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This post is wayyy overdue, and I'm sure I'm going to forget links because I've been accumulating so many. But life has been super busy! Allie was off work for the past couple of weeks so between that and the puppy, it's been hard to sit down and update. I really want to take the time to do it soon, though, I really like being able to go back and read what I was thinking at a given time, so I don't like when lots of things happen and I don't write them down.

Anyway, on to some links!

- The Larry King murder case goes to mistrial, which is so ludicrous and upsetting. I simply do not understand how a murderer can walk because people couldn't agree if what he did was manslaughter or murder - basically everybody understood that he killed someone but couldn't get their shit together to sentence him? What? Also: the defense's reasoning is so upsetting. First of all, it's blatant Gay Panic Defense, which I really thought we were done with; also, the killer snapped because he heard Larry say he wanted to be called Latisha? How the fuck does that count as anything near emotional trauma or whatever. Ugh.

- In happier news, Meet Jackie, A Transgender 10-Year-Old With Full Parental Support. The support that the family is showing this kid is really awesome and it's very moving to see how much they care for her and her future. Three notes: (1) Really, massive gender stereotypes in the video's introduction? People having expectations for what their baby is going to be like based on their apparent genitalia is so fucking ridiculous. (2) Gotta love how grandpa thinks that Jackie deciding to live as a girl was a decision, but her deciding to keep going as a boy would not have been one. Just because you're going with the status quo doesn't mean it's not an active process of making decisions, everyday and over time. (3) I find interesting how a lot of trans people, and I think especially trans kids, often feel like they have to emulate really stereotypical versions of feminity or masculinity. It's hard to tell how much of that is personal preference, and how much is the need to protect yourself from being accused of not being a 'real' girl (in this case).

- What Do You Mean When You Say You Want ‘Strong Female Characters’? On top of a very thoughtful and well-articulated post on the difficulties and contradictions of this idea of strong female characters, the comments are equally interesting and not maddening, which on the internet is, well, almost a miracle.

- Most of Tiger Beatdown would be worth linking to, to be honest, but Meet the Men of #reasonstobeatyourgirlfriendis funny, harsh, and excellent.

Also a bunch of links on The Playboy Club, which starting in a couple of weeks. I had pretty high hopes for the show, because I think there is great potential there to have a fascinating, critical and entertaining show about the sex industry, women, sex negative cultures, etc. And obviously I'm still waiting to see how it actually plays out when I watch it, but a number of articles have made me feel a lot less confident that the producers and creators can actually pull it off. Read for yourself:
- The Bizarre Pitch For 'The Playboy Club': It's All About Female Empowerment?
- Why is TV focusing on women of the prefeminist past? (It talks about the upcoming show on Pan Am, too.)
- Showing Off Your Boobs Is Not The Same As Female Empowerment, Anyone Telling You Different Is Trying To Sell You Something.
I haven't finished reading all these articles but they definitely raise some crucial questions about the way that feminism (or female empowerement, to make it sound less political and radical!) is often used in very particular ways, with very little critical thinking involved. I'm curious to see how it plays out on both shows - and I'm really hoping Sean's storyline, at least, is not totally mismanaged.

And to finish, on a completely different note, a colum about regulations and the food industry! Can Big Food Regulate Itself? Fat Chance.
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