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-- Join The Impact --

Looks like people really have had enough this year and the momentum really is building. They're talking about a march on Washington in March. Looking at tickets quickly it looks like I could find a flight out of Seattle for under $300 USD. Obviously I'm going to wait and see how it all shakes out, until we have a date and everything, but I am seriously going to consider going, even if I can only be there a day or two. Who's coming y/n yyy?

On the same LGBT activist front, Day Without a Gay is apparently happening for real.

"On December 10th, we are launching a national economic boycott in Day Without a Gay.

The LGBTQ community contributes $700billion/year to our economy (the same number as the bailout).

What would happen if we weren't here to contribute? We pay taxes, contribute to the economy, yet our government does not provide us equal rights under the law.

As such, we are asking everyone in the LGBTQ community AND our allies to join us in a one day economic boycott.

* We suggest that people call in gay, but since anti-discrimination policies based on sexual orientation are not written into law in many places, we ask you to consider your needs first
* What we do ask everyone to join us on is a day of zero consumption. Do not buy anything. If you want to take it a step further, take $80 out of your bank account that day as well."
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I commented on a friend's journal the day after Obama's election on why I don't want to downplay the importance of that event, and the way Obama has been able to mobilize thousands of people all over the United States, even though I probably don't agree with most of the policies he was running on and I think I'm much more radical than he'd ever want to be.

Tim Wise says it much better than I ever could:

If we on the left want those liberals to join the struggle for social justice and liberation, we're going to have to meet people where they are, not where Bakunin would want them to be. For those who can't get excited about Obama, so be it, but at least realize that there are millions of people who, for whatever reason, are; people who are mobilized and active, and that energy is looking for an outlet. Odds are, that outlet won't be the Obama administration, since few of them will actually land jobs with it. So that leaves activist formations, community groups and grass-roots struggles. That leaves, in short, us. Just as young people inspired by the center-right JFK candidacy in 1960 ultimately moved well beyond him on their way to the left and made up many of the most committed and effective activists of the 60s and early 70s, so too can such growth occur now among the Obama faithful. But not if we write them off.

[...] Anger without hope, without a certain faith in the capacity of we the people to change our world is a sickness unto death. It is consuming, like a flesh-eating disease, and whose first victim is human compassion. While I would never counsel too much confidence in far-right types to join the struggle for justice--and there, I think skepticism is well-warranted--if we can't conjure at least a little optimism for the ability of liberals and Democrats to come along for the ride and to do the work, then what is the point? Under such a weighty and pessimistic load as this, life simply becomes unbearable. And if there is one thing we cannot afford to do now--especially now--it is to give up the will to live and to fight, another day.

If we're not fighting to be happy in a better world, then why are we fighting at all?
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"You can't ask questions such as whether or not we have enough time. We all have to act to the best of our ability. The issue is not whether or not we make it. The important thing is that we have to try."

This a David Suzuki quote (I am more and more convinced that ecologists are the true visionaries that walk this earth), and it reminded me so much of Stephen Lewis's message back in January.

The issue is not whether or not we make it.
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Mensonge de Xavier Darcos sur les suppressions de poste.
J'ai un copain qui connaît des profs à Voltaire, c'est dommage quand même de pouvoir avoir accès à la vérité quand on est sur le terrain. (...)

De plus, M. Darcos, sachez que tout le monde ne raisonne pas de manière égoïste et qu'il n'est pas inacceptable ni honteux de manifester pour une cause qui ne nous touche pas personnellement. Ca s'appelle, au choix, de la compassion, de la solidarité, de la responsabilité civique, voire tout en même temps...
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Apparently this is the first ad that addresses specifically LGBT issues, as opposed to just being directed at LGBT people by appearing in an LGBT publication. A related article on Obama Courts the Gay Vote.

Also, I'd like to encourage you all to start using as a search engine. Each time you use that search engine, a small donation is made to an NGO (you can choose a specific one). If you use Firefox, you can add it in your toolbar which is perfect for me because that's always how I use google.

Apparently (sorry the link is in French) Ethicle could be an hoax of some kind - Greenpeace in particular never gave their agreement to receive money from Ethicle. In doubt, I encourage you rather to add Veosearch, though it might be in French. :/
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While I have a conflicted love/hate relationship with my Buffy paper right now, I am absolutely and undeniably in love with Joss Whedon.

"Second, we're a week away from Mutant Enemy Picket day! Since the AMPTP have generously offered us a thimble of sputum in exchange foreverything written ever, I think it's fair to say it won't be a picnic."

"Get the word out, remind everyone that corporate greed (it's nothing but) is hurting everyone in this country."

