - does it matter or no if the scratching post is all carpet?


Lunettes 3D

Jun. 1st, 2009 07:14 pm
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Quelqu'un sait où on peut trouver des lunettes 3D (deux, pas cinquante) en France dans le commerce??

There's apparently an episode of Chuck where you need them and Peewai and I don't have any! Flail!
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J'ai été pour la première fois à la Mosquée de Paris aujourd'hui (j'adore - ça m'attire tellement plus comme style que nos églises...) et ça m'a donné très très envie d'acheter des pâtisseries.

Est ce que quelqu'un sait où je peux trouver ce genre de délicieuses pâtisseries (turques je crois, surtout, ou bien maghrébines? Bonjour la culture Joey... apparement Wikipedia dit que ça s'appelle des baklawa) bon marché dans Paris?

Merciiii. ^^

Apparement La bague de Kenza a de très bonnes critiques sur le net...
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Does anyone own Where the Wild Things Are? In English? Pleeeease?
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It won't let me save pictures anymore. If I go into the error console, that's what I get :

Error: not well-formed
Source File: file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Joey/Application%20Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/dfuwb2qt.default/localstore.rdf
Line: 1, Column: 1
Source Code:

I have no fucking clue what's wrong. I've not done anything special lately. I've tried reinstalling the program but it doesn't work. And picture-saving works fine in IE, so it's not my computer.

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Would you like to be an awesome F-list today? I mean awesome-er than usual?

There's a poll on Sony to see what series they might release on DVD. Could you please all go and vote for The $treet? This is a TV series that was axed after only 6 episodes aired, and Sean Maher is one of its stars. There's also Jennifer Connelly in there and guys, I'm dying to see that show, so please please please, go to vote for it here :

The current status is:

The $treet 15.4%
Bette! 13.73%
Michael Hayes 6.9%
What's Happening Now! 11.48%
The Rookies 12.16%
Police Story 15.07%
Cupid 25.23%

It'll take you five seconds and dude, I'd be so happy if it actually got released. Thank you awesome F-list! You can return to your usual, Sean-free activities!
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Oh, god, I love random cable channels. Georgia TV has Friends on right now. The best part is that they don't dub, they lower the English and say the Georgian translation on top. Oooh, cheapness. *G* God TV's probably still the best one, though.

More seriously (it's all relative), I'm desperately looking for a good Torchwood icon. Specifically Jack, possibly Jack/Ianto, but I'm thinking Jack for now. Can't decide if I want a happy one - gotta love John Barrowman's smile - or a angsty one - I love that aspect of Jack. So if you have any good ones, can you throw them at me? I've been looking at [ profile] torchwoodicons and [ profile] torch_wood and it's helped some but I haven't found the right icon yet, so I'm hoping you guys can help. Well, the three of you who watch Torchwood anyway. *g*

On that note... off to make cookies or watch Doctor Who!
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Okay. So. American folks, I NEED YOUR HELP.

Wedding Wars is airing December 11 at 9PM EST on A&E. That's Monday.

Is there anyone on my F-list who has A&E and could record / encode this movie for me?

I've been waiting for this movie since this summer, I'm dying to see it and I'd be so, so, so grateful if someone could do me this favor. Anyone?
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Est ce que quelqu'un ici saurait où je peux trouver les chansons du film LE TRIOMPHE DE BABAR? Surtout la première ("Venez venez tous admirer le défilé de la victoire") et celle sur la bureaucratie!!!!!

On est parti en délire gloubiboulga avec [ profile] bloodyscary et maintenant je veux trop chanter et je peux paaaaas parce que la cassette est à Rennes.

Aidez une âme d'enfant!
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Quelqu'un sait-il quel est l'artiste qui chante cette chanson?

EDIT : Wheee j'ai trouvé! Grâce à [ profile] jade_plume!! *smooches*
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I just went to see on the Apple Education Store, and the 30 go iPod is 299 euros.

I really, really want it now.


That said, I'm not buying just yet, but I'm extremely serious considering this. Do we have any idea when Apple is going to get a new version of the iPod out and therefore probably take this one off the market?

Also, if I'm going to do this, I would really like to make sure my current mp3 player isn't just going to sit on one of my shelves getting dusty. So is anyone around here interested in a 6 Go Sony NW-A1000 mp3 player? Or know someone who'd be interested? It works perfectly, battery length is very good, you can recharge it on a wall plug (or on your comp, obviously) and it's pretty. ;) The software is a bit annoying but it works. It also comes with the Fnac warranty, which is only a couple of months old I think. Right now I'm thinking I'd sell it for 50 euros. But hey, if you introduce me to a sweet teenager who feels excluded because he doesn't own an mp3 player yet, I might very easily be convinced to sell it for less.

