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Now, I don't quite think you're the dreamland of opportunity Obama makes you to be, but I am really impressed with you tonight. I am particularly impressed with your record voter turnout (will post number when I have them) because that's truly beautiful. I am so, so very admirative of the way Obama has gotten people so involved and engaged in the democratic process.

Tonight I'm especially thinking of all youth of color across the country for who this is going to make a very, very concrete difference, even if it doesn't make the playing field level. But maybe even more, I'm thinking of the older folks of color, people who once lived in a world where a black person and a white person could not marry, and I cannot begin to imagine the emotion that today represents. This victory, first and foremost? Is and should be theirs.

In the meanwhile, with 33% of precincts reporting, yes on Proposition 8 (aka yes on banning same-sex marriage) is leading in the polls in California, with 53%. California, I can't believe you're about to do this. Please don't. :( (More when more results are in.)

An email I just got from my mom who just got up in France:
"It's amazing...
The States are also capable of amazing things...
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I think the best part is Palin going "I believe marriage is supposed to be a sacred institution between two nwilling teenagers".


Also, anyone who is remotely interested in what's happening right now with the American economy should read this article by Joseph Stiglitz.

A couple of excerpts:

"We’re looking at a new form of public-private partnership, one in which the public shoulders all the risk, and the private sector gets all the profit. While the Bush administration preaches responsibility, the words are addressed only to the less well-off. The administration talks about the impact of “moral hazard” on the poor “speculator” who borrowed money and bought a house beyond his ability to pay. But moral hazard somehow isn’t an issue when it comes to the high-stakes speculators in corporate boardrooms."

"On energy: conservation and research into new technologies will make us less dependent on foreign oil, reduce our trade imbalance, and help the environment. Expanding drilling into environmentally fragile areas, as some propose, would have a negligible effect on the price we pay for oil. Moreover, a policy of “drain America first” will make us more dependent on foreigners in the future. It is shortsighted in every dimension."


On a personal note, we are down to three cats! :( Today two women came to adopt Lily (mommy) and one of the kittens... they ended up taking Maxxie, who got the charm on when they were there by being snuggly and not leaving their shoulders. Aw. I'm a little sad and the kittens here are a little disoriented, but I'm so glad Mommy and Maxxie have found a good home. :)
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Been meaning to post this, too. It's been making the rounds but I had to post it anyway.

Because I'm somewhat of a masochist, I think I'm going to be watching the debate on Tuesday evening. Y'know, as a treat after a long day and my lecture. >.>
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Much like last week, thoughts thrown on "paper" throughout the VP debate tonight.

Strong language ahead. )

The terrible thing is that I think she probably really appeals to a certain America by pandering like she does and playing it 'everyday mom'. It scares me and pisses me off, everything about that. Argh. Arghargh.
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Great entry over at Jezebel on McCain's decision to "reschedule" the debates and Palin's general inability to be a credible candidate for VP, let alone possibly the Presidency. (Thanks to [ profile] phaballa for the link.)

I just. The more I read about the McCain campaign and Palin, the sadder I get that they're actually doing so well in the polls - and so close to Obama, too. Argh.
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A fandom metaphor for the Democratic primaries. It's hilarious. *g*
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Stephen Colbert has announced his candidacy for President of the United States.

He'll be running in the Democratic and Republican primaries in South Carolina, his home state.

F-list - especially the American contingent - what do you think of this?

I'm actually not too amused by it. It cheapens the whole Democratic process. What's the statement here? To make fun of a system that's not working by breaking it further? What is this trying to achieve? And yes, it does matter. It can't - shouldn't - be just for fun. Because there's something at stake that's essential, and that's how and why we chose the leaders we do. And we need to have an actual debate, not just be snarky, parodic, have a good laugh and move on.

I enjoy Colbert's antics on his show a lot - but to move that hypocritical character into the actual political arena? No, right now, I'm really not sure what good will come out of it.
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I think I've found my new laptop! I'll probably buy extra RAM but that shouldn't be too expensive, and since I'll have my current HD as an external HD, I'm not worried about only having 120Go on the laptop. Oh, and guys? If there's anything that SUCKS on this computer, now would be the time to tell me? Before I buy it and all? Kthx.

In random international news, the US presidential candidates are having a debate solely on LGBT issues. What amuses me endlessly is that they're having it on my birthday, August 9. You really didn't have to, guys, but I really appreciate the thought. Too bad they're probably all going to say ridiculous things because they have to stay conservative on those issues to be "acceptable" for the American public. *facepalm*

*points at icon* Heeee!
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So to celebrate the end of the school year, I sat down on the couch with my brother, ordered burgers and watched the debate between the two remaining Presidential candidate. It's hard to get an objective perspective, and I can't say I was totally won over by Royal's performance, but she definitely did better than I expected her to. She held her ground, she had good arguments, she was even compelling at times. I think she did good.

