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Via Felicia Day's twitter:

This made me tear up instantly. What a nice place the internet can be. RT: @popurls Help me fix my last picture of mom

I teared up, too, and I can't decide if it's out of sadness or from being touched by people responding so positively. There's just something that gets to me about this photo and the smiles and the thought that it's gone forever, and that on top of people being genuinely nice and helpful even though they have not a thing to gain from it - it's a little much to handle after the long week I've had.

Some funny to balance it out a little: Why Breaking Dawn must be made into a movie.
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"Shouldn’t sustainability come first and profits second? I think so."

Eliza Dushku, will you please MARRY ME.

(She continues with: "These are the two different ways of looking at the issue. I came away not liking USAID’s' 'The Goal is Growth' slogan. It should be about people first." AMEN.)

Dude. I can't believe I didn't get to that site before. And at the same time, none of it is about enhancing celebrity status so I'm not surprised and I like it so much more for it. Check out the About section, it says it all, really.

Speaking of environmental stuff, I realized I never said anything about my thesis defense/viva/thing - it went well but I was really annoyed at first. I sat down and one of the first thing my supervisor said was that I shouldn't have printed my thesis double-sided. I sort of blinked and asked why because I had no clue (and I'm not sure how she expected me to guess). She said "it's a convention".

...'s a fucking CONVENTION to use twice as much paper as you need to print a 70-page document? It's a fucking convention to use up twice as much resources as you really need? What.the.hell. I told her I thought it was terrifying and we moved on but dude, I just can't believe it. Why do we cling on to conventions like that one? What is the fucking point?

On so many levels, we really need to rethink our priorities.
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"You can't ask questions such as whether or not we have enough time. We all have to act to the best of our ability. The issue is not whether or not we make it. The important thing is that we have to try."

This a David Suzuki quote (I am more and more convinced that ecologists are the true visionaries that walk this earth), and it reminded me so much of Stephen Lewis's message back in January.

The issue is not whether or not we make it.
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While I have a conflicted love/hate relationship with my Buffy paper right now, I am absolutely and undeniably in love with Joss Whedon.

"Second, we're a week away from Mutant Enemy Picket day! Since the AMPTP have generously offered us a thimble of sputum in exchange foreverything written ever, I think it's fair to say it won't be a picnic."

"Get the word out, remind everyone that corporate greed (it's nothing but) is hurting everyone in this country."

"We get a lot of flack for being well-fed, glamorous, rich and powerful. We've worked hard to dispel that stereotype but in fact, a select few of us are wealthy and influential. And we have the support of some of the most famous and beloved (and wealthy and influential) people in the country: TV and movie stars! So the fact that the studios feel perfectly comfortable SPITTING IN OUR FACES in front of the whole world cannot bode well for any other union that works under them -- or under anyone who sees how easy it is to deny the basic rights of workers even so public as we. This is bad for writers, bad for actors, teamsters, teachers, nurses, dockworkers... the shape of this country is changing. The middle class is being squeezed out. We're trundling back to the middle ages, people, and all we can do is lie there and take it. But of course, that's not what's going to happen."

This. THIS is why I want to be down in L.A. on ME Day. Because this isn't really about the writers to me. It's about what sort of society we choose to live in. It's about realizing that this isn't an isolated struggle of few rich people, it's larger than that. It's about the way we do business, about the way we value work (as opposed to capital), about collective responsibility (and community) vs. individualism, about the dramatic inequalities we are ready to accept or not. Joss's anger in that post is uplifting to me, because we need to be angry. We need to be angry and fight back.

I pray that America opens its eyes to this so that something can truly snap, so that something can truly change.

Less angry and inspiring, but still awesome, Joss again.
greenie_breizh: (Default) has been distributing flyers and pizzas on the picket lines, which I think is awesome and I really wish I was down there right now to take part in that, share that "giddy first burst of solidarity and fear".

More importantly, Joss posted on about the strike. Not that it comes as a surprise, but I truly love and admire this man. He's articulate and socially-conscious and he's got the exact right reasons for striking.

"Sounds pretty damn pompous, no? “Generations to come…”? Yeesh. But it’s true. Our culture, our government, our corporate structures have all gotten pretty used to taking care of ourselves at the expense of our children and their children. Part of this is simple greed, part is immediate practicality trumping long-view perspective, and part is perfectly understandable fear. It’s easier to take what you’e given, not protest, not make a fuss. A lot of people will suffer grievously if this strike isn’t quickly resolved, and the men and women who voted for it know that. But like so many things – our eco-system being the most obvious – if we don’t make it work now, what’s to come will be much worse."