"We get a lot of flack for being well-fed, glamorous, rich and powerful. We've worked hard to dispel that stereotype but in fact, a select few of us are wealthy and influential. And we have the support of some of the most famous and beloved (and wealthy and influential) people in the country: TV and movie stars! So the fact that the studios feel perfectly comfortable SPITTING IN OUR FACES in front of the whole world cannot bode well for any other union that works under them -- or under anyone who sees how easy it is to deny the basic rights of workers even so public as we. This is bad for writers, bad for actors, teamsters, teachers, nurses, dockworkers... the shape of this country is changing. The middle class is being squeezed out. We're trundling back to the middle ages, people, and all we can do is lie there and take it. But of course, that's not what's going to happen."

This. THIS is why I want to be down in L.A. on ME Day. Because this isn't really about the writers to me. It's about what sort of society we choose to live in. It's about realizing that this isn't an isolated struggle of few rich people, it's larger than that. It's about the way we do business, about the way we value work (as opposed to capital), about collective responsibility (and community) vs. individualism, about the dramatic inequalities we are ready to accept or not. Joss's anger in that post is uplifting to me, because we need to be angry. We need to be angry and fight back.

I pray that America opens its eyes to this so that something can truly snap, so that something can truly change.

Less angry and inspiring, but still awesome, Joss again.
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First the not so funny, and I wish I'd posted that last night, but last night was busy and exhausting so I didn't:

November 20th is Transgender Remembrance Day. I attended the evening of storytelling that they'd organized at school for the occasion. I was amazing. Most of the stories were uplifting and the speakers had a lot of humor and I really enjoyed it. It always makes me think a lot, and I like that it pushes me to be more and more comfortable with everything that's in between genders, everything that's not easy to label. Girls who like boys who want to be girls who like boys... it's a myriad of possibilities out there, and it makes no sense to limit ourselves to what fits in a box. Identity is never that simple anyway.

Second the funny, aka Joss Whedon, who stopped by whedonesque again earlier. "Meanwhilst, December 7th approacheth. Just wanted to assure you guysthat I'll be there -- even, if by some miracle, the strike is over. Foxis right across the street from a nice park so it'll either be theMutant Enemy Picket or the Mutant Enemy Picnic." I'm so going, but I'm still waiting to find out when I should leave... I should have bought my ticket to L.A. today, but I forgot, so I'll just have to buy it by next week. Best scenario for me would be for the strike to end Dec 8th - I can picket, and we win! Woot!

I've also found out that December 8th is a day for International Demonstrations on Climate Change! Apparently in L.A. they're doing a plunge on Santa Monica Beach, and I'm so there as well. Yay crazy activist weekend! (Check it out, a lot of countries are participating and you can probably find something happening in your corner - I know something's happening in Vancouver, too, but hopefully it won't involve swimming in cold, cold ocean water.)
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I am horribly procrastinating, so I might as well use the time in a useful manner and keep you updated on the strike, dear Flist!

First and foremost, talks are going to resume between writers and the AMPTP. They're going back on Monday, November 26, just after Thanksgiving. While this is good news, it doesn't mean anything just yet, and it's no assurance that the CEO's are willing to negociate a fair deal. It's a step in the right direction, though.

Secondly, the WGA has started a pencil campaign. Everything is explained clearly on the website, but basically the idea is to send a box of pencils (since pencils have become the symbol for the writers) to the producers to show your support for the strike. By doing it through the UnitedHollywood website, you're ensuring more impact because the order will go through one vendor (who makes these pencils from sustainably harvested wood, woot!). I just chipped in with two boxes of pencils and with the current exchange rate that's 1,41 euros I spent. Not a huge chip in my budget. Aka: people, this is the perfect chance to get involved at little cost of money and time!
Our venerated master, Joss Whedon himself, posted earlier today on whedonesque to talk about this pencil campaign.

Other miscellaneous links of interests:

A fake episode of the Daily Show by the true Daily Show writers.

A blog kept by writers of the Late Show. (It varies in quality but some of the entries are seriously hilarious. I recommend scrolling down. This, this and this are three entires I particularly like.)

And finally, an interesting video that points to the discrepancies in the discourses served to writers and to shareholders by the production companies.
greenie_breizh: (Default) has been distributing flyers and pizzas on the picket lines, which I think is awesome and I really wish I was down there right now to take part in that, share that "giddy first burst of solidarity and fear".

More importantly, Joss posted on about the strike. Not that it comes as a surprise, but I truly love and admire this man. He's articulate and socially-conscious and he's got the exact right reasons for striking.