They both could have refrained on the condescending snark they resorted to, but mostly I'm pissed at Sarkozy for turning around what was honorable vehemence to make it look bad. I was actually glad when she got so energetic on that topic of integration of handicapped children - and I really liked her for it. For once, she showed she really cared. That he (and his whole party) would use that against her, I find it despicable. And considering Sarkozy's record on the topic of intensity/calm, yeah, he could have shut up on this one.

Personally, yes, I'm glad to see a potential candidate who gets worked up about a topic she cares about, especially she got intense, but she got her valid point across, and she didn't resort to name-calling, or unfounded arguments. She fought for her beliefs and yeah, I like that in a candidate. Too much of that wouldn't be productive, but she did once, and I felt like it was positive, I'm going to hate if it plays against her.

While I'm at it, two pretty basic articles, but I felt like I had to share the links. (Sorry, both in French!)
La Ligue des droits de l'homme appelle à voter pour Ségolène Royal
L'élection de Ségolène Royal serait une "bonne nouvelle" pour l'Inter-LGBT

They both matter to me, the first one on a more general level. "La LDH appelle les électeurs à choisir la solidarité et non la peur, le respect et non les menaces, l'égalité et non les discriminations." That a respectable organization would take such a stand, it means something.
The other link is only LGBT-related, but obviously it matters a lot to me. It doesn't determine a vote, of course it doesn't, but nevertheless, it's significant what a candidate/party chooses or not on the topic. It reveals more than just his opinion of LGBT people.
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First, I officially have a passport! Yay me. And UBC's sent me another email to fill out the course form, and even though I've still not received an official acceptance letter, it makes me feel good.

Today there was a meeting for Ségolène Royal at the Charlety stadium, which is a five-minute walk from our apartment. I toyed with the idea of going, but I've got my Spanish oral tomorrow, so it's best to lock myself up and try and learn some of the stuff.

I had to go to buy some groceries, though, so I walked up to the Franprix which is really close to the stadium, and there were so many people going there. It's strange when that happens - when politics suddenly stop being invisible, when you know there's a 95% chance of the person behind you in the line being pro-Royal (when they don't actually sport a t-shirt or a sticker). I don't know if it's just me, but suddenly, I've got this sense of belonging. I might disagree with these people on so many things, but in that moment, it doesn't matter.

It reminds me of being at the Boston State House, singing the American anthem, chanting to pro-same-sex marriage slogans. When humans come together, with the same hope, that sort of positive energy, it's electrifying.

I didn't go to the meeting today because my heart would have burst with that sense of belonging, of togetherness. I can get myself in tears just feeling that, because in these moments, I know, I know there's a reason to fight for what I believe is right. Common purpose, common beliefs, the overwhelming sense that I'm not alone. That we believe, and that we should, that we have every reason to. It feels good. Energizing. Moving.

I didn't go to the meeting, because I don't want to feel this way, I dont' want to start actively believing we can beat Sarkozy Sunday. If I don't believe too hard, then Sunday won't be as bad. At least that's what I keep telling myself. And yet I hope, because no matter what I say, no matter what I feel, this is my country, and I can't give it up to what I believe is a call to division, fear, distrust. (I also don't agree with Sarkozy's plan for economics, but it's not what I'm afraid of.)

Go and vote Sunday; don't lose hope. Miracles happen.

And even when they don't, never lose hope.
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N'oubliez pas d'aller voter!

*enfile ses chaussures pour y aller*
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Le site sur lequel est proposé le test dont je parlais dans mon post précédent est extrêment bien conçu et permet de s'informer sur les candidat(e)s. Proftez-en!

Vous pouvez vous renseigner sur chaque candidat(e) en cliquant sur sa photo puis sur les thèmes qui vous intéressent le plus.

Autre possibilité: si vous hésitez entre deux candidat(e)s, utilisez le Face à Face (disponible sur la page d'acceuil) pour comparer la position de vos deux candidat(e)s sur les thèmes qui vous semblent les plus importants.