"I watched my Father strike, back in ’88. It was hard. But I was proud. I’m proud now."

It's silly, but I'm pretty proud too.

As for Aly and Alexis coming down to show their support for the writers? Bless them.
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H E R O part 2.

This is the second part of Martin Firrell's project, "Hero: the future of gods, icons and heroes" - this is input from people all over, and some of those quotes are very powerful. It's an amazing project, and I can't wait to see more of it.
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Keith Olbermann on Bush's commutation of Lewis "Scooter" Libby's prison sentence.

That man just fascinates me. For his contained anger, eloquence, intelligence, he's definitely a hero of mine.
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We need new heroes.

Like we had any doubt that our Big Damn Captain was one.
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Why the Firefly fandom is absolutely the BEST fandom ever, part 3 :

I actually got out of bed today because I couldn't wait to hear what had happened with Non-Flan and the Flan 500 yesterday. I'm vicariously living this weekend through them and there's no best way to start the day than to read up on what amazing things the Backup Bash organizers and other Browncoats have come up with. And it only gets better if you put Dan Sehane on and sing along with him, for the record.

There are some reports floating around and I'll do a more general post compiling those sometimes next week, but some things that need to be said :

- Michael Muhney (Sheriff Lamb on Veronica Mars), who was supposed to show at the Charity Auction during Flan, contacted the Backup Bash people as soon as he heard the con had been cancelled and proceeded to ask how he could help. So he was there yesterday at what had been planned. He's not even in the fandom. Can you feel the waves of love I'm sending his way?

- Clare Kramer (Glory on Buffy) has a bar opening next week in L.A. but she opened it up so the Flan 500 and guests had somewhere to hang out Saturday afternoon. Clare was in no way affiliated with the event to start with, and isn't exactly in the fandom either. Yet she donated time, space, possibly money to make Non-Flan a positive experience. How amazing do people get, seriously?

- The Big Damn Heroes. The huge, fucking brilliant BDHs. On top of Nathan, Jonathan, Mark, Christina, Greg Edmonson (music composer for Firefly) who were all there on Friday and showed up again on Saturday, Ron Glass attended the events on Saturday, along with Michael Fairman (the torturer Niska) and Morena Baccarin.

- And by the way, Morena was never scheduled for the event. And still she came. Out of the nine actors from the main cast, five of them have showed so far out of goodwill and the goodness of their hearts. Out of the four still missing, one of them we know is stranded in Canada (Jewel), and another is Gina Torres. So by this point, amusingly enough since neither of them were scheduled for the convention, I end up wondering what's keeping Summer Glau and Sean Maher from joining the fun, because having heard about them and having met both (though mostly Sean), it's definitely not the fact they're not kind-hearted. Not hoping, because they might very well be working / have other commitments and that would be absolutely understandable, but who knows what the Backup Back guys have planned for today (Sunday). Honestly, right now they could get SANTA CLAUS to show up and I wouldn't be surprised.

- Forgot to mention this yesterday: let it not be forgotten that the Backup Bash guys opened a paypal account for donations to help make something happen and that people not going to Flan raised the first $3,200 by 11:00 AM Friday morning, which was maybe 14 hours (and overnight hours) after information about being able to donate had circulated widely. Last I know $4,500 has been raised.

May this event be a lesson to all in generosity and kindness.
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Why the Firefly fandom is absolutely the best fandom ever, part 2 :

So yesterday I went to bed knowing the poor Browncoats left stranded at the hotel had at least had the opportunity to see Adam and Mark.

But it gets better. Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Jonathan Woodward and Christina Hendricks all showed up yesterday to hang out with the Browncoats.

They got screwed, too, since they've been holding up their weekend for the con and it's not happening. They're definitely not getting paid. There's no security of any sorts provided by the hotel. People didn't expect them to show up. All in all, they had no reason to come.

Except that they're truly, truly amazing people.

And Alan deserves even more kudos, because the guy had actually cancelled his appearance at the con because he was filming, but he showed up last night anyway because he's only flying to New Mexico today. Seriously, how much dedication can one actor show? I'm floored. In the best of ways. I already love the guy for how funny, adorable and politically involved he is, but this? I have no words.

The California Browncoats are organizing something tomorrow and throughout the weekend. Which, by the way, because it's really not just the actors being awesome, here is lexigeek, one of the Backup Organizers.