"Sounds pretty damn pompous, no? “Generations to come…”? Yeesh. But it’s true. Our culture, our government, our corporate structures have all gotten pretty used to taking care of ourselves at the expense of our children and their children. Part of this is simple greed, part is immediate practicality trumping long-view perspective, and part is perfectly understandable fear. It’s easier to take what you’e given, not protest, not make a fuss. A lot of people will suffer grievously if this strike isn’t quickly resolved, and the men and women who voted for it know that. But like so many things – our eco-system being the most obvious – if we don’t make it work now, what’s to come will be much worse."

"I watched my Father strike, back in ’88. It was hard. But I was proud. I’m proud now."

It's silly, but I'm pretty proud too.

As for Aly and Alexis coming down to show their support for the writers? Bless them.
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Two things I wish I could talk about more than I'm going to, but my brain is not cooperating right now and I'm not going to be articulate, so there's no point. But I do want to mention both issues:

- Legislators in France are trying to make it possible to collect data concerning people's religion, ethnicity/race (but we hate the term "race" in French, it's too loaded with historical meaning), cultural background. This is causing an uproar in France as it's considered contrary to republican principles and a dangerous path to categorizing people. I've argued in the past that not collecting this data just makes it harder to have solid figures on discrimination and on the make-up on our population (which can help acknowledge new realities).

However, I find myself torn on the issue. SOS Racisme has started a petition against the practice, which you could find and sign here. "Je refuse l’idée que la lutte contre les discriminations et l’effort pour l’intégration suppose la création de catégories ethnoraciales." ("I reject the idea that fighting against discrimination and efforts for integration necessitates the creation of ethno-racial categories.") The question, of course, is, do those categories exist whether or not you say they do? There's no simple answer. Between integration and multiculturalism there's no true answer, both have their good and bad sides. So I just want to encourage you to think about it - think about your position on the topic. What does it mean to expect people to "integrate"? What are they integrating into, how do we expect them to juggle that with their other identities? What are the risks of multiculturalism? Are all practices truly equal? What if a society that becomes so obsessed with what differentiates its citizens that it forgets what unites them?

- The other thing is the WGA (Writer's Guild of America) strike. The writers went on strike on Monday at 0:01AM EST. They're marching tomorrow, and Jane Espenson will be there. Joss Whedon has come out and said he supports the strike, while Marti Noxon has signed a Variety ad by TV producers who support the strike. I believe this is an important struggle. I believe in a country like the United States where strikes are so rare, people who do make the huge decision to go on strike never make that decision lightly. While I don't understand all of the issues at stake here, I do believe that the writers understand them, and have good reasons to fight their fight. In a society that sinks deeper into reckless, unequal (but "compassionate") capitalism every day, I believe there is no such thing as privileged unionized jobs. There's only under-privileged non-unionized jobs. Those people might earn more than you do, but it doesn't mean their fight isn't right. It's not by running a race to the bottom that we will better ourselves.

My heart is with the writers. I hope that they come to a satisfying settlement soon and that people will be supportive. I would love to still be down in L.A. tomorrow to go show my support - so if you are, if you can, do it. Go talk to them, engage them in discussions, honk as you drive past. People who strike might look like they're only fighting for themselves, but they're not. They're fighting for something bigger than that. Never look at a struggle on its own - that's what the media wants you to do, but that's not how it works. It's all interrelated.

In the words of (amongst others) Alan Tudyk: power to the people, baby. Participatory democracy is our chance, so don't look down on those who act on it.
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Signez la pétition contre l'amendement Mariani, plus particulièrement la partie traitant des tests ADN.

"[...] Tout d'abord, des problèmes d'ordre éthique. En effet, l'utilisation de tests ADN pour savoir si un enfant peut venir ou non rejoindre un parent en France pose d'emblée cette question : depuis quand la génétique va t'elle décider de qui a le droit ou non de s'établir sur un territoire ? Au-delà, depuis quand une famille devrait-elle se définir en termes génétiques ? Sont pères ou mères les personnes qui apportent amour, soin et éducation à ceux et celles qu'ils reconnaissent comme étant leurs enfants."

Tant qu'on parle de politique et du gouvernment français, lisez une autre chronique d'@si sur Sarkozy et son utilisation du language.

And now a couple of things for the friendslist at large: this is THE COOLEST THING. I cannot stop staring - originally I saw her turning counter clockwise, but now I can make her go both ways and it's SO WEIRD. I don't understand how it works!

And finally, like expected, Schwarzenegger vetoed the same-sex marriage bill in California. So... when judges rule you can't keep discriminating against a group of people, it's activism because they're not doing it with the will of the people, and when people's elected representative vote that you can't keep discriminating against a group of people, it's... wrong too? Ah. Right. So it's really whatever the Republicans want, then.
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Don't forget also that today (October 11th) is Coming Out Day.

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I've mentioned Martin Firrell before for his HERO project (which he did with Nathan Fillion). You can see that project if you click the following links: part 1 and part 2.