Le mieux, évidemment, c'est de jeter un coup d'oeil aux programmes. Même si votre choix est déjà fait, c'est important de savoir ce que les candidat(e)s proposent, au moins sur les thèmes que vous trouvez les plus intéressants - et d'ailleurs c'est souvent intéressant de lire les programmes des candidat(e)s qu'on connait mal ou qu'on ne soutient pas, parce qu'ils n'ont pas toujours que des idées stupides. Et si vous voyez dans le programme de Sarkozy une proposition qui vous parait intelligente, alors vous pouvez demander autour de vous ou à votre candidat(e) pourquoi il/elle ne propose pas la même chose. C'est comme ça qu'on instaure un dialogue sur le sujet plus intéressant que "Royal, j'aime pas sa voix". (Même si c'est vrai que moi, je n'aime pas sa voix! Elle ne me donne pas envie de l'écouter, ce qui est dommage pour une figure publique.)

Le problème, c'est que les programmes sont longs et pas toujours faciles à trouver exposés de manière claire. Pour les dernières présidentielles, les Verts avaient publiés un petit livret clair et concis sur leur programme, j'espère que c'est aussi le cas cette année. Hier, Fan' a récupéré Le programme d'action de Bayrou dans la rue - quand les militants vous proposent juste des flyers, ou des discours sur "la France mérite toutes nos forces", c'est inutile, ça ne vaut rien. Tout le monde dit la même chose, évidemment.

Mais s'ils vous proposent ce genre de petit livret avec les propositions du candidat, prenez-le. Jetez-y un coup d'oeil dans le bus, dans le métro, ou dans votre bain. Ca ne fait jamais du mal de s'informer et franchement, ça ne prend pas des heures.

On se plaint beaucoup de ne pas être au courant, de ne pas avoir les outils pour voter de manière informée. Mais les infos, elles sont là, et souvent pas aussi difficile à trouver que ça. Le truc, c'est que la démocratie, ça fonctionne sur un principe de démarche citoyenne. On ne peut pas toujours attendre que ça nous tombe tout cuit devant les yeux; il faut lire, réfléchir, confronter. Et on peut parfois être étonné(e) d'y prendre un intérêt. La politique, ça n'a pas vocation à être chiant et déprimant.

Un mot sur le vote utile... )
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I should watch TV more often, because apparently there's a Presidential campaign going on. So yesterday on France 2 I was treated a bit of campaigning from like half the candidate (including a guy I'd never heard of, DeVilliers who's happy to be overtly racist when LePen isn't, and thankfully, NOT Sarkozy).

I'm sort of disappointed by that slogan that appeared at the end of the video by the Green Party, which announced "L'écologie ne se fera pas sans les écologistes" (Ecology won't happen without ecologists) - I know they're just trying to get votes, but the whole point of ecology is that it needs to happen with everyone. It needs to be on everyone's mind, in everyone's priorities.

Puisque je suis sur des histoires de politique, oyez oyez co-citoyens français : ce petit site vous permet de (soit-disant) découvrir de quel(le) candidat(e) vous êtes le plus proches en répondait à 35 questions. C'est pas trop long et relativement parlant, même si bien sûr 35 questions ça limite les sujets abordés. Mais bon, ça peut vous aider à mettre de l'ordre dans vos idées et vous permettre aussi de vous interroger sur certains sujets.

Ca me rassure quelque peu de m'être retrouvé avec les Verts en tête. What I like about the Green Party is not just a priority on environmentalist issues (we desperately NEED someone to take those seriously) - it's most of their policies. They've not only got the right priority in my opinion, but also the right attitude towards other questions. And unlike other parties, I believe they're more truthful about their beliefs. They're people who care.

Speaking of ecology, yesterday on the Colbert Report a guy was invited - he and his family (a wife, a toddler and a dog) are trying to live a year in Manhattan with having as little impact on the environment as possible. He keeps a blog that I've only just started going through, but I find it extremely interesting. Go have a look, people. I don't believe extremist solutions like this one would work for all of us, but we should learn. A lot.
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L'Inter-LGBT a fait parvenir un questionnaire à tous les candidates à la Présidentielle pour qu'ils prennent clairement positions sur les questions LGBT (discrimination - couples - parentalité - personnes trans - santé - solidarité internationale)

J'étais assez étonnée de découvrir l'(apparent) enthousiasme et volonté de Bayrou sur ces questions. A l'opposé, les réponses de Royal sont beaucoup plus réservées, en particular sur la PMA (Procréation Médicalement Assistée) et les personnes trans. Sarkozy, évidement, a des gros progrès à faire. Lire son opinion ne me donne même plus envie de me taper la tête contre les murs, à force on finit par être habitués. Tsk.


I guess I should expect that sort of crap from people by now.