The hotel has had to instate a 10PM curfew because of all the Browncoats forever hanging out in the lobby. Which somehow puts this huge grin on my face, to know everybody's just getting together and probably cheering up whoever's really depressed and being good people and being a group, really.

I cannot explain how moved I am by the show of dedication and good energy. The fact that all of these people are managing to make a huge fucking mess into something positive is amazing, in so, so many ways. And it would be incredible enough if it was the fans making this lemonade, but the fact that the actors are pitching in too? Is truly extraordinary.

These Browncoats (and at this point, all the actors are absolutely Browncoats as well) are set out to restore my faith in humanity. Group spirit can be such a beautiful thing.
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On forgiveness, by [ profile] squiddity, found on [ profile] metaquotes, originally from this entry :

"A gunman entered a school in Pennsylvania and methodically shot 11 young amish girls through the head.
When we had Dunblaine we screamed and shouted and banned things and blamed people and worried about how our children may be next.
When America had Columbine they screamed and shouted and blamed things and spectacularly failed to ban anything and instead put metal detectors in schools.

The Amish community invited the wife of the killer to the funerals, because they knew that she had her own grief to resolve.
They set up a fund for the families of the children, just like any community would do, but at the same time they set up a fund for the family of the killer, who have lsot their husband and father in a way that will be at least as hard to deal with.
They have sent flowers and condolences to the family.
The parents who lost both their daughters brought round food and told the wife that they forgave her husband.
These were the two daughters who asked to be shot first in the hope that the extra time bought may save one of the others.

I am not a Christian, but I really really hope that if something like this happened to me, I would be strong enough and understanding to do exactly the same thing.
I don't know these people, I never will, but I love them.
And if there is a heaven, I'll expect to see these people there."

It reminded me of a beautiful text my mother read to me once, a text written by Julos Beaucarne after his wife was stabbed to death at the age of 33. He's a Belgian singer and I'm not sure there are any translations of the text, so I'm gonna have to copy/paste it in French. I wish I could translate it, but I'd be afraid not to be able to render the strength of the words he chose. It made me cry the first time my mom read it to me - and still now, I well up just talking about it. The strength, the heart, the love you must have to be able to not resent the whole world, to not resent the murderer, when a loved one has just been taken away from you boggles me. Makes me humble.

These are the people are I truly admire.

"Amis bien-aimés,

Ma Loulou est partie pour le pays de l'envers du décor, un homme lui a donné neuf coups de poignard dans sa peau douce. C'est la société qui est malade, il nous faut la remettre d'aplomb et d'équerre par l'amour et l'amitié et la persuasion. C'est l'histoire de mon petit amour à moi, arrêté sur le seuil de ses trente-trois ans. Ne perdons pas courage, ni vous ni moi. Je vais continuer ma vie et mes voyages avec ce poids à porter en plus et mes deux chéris qui lui ressemblent.

Sans vous commander, je vous demande d'aimer plus que jamais ceux qui vous sont proches ; le monde est une triste boutique, les cœurs purs doivent se mettre ensemble pour l'embellir, il faut reboiser l'âme humaine. Je resterai sur le pont, je resterai un jardinier, je cultiverai mes plantes de langage. A travers mes dires vous retrouverez ma bien-aimée ; il n'est de vrai que l'amitié et l'amour. Je suis maintenant très loin au fond du panier des tristesses. On doit manger chacun, dit-on, un sac de charbon pour aller en paradis. Ah ! comme j'aimerais qu'il y ait un paradis, comme ce serait doux les retrouvailles.

En attendant, à vous autres, mes amis de l'ici-bas, face à ce qui m'arrive, je prends la liberté, moi qui ne suis qu'un histrion, qu'un batteur de planches, qu'un comédien qui fait du rêve avec du vent, je prends la liberté de vous écrire pour vous dire ce à quoi je pense aujourd'hui : je pense de toutes mes forces qu'il faut s'aimer à tort et à travers."

EDIT : Fan', because she's brilliant and I love her, has translated the text into English in the comments.
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Dude. I didn't think it was even possible to have a go at Bush like that on US TV anymore.

I like that Olbermann kid.
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"Why do you write these strong women characters?
- Because you're still asking me that question."

Joss Whedon is seriously my god. Here's the video of his speech at Equality Now, as a Men On The Front Line Honoree. It's amazing, just - so much like Joss. Funny and touching and true and brilliant. Every point he makes, so true. The last part of it in particular, he's so absolutely right.