I ended up on his Myspace today, and if you have a Myspace account, check out his gallery. Some of these quotes are very powerful, and I love how he projects them onto buildings.

My favorite one is possibly the quote that I used for my subject line.
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If you're an American citizen, please take that one minute to write to your Senators.
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I just found the website for the Commercial Closet Association. Every year they give out awards, and you can check out this year's nominees on this page.

A few of my favorites:
Dolce & Gabbana - Time
Subaru - Being ready
Paris, Las Vegas - Everything's sexier
MTV - If your love is boundless
Boehringer Ingelheim - Being there
Cabinet Greco & Nomary - Lifestyles change

And the Norman series with : Meet Norman, Moo! and Why, oh, why?

I also like this ad by Congster, because it's the essence of capitalism: who cares who you sleep with, as long as you buy our stuff.

In more personal news, thanks to everyone for your comments on the speech! I've revised it based on comments and suggestions from Elodie and Solange. Also, [ profile] shadesofbrixton just left to go back home and I'm going to miss her terribly. Damn you, people who live in a galaxy far, far away!
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I've talked at length about the same-sex marriage debate that's been going on in Massachusetts since the Supreme Court ruling in November 2003 that it was unconstitutional in the state of MA to deny same-sex couples the right to marry. Well, this is (hopefully) going to be the last post on the topic, at least as far as MA is concerned:
Today, MA lawmakers have finally rejected the possibility of putting an anti-gay amendment to the vote in the 2008 ballot. Proponents of the amendment can start rallying support again and try and put the vote on the ballot in 2012, but "with public opinion polls showing Massachusetts voters becoming increasingly comfortable with same-sex marriage it is considered unlikely any amendment would be approved."

Seems that same-sex marriage doesn't lead to the total destruction of society as we know it. Shocker.

I wish I'd been there demonstrating outside the State House. Would have been a lovely echo to 2004, and one that would end on a much more positive note, too. Now let's hope other states or the country as a whole can learn from this valuable lesson.

Anyway, while I'm on the issue, might as well spam you with it. Recently was the 40th anniversary of the Federal Supreme Court Ruling "Loving vs. Virgina" which ruled that denying interracial couples the right to marry was unconstitutional in the US. If you look into it, the whole interracial marriage struggle is eerily similar to the challenge same-sex couples are taking on today.

In the same spirit, I highly recommend visiting the website for Faith in America, a group that fights against religion-based bigotry. "Don't accept bigotry disguised as religious truth."

They have great posters to promote their ideas, all available in pdf form on their site:
- A simple history lesson
- Religion-based bigotry has been used by those who wanted us to believe...
- Christ and His Disciples confronted it centuries ago...
- Sexual orientation is not chosen.
- Whose standard?
- Do you know someone who's homosexual?
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I've been working on my new LJ layout and it happens to have the "Links list" option which I decided to take advantage of. The idea is these links are resources on the two main topics I'm interested in: LGBT issues (and by extension, gender studies/feminism) and ecology. I'm also adding links to news websites that I think can be considered as references when you're trying to keep up with what's happening in the world.

As an afterthought, I added links to books that I think are essential if you want to be informed on these questions.

If you can think of any website/books that really should appear in one of the lists, can you let me know? It's not supposed to be a comprehensive list - just a few pointers, but I obviously don't know all the references on these topics, so the links I chose aren't necessarily the best.

Thanks to a friend, I just found a link to a documentary that had caught my attention during the European exchange in Jerez. "It's elementary" explores the possibilities and actions of teachers who have chosent to acknowledge gays, lesbians and bisexuals in class (specifically in the elementary school setting). It's really good, and a perfect document to study for my research paper next year.

While surfing on that website, I realized there are many videos that would probably be very interesting (as a rule, but also in particular for my research), including "Let's get real", "Straightlaced" and "That's a family". The problem? They're so expensive. I think I'm still going to try and get copies of at least a couple of those once I'm in Canada.
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First, a useless but fun and artistic link (plus shoutout to [ profile] miss_kao, you get to be forever associated with Pollock now! *g*).

Second, MassEquality, an organization that fights for same-sex marriage in Massachussetts is currently campaigning to avoid having same-sex marriage being put on the ballot in 2008. (Same-sex marriage has been legal for 3 years in MA and if the measure is put on the ballot, people might vote to come back on this decision and write discrimination into the MA Constitution. And no, it's not anti-democratic to not want for something like this to be put to the votes - it's anti-democratic to let minority rights be decided on by the majority.)

Anyway. They're running an ad campaign on TV in MA, and you can view the three ads here. Good way to remind people a decision on same-sex marriage isn't just a moralistic decision - it affects people's lives, too, and people who are no different from your neighbors (might actually be your neighbors!).


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