*loves on librarian mom*
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Ad campaign paid for by the Conseil Régional des Jeunes (Ile-de-France) for the upcoming Presidential elections. (It says, "In 2007, get your papers out.") I like the idea, and I really like the picture - wish I could have thought of it first.

For the next month and a half, I'll be sporting a new default icon. And then on May 6 once we've elected some scary-ass person, I'll go back and drown my sorrow in ice-cream. You know, I really am fucking scared of waiting on TV for the results.
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So. The Democrats have TOTALLY won Congress. Next step : take care of that President guy thing. Seriously.

Now let's all cross our fingers the Democrats manage to do something with this.

Ah. It's days like these I kind of regretted not being able to watch FOX news and LAUGH AT THEM. I am feeling absolutely no pity whatsoever.

Also, Massachusetts voted pro-equality all the way, which makes me so happy. *pets MA*

That said, some States are still struggling with the concept of equality. Colorado, Idaho, South Dakota, Virginia and Wisconsin all voted in favor of a ban on same-sex marriage. But the award of the night goes out to South Carolina and Tennessee who voted in favor of a ban on same-sex marriage with respectively 78% and 81% of the voters IN FAVOR of the ban. It makes my skin crawl. And I find it amazing, over a century after Plessy vs Ferguson, that the same mistakes could be made, again and again. I guess we do never learn.

And for the record, letting the majority vote on the rights of a minority? Ethically very doubtful. And no, it's not necessarily the price to pay for participative democracy.

Finally, California's totally let me down by voting against Proposition 87, "Funds for Alternative Energy". My dad wants me to write an article about this, so I might bore you with a rant later on. Oh, yes, I can hear you cheer. Right on!

On that note, I should go check out what Jon Stewart has to say about all of this. *runs to watch the LIVE Midterm Midtacular*
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It's election day for our American friends!

I'll be in a corner praying to Joss that people get out there to vote for once (chances of that happening : near to null), that the Senate changes majority (who knows), and that MA goes for Patrick (gov.) and Coakley (att. gen.) (my fingers are crossed so bad it hurts).

Rock the vote, people.
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Les jours passent, se ressemblent ou ne se ressemblent pas, et c'est toujours les mêmes questions qui m'agitent... "En participant au blocage, je ne me sens pas moins étudiante que toi mais plutôt plus citoyenne". Il serait grand temps qu'on remettre "la citoyenneté" en avant en France, parce que c'est un concept un peu perdu. Je ne comprends toujours pas pourquoi il n'y a pas plus de discussions politiques organisées sur la place publique, régulièrement. Enfin bref. Je dis ça mais si ça se faisait je passerais mon temps soit à y aller (on sait que je ne suis pas assez occupée comme ça ^^) soit à m'en vouloir/être déçue de ne pas pouvoir y aller, alors finalement peut-être que c'est aussi bien que le lien entre la politique, le local et le citoyen soit un peu faible en France. :)

Bref après l'épisode CPE hier, je vais parler Verts, parce que déjà ça me perturbe moins, je sais un peu mieux où je me situe, et en plus c'est à mon avis beaucoup plus important. Déjà parce que ça s'inscrit dans la longueur, et qu'en plus c'est quand même une dynamique beaucoup plus constructive à mon avis. Bref.

Donc comme vous le savez sans doute, les Verts aiment bien (trop?) les principes démocratiques, et donc le problème du moment c'est qu'il faut choisir qui on va présenter comme candidat aux élections de 2007. Alors on fait des primaires, comme aux Etats Unis, et au passage avant cette année je ne savais même pas que ça se faisait en France, des primaires. Mais j'aime bien le principe et pour une fois qu'on importe des éléments positifs des Etats Unis, ça fait du bien. Bref donc les Verts ont cinq candidat(e)s à la candidature, Yves Cochet, Dominique Voynet, Cécile Duflot, Alain Uguen et Jean Desessard. Hier soir à Paris il y avait le premier meeting de présentation des candidats - personnellement avant de rentrer dans la salle, je ne connaissais qu'Yves Cochet et Dominique Voynet.

Et avant de me lancer dans le vif du sujet, je voulais juste dire que Yann Wehrling était présent et j'étais bien contente d'enfin voir la tête de notre secrétaire national, surtout qu'il n'est pas moche.

Réflexions sur les candidats )

Juste pour finir : deux trucs que j'adore chez les Verts : c'est quasiment systématique d'appeller les gens par leurs prénoms, c'est tout bête mais ça fait super convivial. Et quand on s'interpelle, on dit "chers amis", ce que je trouve trop mignons. Les Verts, c'est un peu le pays de Bisounours, en plus réaliste et en plus écolo. ^^


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