We need lots of baby Whedons running this world.
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Eric est passé nous voir pendant la Marche, il a même fait la fin du trajet avec nous en nous aidant pour la sécurité. Ca m'a fait super plaisir de le revoir, ça faisait un petit bout de temps! Il est motivé pour faire des interventions l'année prochaine, mais ça devient compliqué avec le traitement qui va commencer à faire ses effets...

Bref quand j'ai découvert son blog il y a quelques mois je voulais poster l'adresse ici mais je ne voulais pas le faire sans son accord. Samedi il m'a dit que c'était pas un problème, voilà donc le lien :

Deviens ce que tu es.

Pour ceux qui ont loupé les épisodes précédents, j'ai fait la connaissance d'Eric quand il était encore Caroline parce qu'il se pensait lesbienne à l'époque et qu'il était venu au MAG. Depuis il s'est rendu compte qu'il était trans et il a donc commencé le parcours difficile qui lui permettra d'être lui-même. Son blog retrace son parcours et je le trouve très bien fait, très touchant, et aussi très instructif pour tous ceux qui ne savent pas trop ce que c'est qu'être trans et qui n'ont jamais lu de témoignage. (J'aimerais bien savoir ce que vous en avez pensé, vous.)

Au cas où c'était pas clair, je vous recommande donc très très, fortement d'aller lire ce blog et de découvrir l'aventure qu'Eric a commencé!
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Seen first on [ profile] fan_elune's LJ :

Julie Banderas VS Phelps matriarch

What sickens me most with people from the Phelps Church is that they will never lose. You can never achieve a perfect nation, so they will always have something to complain about. And since they will never actually rule (thank God), they will always be able to say we got it wrong and they would have gotten it right. How easy and righteous their position is.

And forever, they'll keep on spreading hatred.

But hey, we'll be spreading tolerance and respect right back at them.

And I am totally in love with Julie Banderas.

The... strength and emotion of her reaction, how much it mattered to her, and how she would not let herself be overwhelmed. She had a reply for everything, she knew her Bible by heart and she would not yield or capitulate in any way. And she comes out so much stronger than Phelps by suggesting respect is stronger than hatred.
I just love how intense she was about it. Me thinks we need many, many more people like that. (But WTF is she doing working for FoxNews?)
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(thanks to[ profile] grimma and [ profile] roniabirk for the link)

I love how he can shut someone up so good and then sips from his mug all cool and relaxed.

- So why not encourage gay people to join in that family arrangement if that is what provides stability to a society?
- It's a debate about whether you think marriage is between a man and a woman.
- I disagree. It's a debate about whether you think gay people are part of the human condition or just a random fetish.

Check out the rest of the Daily Show website and watch the videos. Priceless, some of them are.

"And finally, President Bush uttered a phrase that the rest of us have been waiting five and a half years to hear : 'There's a rational middle ground...'"

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I just went to see on the Apple Education Store, and the 30 go iPod is 299 euros.

I really, really want it now.


That said, I'm not buying just yet, but I'm extremely serious considering this. Do we have any idea when Apple is going to get a new version of the iPod out and therefore probably take this one off the market?

Also, if I'm going to do this, I would really like to make sure my current mp3 player isn't just going to sit on one of my shelves getting dusty. So is anyone around here interested in a 6 Go Sony NW-A1000 mp3 player? Or know someone who'd be interested? It works perfectly, battery length is very good, you can recharge it on a wall plug (or on your comp, obviously) and it's pretty. ;) The software is a bit annoying but it works. It also comes with the Fnac warranty, which is only a couple of months old I think. Right now I'm thinking I'd sell it for 50 euros. But hey, if you introduce me to a sweet teenager who feels excluded because he doesn't own an mp3 player yet, I might very easily be convinced to sell it for less.

Otherwise I guess I'll just go on Amazon or PriceMinister or something.

Anyway, so I'm already thinking about the quote I could engraved on the back, so here is an awesome quote spam. In bold are the few ones I'm currently thinking about using, but if you have any idea, please feel free to share. :)

A lot of funny and some serious ahead! )

Can you tell I'm basking in Bill Bryson love right now? God I would do anything to be there when Joss Whedon and him meet. This would be like my personal little heaven.

How much do you love Joss Whedon? Hehe.
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MASS, I love you. Julie and Hillary Goodridge, all seven of you plaintiffs and Marie Bonauto, who went and fought this in the court for us, THANK YOU. Today is a wonderful day in history.

I'm TOTALLY HYPER right now, and the thought that I'm gonna have to play a frisbee championship, study and debate tonight makes me think I should try coffee. But no matter what, TODAY ROCKS.

read about May 2004's loveliest day, and Massachusetts's day of glory )



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