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I really feel like I haven't given the Occupy movement enough attention here or even in life. Probably most of you will have read or seen the video of what happened at UC Davis with non-violent student protestors getting pepper-sprayed - this photo (and other versions of it) has been circulated around a lot, and you can see a video of the whole incident here. There's a lot of good articles that have been posted about OWS, but in the wake of the UC Davis incident, I particularly liked the analysis of Glenn Greenwald at Salon. I think he hits a particularly powerful note when he says that, "Rights are so much more effectively destroyed by bullying a citizenry out of wanting to exercise them than any other means." I would add that this is obviously more true of a democratic state, where people become attached to the idea of 'being free' and 'having rights'.

There's also this cool letter from someone in the Occupy Vancouver movement that I just shared with my Sociology 100 students: Why I Occupy. I like it most for the way that it handles the criticism that OWS doesn't have 'clear demands': "Many people wonder why we have not produced a list of demands yet. It is not necessary for Occupiers to come up with legislation or policy prescriptions. Many people have done excellent work drafting out how a fairer and more just society would function. [...] There is no political will to use these blueprints to benefit the people. Political will is mobilized to protect the wealthiest one per cent. We are generating that political will."


Ivan Coyote, who's nothing short of awesome, wrote a note on being yelled at for using the women's bathroom a couple of months ago, and recently wrote a follow-up note on this bathroom bullshit. Both these posts are really fantastic, and I really encourage you to read both. An excerpt from the end of the second post:
"I am sick of hearing that my safety is not as important as other women’s. I resent the implication that butches and trans women and men are never survivors of male violence themselves, and thus do not also need a safe place to pee, and the suggestion that we should somehow be segregated in our own bathrooms so we don’t bother the rest of you normal people, is simply fucked beyond belief.
I also want to state again, for what seems like the one millionth time, that single-stall, lockable, gender-neutral washrooms would solve all of our problems. I refuse to be divided and conquered on this issue. I will not allow myself to be placed in opposing corners of the ring when it comes to all of our safety. I call bullshit."

I've also had another piece from Feministing bookmarked for sharing forever that actually makes for a nice companion piece to the bathroom discussion: There are no safe spaces. The idea of 'accountable space' is one that very much appeals to me, although I'm sure it has its limits as well.


On a more shallow, but fun note, this interview of Joss Whedon by a high school student is really fantastic.

And to finish, the New York Times published recently a piece on my hometown, Rennes that made my heart ache with nostalgia and a longing to be back in Brittany.
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I took advantage of the fact that Allie was in Canmore with her parents for a few days to finish my second draft of my thesis, which was nearly 50 pages shorter! Success! Hopefully, anyway. Now I'm waiting for substantive comments.

Anyway, I mostly wanted to share an article, Policing Female Masculinity: Much Ado About Rachel Maddow’s Yearbook Photo! We have a tendency to jump the gun and say that masculinity is more harshly regulated nowadays than femininity, and an article like this one reminds us that actually, norms of femininity are still very much in place.

Also, a question for the French (or French-savy!) folks out there: quelle est votre crêpe végétarienne traditionelle préférée?

EDIT: Also want to link to this article on people (including Sarah Palin, who's decided to become a spokesperson for the cause or something) who oppose the construction of a community centre and Islamic prayer space near Ground Zero (note the NEAR, it's not even at Ground Zero itself). Benevolent racism drives me nuts, and I hate how much the far-right thinks they alone know what the true "American" reaction should be to something like 9/11.


Sep. 23rd, 2007 10:41 pm
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Un article dans Le Monde sur la Breizh Touch.

Je suis dégoûtée de n'avoir appris ça qu'aujourd'hui et de n'avoir pas pu faire de la LJ Pub aux parisiens qui fréquentent mon LJ.

"Française sans problème, il me faut donc vivre la Bretagne en surplus, ou, pour mieux dire, en conscience : si je perds cette conscience, la Bretagne cesse d'être en moi ; si tous les bretons la perdent, elle cesse absolument d'être. La Bretagne n'a pas de papiers. Elle n'existe que dans la mesure où à chaque génération des hommes et des femmes se reconnaissent breton(ne)s."

(Adapté de Comment peut on être breton, "Essai sur la Démocratie française", Morvan Lebesque.)

Même depuis le bord du Pacifique, mon coeur balance toujours pour ma bretagne natale.
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"Le breton est-il ma langue maternelle? Non: je suis né à Nantes où on ne le parle pas. Suis-je même breton? Vraiment, je le crois et m'en expliquerai. Mais de "pure race", qu'en sais-je et qu'importe?