Otherwise I guess I'll just go on Amazon or PriceMinister or something.

Anyway, so I'm already thinking about the quote I could engraved on the back, so here is an awesome quote spam. In bold are the few ones I'm currently thinking about using, but if you have any idea, please feel free to share. :)

A lot of funny and some serious ahead! )

Can you tell I'm basking in Bill Bryson love right now? God I would do anything to be there when Joss Whedon and him meet. This would be like my personal little heaven.

How much do you love Joss Whedon? Hehe.
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Just wanted to make that clear. Among my icons, a number of them weren't made by me. For practical reasons, credit's given when credit's due on my profile rather than next to the icons themselves. Problem is, I have no clue who to credit for some icons.

So if you know who made any of the following icons, would you please let me know so I can credit them?

Radio show

Mar. 9th, 2006 11:13 am
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Anyone on my Flist would be interested in participating to a raido show about the International Women's Day for Dégel ton frigo? A friend's looking for someone (preferably a girl) to take part in the show... It records tomorrow night at 6:15. I don't think it really matters if you're straight.

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All right, so because of the SNAFU that happened this weekend with the Fnac and my Creative, I'm seriously thinking of returning the Creative to exchange it for Sony's latest player. But somehow I have a bad feeling about this... so does anyone know ANYTHING about Sony's player? Especially BAD things?? If anyone does, can they tell me now? I really need the input in the next few days...

Oh, and if anyone knows exactly how to use a CTR screen instead of the laptop screen when your laptop's on, I would very much appreciate the help. My poor screen's feeling lonely without Harken to keep him warm.

Off to try and book tickets for Serenity 3 and then back to exams.


Dec. 26th, 2005 08:55 am
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To my American friends :

There's a TV movie on US TV that I REALLY, REALLY wanna catch but of course can't because I don't have US TV.

It's called THE DIVE FROM CLAUSEN'S PIER and it's airing Monday 12/26 (yes, that's today) at 4:00pm Eastern on LIFETIME.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE is there anyone who could tape it for me??? I'd be grateful forever!!!
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After some difficulty, Harken and Simon are finally communicating correctly. I've just transfered all my important files to Harken, inclduing my mail, but I have one problem : how do I transfer my Firefox bookmarks from one computer to another? I can't find the right file to copy... any idea anyone?
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All right, so I've been asked by Elodie to start looking for LGBT movies suitable to be shown at la Nuit Rose, our annual LGBT movie festival. The festival is composed of 3 feature movies and 3 short movies, so I'm looking for both. And that's where I need your help.

Does any of you know a (fairly recent) feature or short movie that they really, really loved? What's the website / contact for that movie?

Any idea of where I can look for potential movies and contacts? (I've started looking through since they review a lot of movies.)

The movie can be fun or serious, it doesn't matter (we need both) but it needs to be good. *g* For example, last year we showed April's shower, Poster boy and Eating Out. And D.E.B.S is a perfect example of a movie that could be shown at the festival.

Thanks for any help you can get me. :) (I've made this entry public in case you'd like to direct anyone that could help to it.)
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Tuesday will be even more important than I expected because voters in 11 states will get to have a say on gay marriage.

Anyone studies / has studied Spanish and knows where I can find how their legal system works, as far as voting new laws is concerned?

Anyhoot... I thought that was pretty funny.

Had [ profile] fan_elune on the phone yesterday. I miss her so much. In a happy, laugh-missing kind of way. Christmas, come already!

Oh, and yeah :


Kids can be so cute in their costumes!! It's really cool to see them out there with their parents.


Oct. 26th, 2004 05:18 am
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Yes, I am going to be posting more in 1 week of vacation than I have in the last six months. Or it looks like it, anyway.

This is actually a serious entry. I'm doing a presentation about NAPOLEON and how his vision helped the creation of a NATION STATE in France (and Europe, potentially). Does anyone know any books on Napoleon's life, on Napoleon, on his vision of a Nation? I'm going to the library this afternoon to search, but any help would be very welcome. Don't bother looking up websites, I wouldn't want you to spend time doing this, and I'm myself losing time doing anyway ;) ;) Unless, of course, you know this awesome wesbite that has everything (I was myself rather impressed by Napoleon [dot] org!) ;)!

On a less serious level, LONGWAVE rocks my socks. Check out their website and listen to Tidal Wave and When It's Gone. Those songs, though they don't awake the same feelings in me at all, are just absolutely fabulous. I'm all grrr that When It's Gone isn't actually out on any of their albums/EPs/singles.

Anyhoot, off to keep looking up Napo!!
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Anyone knows any gay/lesbian actors/actresses ? Or a site where we could find a list??


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