- Vous n'êtes donc pas raciste?
- Ne m'insultez pas.
- Séparatiste? Autonomiste? Régionaliste?
- Tout celà, rien de celà. Au-delà.
- Mais alors, nous ne nous comprenons plus. Qu'appelez-vous breton? Et d'abord, pourquoi l'être?

Question nullement absurde. Français d'état-civil, je suis nommé français, j'assume à chaque instant ma situation de Français ; mon appartenance à la Bretagne n'est en revanche qu'une qualité facultative que je puis parfaitement renié ou méconnaître. Je l'ai d'ailleurs fait. j'ai longtemps ignoré que j'étais breton. Je l'ai par moment oublié?

Français sans problème, il me faut donc vivre la Bretagne en surplus ou, pour mieux dire, en conscience: si je perd cette conscience, la Bretagne cesse d'être en moi; si tous les Bretons la perdent, elle cesse absolument d'être. La Bretagne n'a pas de papiers. Elle n'existe que dans la mesure où, à chaque génération, des hommes se reconnaissent bretons. À cette heure, des enfants naissent en Bretagne. Seront-ils bretons? Nul ne le sait.

À chacun, l'âge venu, la découverte ou l'ignorance."

- Morvan Lebesque,
"Comment peut-on être breton / essai sur la démocratie française"

Can I explain how my heart tightens at the words? Can I explain I feel home when I step off the train?
It makes no sense. It's a small sort of faith. Belonging. Never makes much sense at all.

Here is the English translation :

"Is breton my native language? No : I was born in Nantes where it isn't spoken. Am I even Breton? I really believe so, and I'll tell you why. But a "pure blood" Breton, what do I know and what do I care?

- You're not racist?
- Don't insult me.
- Separatist? Autonomist? Regionalist?
- Everything, and nothing. Beyond that.
- But then, we don't understand. What do you call yourself Breton? And first of all, why would you want to be Breton?

Not a stupid question at all. Officially French, I'm designated as French, I live every moment assuming my status as a French citizen ; my sense of belonging to Britanny is, however, an optional quality that I could perfectly deny or ignore. I did in the past. For a long time, I ignored the fact I was Breton. Sometimes I even forgot?

While being French is obvious, I have to live Britanny in addition or, better said, in conscience : if I lose this conscience, Britanny ceases to be in me ; if all the Bretons lose it, she ceases to be. Britanny has no papers. She only exists insofar as, in each generation, men and women recognize themselves as Bretons. Right now, babies are being born in Britanny. Will they be Breton? No one knows.

To each, when the time comes, discovery or ignorance.
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To start, a few memes gawked from ... er, various people. Sorry for lack of credit.

Ooooh my tastes and life are very interesting )

So, yes, we're just back from Erquy and all. It was lovely. We went swimming every day, and even though it was really cold one day, it was just great. I hadn't been in the sea for far too long. Plus, we got to play an RPG with Dadou, a friend of [ profile] fan_elune's, and it was fun. I was Brün (it's pronounced Broun, and don't you start on it!!), a great strong barbarian that DID NOT hurt one of our allies with an arrow of his.

Also, we watched A Knight's Tale. And again. And again. And then some. But it's a nice movie. It's a lot of fun, especially Wat, Roland, Kate and Chaucer. Not a big fan of Jocelyne at all, but oh well. Heath Ledger was fine in it, though his character annoyed me with being too childish sometimes. Anyhoot, good movie, and sparkled some really nice fic in Fan''s mind, so all for the goodie goodie.

And thank Joss, the stars and beyond, things worked out for the passeport. Monday Fan' got a call saying it'd be ready for Friday, and Wednesday we learnt it was ready to be picked up. Administration never was so fast. I'm impressed. Anyway, it should get to Rennes tomorrow and be all good. *relieved, happy sigh*

We walked around, Erquy's your usual Briton resort, but it'd been a while since I'd enjoyed one. I studied, too. Yesterday night, we went to a really delicious restaurant. I was so afraid I wouldn't enjoy the food all that much and all, and look stupid and all, but it was just amazing. Wheee! I even got my sweat-shirt stained by one of the waitress, which got us free alcohol. Good times. Finally, really nice moments with Fan'. That did include trying to drink water from bottles like you'd drink champagne at New Year, kisses in the sea, and long laughs and incomprehensible conversations that remind me how much I love her. *silly grin*

Now, the weekend of the love is about to be launched. Well, the birthday weekend, really. People starting to arrive from 12:46 tomorrow, we're gonna keep going back and forth between home and the station, but oh well. Can't wait to see everybody. In the meanwhile, we must figure out how to go buy food and watch Fucking Amal. Oooh, need to call cousin, too. Off to do that.

Lots of love everybody, and I will see some of you very very very very soon. *happy, excited grin*


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